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BLOS LOW TABLE design Karim Rashid Tavolino Anno di produzione: 2017 Versioni: standard, laccata. Materiali: Polietilene. Dimensioni: 55 x 42 x 32h cm Peso: 4,5 Kg Imballaggio: 51 x 36 x 43 cm Volume imballaggio: 0,079 m3 Table bas Annee de production: 2017 Versions: standard, laquee. Materiaux: Polyethilene. Dimensions: 55 x 42 x 32h cm Poids: 4,5 Kg Emballage: 51 x 36 x 43 cm Volume emballage: 0,079 m3 Coffee table Year of production: 2017 Versions: matt, lacquered. Material: Polyethylene. Dimensions: 55 x 42 x 32h cm Weight: 4,5 Kg Packaging: 51 x 36 x 43 cm Packaging volume: 0,079 m3 LACQUERED (code glossy/matt) MILKY WHITE (code FT) «ET BLACK (code FH) ELEPHANT GREY (code FG) • CHOCOLATE BROWN (code FE) ARGIL GREY (code FJ) DOVE GREY (code FP) POWDER BLUE (code FL) MALVA GREEN (code FV) LIME GREEN (code FR) SAFFRON YELLOW (code FC) FLAME RED (code FD) SWEET FUCHSIA (code FU) ABSOLUTE WHITE (code QA/MF) • GLAMOUR BLACK (code QH/MI) VANITY GREY (code QG/MK) CHARMING IVORY (code Q2/M3) SUPREME RED (code QD/MN) METALLIC GOLD (code QO/MZ) METALLIC SILVER (code QM/MY) METALLIC COPPER (code Q4/M5)

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Stackable item. Conformity to the European Community instructions. Recycling and disposal of electronic waste (WEEE). Outdoor version on request (IP55). European Community registered model. LIGHTING SYMBOLS Protected against the intrusion of solid objects Ø > 12 mm, not against water. Standard lamp base for E27 - 27 mm light bulb. Protected against the intrusion of solid objects Ø > 1 mm and splashing water. Lamp base for G4 halogen bulb. Item compatible with Candy Light. Protected against the intrusion of dust and water jets. Lamp base for GU10 spotlight. Fully protected against the...

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MATERIAL PROPERTIES Material: Linear low-density polyethylene - LLDPE. Production process: rotational moulding. Resistant to extreme temperatures (-60°C to +80°C). UV resistant (except for lighting colours). High tensile strength. WARNING Keep away from excessive heat sources. Avoid any improper use. Do not stand on the products. When the product has to be moved, lift the product off the ground in order to avoid damage. Do not overload the pot structure in order to avoid deforming. Carefully comply with the maintenance & cleaning instructions. In case of malfunctioning or damage of the...

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