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MYTHOS 2 f^ii nuova [SI) SIMONELLI The coffee machines you can trust.

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MYTHOS 2. BEHIND A GREAT BARISTA, THERE IS ALWAYS A GREAT MYTHOS. In just four years, Mythos One has conquered the best baristas around the world and has become the ideal companion of any professional espresso machine. However, Nuova Simonelli would not be itself if it were satisfied with the achieved results: Mythos One experience gave birth to Mythos 2, the coffee grinder with Clima Pro 2.0 technology. MYTHOS 2. HINTER EINEM GROSSEN BARMANN STEHT IMMER EIN GROSSER MYTHOS. DE In nur vier Jahren hat Mythos One weltweit die namhaftesten Barmänner erobert und wusste sich als idealer Gefährte...

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MYTHOS 2 - 4

THE PERFECT CLIMATE EXISTS. When the grinding temperature is unstable, granulometry and doses become inconsistent. Nuova Simonelli had already developed the Clima Pro technology, which had pushed forward the limits of the grinders’ operating temperatures on demand; now with Mythos 2 new Clima Pro 2.0 system, you will be able to operate at even lower temperatures, expanding your range of choices. In addition to keeping the temperature of the grinding chamber constant, Mythos 2 can also lower it, to make you work ever more efficiently. MYTHOS 2 • Has a more advanced temperature control system...

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MYTHOS 2 - 5

VARIABLE SPEED. WE LIKE TO THROTTLE YOU UP. Through simple and fast programming that can be modified from the touch screen, the variable speed motor (from 600 to 1,200 rpm) of Mythos 2 will always allow you to choose the setting that is most suitable to the coffee you choose. It may seem a small detail, but the speed variation allows you to change the texture of ground coffee with the optimal grinding conditions for each particular variety, strongly contributing to exalting its aroma. The patented system introduced in the new variable speed motor provides a triple benefit: it allows for a...

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MYTHOS 2 - 6

GREATER PRODUCTIVITY. HOUR AFTER HOUR, YOU WILL LOVE US MORE AND MORE. Thanks to the experience of Mythos One, for Mythos 2 we have been able to develop a grinding chamber with titanium grinders as wide as 85 mm, for increased service speed and therefore a higher hourly production. The special helix located upstream the grinders ensures constant coffee pressure inside the grinding chamber, providing the optimal texture. A faster service, which does not compromise the quality of coffee. MYTHOS 2 • Increases service speed. • Is the ideal grinder for high-selling premises. • Grinds a dose in...

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MYTHOS 2 - 7

LOW NOISE. TECHNOLOGY DOES NOT NEED TO MAKE NOISE TO BE NOTICED. Mythos II is also capable of working without disturbing: no annoying and continuous noise during coffee grinding, for a more relaxing and livable environment for you and your customers. Because the only thing we want people to notice about your work is the quality of your coffee. SILENZIOSITÀ. LA TECNOLOGIA NON HA BISOGNO DI FARE RUMORE PER FARSI NOTARE. IT Mythos 2 è anche capace di lavorare senza disturbare: niente rumori molesti e continui durante la macinatura del caffè, il che significa un ambiente più rilassante e...

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MYTHOS 2 - 8

ENERGY SAVING. WE WORK HARD FOR YOUR BAR. The new Mythos 2 inverter equipped motor offers a remarkable energy savings, an important milestone for Nuova Simonelli, but also for those who, like you, have to manage a business and bear all its expenses. MYTHOS 2 • Introduces the new grinding theorem: providing more productivity with lower consumption costs. • Lowers electrical consumption. RISPARMIO ENERGETICO. PER IL VOSTRO BAR NON CI RISPARMIAMO MAI. IT Il nuovo motore con inverter di Mythos 2 offre un notevole risparmio energetico, un traguardo importante per Nuova Simonelli, ma anche per...

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MYTHOS 2 - 9

COMPACT AND ERGONOMIC. THE MOST IMPORTANT MEASURE IS THAT OF YOUR SATISFACTION. The compact form of Mythos 2, just 20 cm, allows you to put more than one grinder in a series to create a coffee grinding unit. Its 2 kg bell is ergonomic and generous and the 2.8” touch screen with pre-set electronic functions speeds up and simplifies its use. Moreover, to make your work even simpler, we have simplified access to assistance, for faster and cheaper interventions. The aluminum fork provides a secure attachment of the filter holder; the new Clump crusher system is more efficient and can be easily...

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MYTHOS 2 - 10

MYTHOS 2: ALL OUR TECHNOLOGY BEHIND, YOU IN FRONT. Mythos 2 is more performing, with a fully aluminum body and a dual fan on the back that can provide a faster cooling of the motor. The design is characterized by its curved lines combined with square volumes and, as in the previous model; the bell is part of the body but creates a form that is noticeable at first sight. The coffee dispensing area is still the most aggressive part, with very technical details. The control unit (touch screen with three dispensing buttons) is perfectly integrated into the design and is particularly functional....

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MYTHOS 2 - 11

MODELLO / MODEL Versione / Version Temporizzato / Temporized Temporizzato / Temporized Alluminio / Aluminium Alluminio / Aluminium Carrozzeria / Body Materiale / Material Colori / Colors Bianco / White Bianco / White Dimensioni / Dimensions Largezza (mm) / Width (inches) Altezza (mm) / Height (inches) Profondità (mm) / Depth (inches) Kostill per alimenti / Kostill for food Kostill per alimenti / Kostill for food Peso / Weight Netto (kg) / Net (lb) Lordo (kg) / Gross (lb) Tramoggia / Bean hopper Materiale / Material Capacità / Capacity Sistema sicurezza estrazione campana / Bean hopper’s...

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MYTHOS 2 - 12

Ottobre 2017 / cod. 29000363 / Design Simonelli Group Via E. Betti, 1 62020 Belforte del Chienti Macerata - Italy T +39 0733 9501 F +39 0733 950242 Nuova Simonelli Asia Pacific 61 Kaki Bukit Ave 1 #02-24 Shun Li Industrial Park Singapore 417943 T +65 68410985 Nuova Distribution France Hexapole - Actipole - Bat 5 Rue Maurice Herzog 73420 Viviers Du Lac T +33 (0) 9 67894852 F +33 (0) 4 79544852

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