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Skagerak Accessories 2016 - 3

Turning forty comes with certain obligations. Forty is not just a nice round number; it is also a number that invites reflection on your achievements and your future direction. At least, that’s how we feel here at Skagerak where we turn forty this year – without any 40-years crisis. We are happy and proud to be where we are today, and we believe we have spent the time well, building know-how, experience, and good relations; some of the most important things for any furniture manufacturer. This is the heart and cornerstone of any good business, and to us it means that we are able to make...

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Skagerak Accessories 2016 - 4

Nordic Teapot Available from March 2016 EUR 99,00 GBP 75,00 Nordic Serving Plate Ø30 Nordic Serving Plate 1600287 Porcelain Ø×H: 16×1 cm White Available from March 2016

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Skagerak Accessories 2016 - 5

Nordic Teapot designed by VE2

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Skagerak Accessories 2016 - 6

Fulla Fork designed by Skagerak Design

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Skagerak Accessories 2016 - 7

Fulla Salt Cellar Fulla Fork Fulla Measuring Spoons Kitchen Tools Nordic Knife Salad Servers Nordic Salad Servers Nordic Steak Cutlery Nordic Butter Knife S1600269  Teak / Stainless Steel L×D×H: 34,5×6,5×2 cm S1600275  Teak / Stainless Steel L×D×H: 22,5×2,3×1,4 cm S1600276  Teak / Stainless Steel L×D×H: 20×3×1,5 cm Dania Rolling Pin FSC™ Folding Dish Mat FSC™

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Skagerak Accessories 2016 - 8

Basic Cutting Board Set, incl. Holder S1990830 Teak L×D×H: 35×21×2 cm / 21×13×2cm EUR 119,00 GBP 94,00 Basic Cutting Board 55×34 S1990828 Teak L×D×H: 55×34×2,5 cm Soft Board, Small FSC™ Soft Board, Large S1990827 Oak FSC™ 100% L×D×H: 53×16×1,9 cm S1990891  Teak Endgrain L×D×H: 33×21×2,5 cm S1990845  Teak Endgrain L×D×H: 35×24×4 cm S1990844  Teak Endgrain L×D×H: 40×24×2,5 cm S1990847  Teak Endgrain L×D×H: 50×27×3 cm Plank Cutting Board 50×25 S1990890  Teak Endgrain L×D×H: 56×35×4 cm Plank Square Trencher FSC™ Plank Square Trencher S1990899 Teak L×D×H: 16×16×1 cm Norr Paper Towel Holder FSC™

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Skagerak Accessories 2016 - 9

Serving Time Square Serving Time Tray Pantry Bread Tray S1600473  Teak / Compact Laminate W×D×H: 30×30×3,5 cm S1600472  Teak / Compact Laminate W×D×H: 55×30×3,5 cm Pantry Caddy S1836110  Teak / Stainless Steel L×D×H: 31×17×20 cm Plint 3 Pots FSC™ Bollard Paper Towel Holder FSC ™ Fionia Tray 48×32 FSC™ Plint Square Bollard Paper Towel Holder S1600650  Teak / Stainless Steel W×D×H: 19×6×26 cm

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Skagerak Accessories 2016 - 10

Coat Hanger FSC™ S1600604 Oak Mix / Stainless Steel W×D×H: 46×1,7×21 cm Pilot Coat Hanger S1600626  Teak / Stainless Steel  W×D×H: 43×4×21 cm Dania Stool FSC™ S1600541 Oak Mix  W×D×H: 38×34,5×27,5 cm Black EUR 179,00 GBP 159,00 Coat Hanger S1600624  Teak / Stainless Steel W×D×H: 46×1,7×21 cm Pilot Coat Hanger S1600628 Oak / Stainless Steel W×D×H: 43×4×21 cm Black EUR 42,00 GBP 33,00 Coat Hanger FSC™ S1600621 Oak Mix / Stainless Steel W×D×H: 46×1,7×21 cm Black EUR 35,00 GBP 29,00 Dania Stool FSC™ Pilot Coat Hanger S1600627 Oak / Stainless Steel W×D×H: 43×4×21 cm Dania Stool S1600630 Teak...

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Skagerak Accessories 2016 - 11

Dania Box designed by Skagerak Design

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Skagerak Accessories 2016 - 12

Notice Board FSC™ S1600655 Oak 100% W×D×H: 62×4,5×48 cm Silk Grey EUR 169,00 GBP 134,00 Dania Letter Tray FSC™ Notice Magnets FSC™ Notice Board FSC™ S1600656 Oak 100% W×D×H: 62×4,5×48 cm Hunter Green EUR 169,00 GBP 134,00 Nomad Tray, Small FSC™ Notice Board FSC™ S1600657 Oak 100% W×D×H: 62×4,5×48 cm Silver White EUR 169,00 GBP 134,00 Nomad Letter Tray FSC™ Nomad Tray S1930230 Oak FSC™ Mix L×D×H: 42×14×3 cm Nomad Pen Holder S1930242 Oak FSC™ 100% L×D×H: 7,5×7,5×13,1 cm Drop Candle Holder Ø13,5 Drop Candle Holder Ø15 Drop Candle Holder Ø17,5 Segments Candle Holder FSC™ Segments Cand

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Skagerak Accessories 2016 - 13

Nomad Tray designed by VE2

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Skagerak Accessories 2016 - 14

EDGE POT designed by Stilleben

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Skagerak Accessories 2016 - 15

Edge Pot 1810407 Teracotta Ø×H: 35×34 cm Sierra Yellow Intended for outdoor use EUR 139,00 GBP 109,00

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Skagerak Accessories 2016 - 16

S1986088 Ash / Leather Thread Ø×H: 5×7 cm Royal Blue S1986087 Ash / Leather Thread Ø×H: 5×7 cm Slate Grey Spruce Tree 17 S1986084 Ash Ø×H: 12,5×17 cm Slate Grey

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Skagerak Accessories 2016 - 17

Cone Set designed by Ditte Buus Nielsen

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Skagerak Accessories 2016 - 18

Cone Set S1986091  Teak / Leather Thread Ø×H: 5×5/8/9 cm EUR 39,00 GBP 31,00 Christmas Tree Base S1986042 Teak  Ø×H: 50×15 cm EUR 279,00 GBP 235,00 Akiko Petanque S1994000  Teak / Chromium-Plated Steel W×L×H: 28×21×12 cm Iota Blanket Iota Blanket 1950011  50% Alpaca / 50% Merino Wool L×W: 190×130 cm Royal Blue Iota Blanket 1950010  50% Alpaca / 50% Merino Wool L×W: 190×130 cm Cognac Brown 1950012  50% Alpaca / 50% Merino Wool L×W: 190×130 cm Light Brown 1970531 Knitted Fabric L×W: 180×90 cm Dusty Green 1970533 Knitted Fabric L×W: 180×90 cm Grey Melange Helios Steel Grill Helios Firebowl...

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Skagerak Accessories 2016 - 19

All prices are indicative and calculated based on the ex­ hange rate as of January 1, 2016. We c reserve the right to change our product’s prices at any time with­­ out further notice. The prices listed on our website reflect the prevailing prices at a given point in time. Skagerak Denmark A/S | 1980172 | 01.2016 | Pricelist valid from: 01. January 2016 Prices may be subject to alteration without notice. Prices apply for 1 pcs. Published with all reserves. This brochure has been printed in compliance with Nordic Swan requirements.The paper is sourced from FSC®-certified forests, also in...

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