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SWT-3.6-120 - 1

Thoroughly tested, utterly reliable Siemens Wind Turbine SWT-3.6-120 Answers for energy.

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SWT-3.6-120 - 2

Global pioneer In recent times, the world has seen a dramatic increase in the nature and scope of offshore wind power plants. With larger projects heading farther out to sea, the reliability of the wind turbine is paramount. Given the logistical challenges of offshore projects where even the smallest issue can amplify costs, having technology that works and continues to work under some of the harshest conditions on the planet is crucial. In the offshore wind industry, Siemens has deservedly earned the reputation for having the most reliable technology, the broadest skill set, the deepest...

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SWT-3.6-120 - 3

Evolution of the series Determined to create the right machine for the right application, Siemens has been progressively evolving its wind turbines, creating more powerful generators and larger rotors to give its customers a greater choice of technologies to meet their needs. With the release of a new 3.6-megawatt wind turbine featuring a 120-meter rotor, Siemens has produced a machine that can generate more power than its predecessor could at similar wind speeds. The SWT-3.6-120 is based on the proven technology of the SWT-3.6-107, which is currently the world’s most popular offshore wind...

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SWT-3.6-120 - 4

World’s most tested wind turbine To ensure that the SWT-3.6-120 is ready for 20 years of ocean life, Siemens put the wind turbine through one of the most rigorous testing schedules on the market. All major components have been through highly accelerated lifetime tests (HALT testing) to withstand the tests of time. The test regime included tests on the blade, blade bearing, (including raceway and ring life test), generator platform, canopy, yaw bearing, main bearing, main bearing housing, bed frame, yaw system, hub components, and more. The SWT-3.6-120 has a rugged, conservative structural...

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SWT-3.6-120 - 5

Using the knowledge gained from monitoring thousands of turbines over the years, Siemens’ experts are exceptionally skilled at analyzing and predicting faults within a turbine. This allows Siemens to proactively plan the service and maintenance of the turbines, as each fault can be categorized and prioritized based on severity. Siemens can then determine the most appropriate course of action to keep the turbine running at its best. General components The following is a brief technical description of the main components of the SWT-3.6-120 wind turbine. Rotor The SWT-3.6-120 rotor is a...

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SWT-3.6-120 - 6

Gearbox The gearbox is a custom-built, three-stage, planetary-helical design. The first two high-torque stages are of a helical planetary design. The high-speed stage is of a normal helical design and provides the offset of the high-speed shaft that is needed to allow passage of power and control signals to the pitch systems. The gearbox is shaft-mounted and the main shaft torque is transferred to the gearbox by a shrink-disk connection. The gearbox is supported in the nacelle with flexible rubber bushings. The gearbox is fitted with an oil conditioning system. All bearings are lubricated...

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SWT-3.6-120 - 7

Controller The wind turbine controller is a microprocessor-based industrial controller. The controller is complete with switchgear and protection devices. It is self-diagnosing and has a keyboard and display for easy readout of status and for adjustment of settings. The NetConverter® power conversion system allows generator operation at variable speed, frequency, and voltage while supplying power at constant frequency and voltage to the medium-voltage transformer. The power conversion system is a modular arrangement for easy maintenance and is water-cooled. SCADA The SWT-3.6-120 wind...

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SWT-3.6-120 - 8

Nacelle arrangement 1. Spinner 9. Brake disc 2. Blade 10. Coupling 3. Pitch bearing 11. Generator 4. Rotor hub 12. Yaw gear 5. Main bearing 13. Tower 6. Main shaft 14. Yaw ring 7. Gearbox 15. Generator fan 8. Service crane 16. Canopy Technical specifications Rotor Type Position Diameter Swept area Nominal rotor speed Power regulation Rotor tilt Transmission system 3-bladed, horizontal axis Upwind 120 m 11,300 m² 5–13 rpm Pitch regulation with variable speed 6 degrees Blades Type Blade length Root chord Aerodynamic profile Material Surface gloss Surface color B58 58.5 m 4.2 m,...

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SWT-3.6-120 - 9

SCADA system Controller designation Corrosion protection Surface gloss Operational data Cut-in wind speed Cut-out wind speed Internally-geared ball bearing Six electric gear motors Active friction brake Cylindrical and/or tapered tubular Weights (approximately) Tower for 90 m hub height Site-specific Sales power curve The power curve data are valid for standard conditions of 15° Celsius air temperature, 1,013 mBar air pressure, and 1.225 kg/m3 air density, clean rotor blades, and horizontal, undisturbed

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SWT-3.6-120 - 10

Energy Sector Siemens Wind Power A/S For more information, please contact our Customer Support Center. (Charges depending on provider) E-mail: Renewable Energy Division Printed on elementary chlorine-free bleached Trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of Siemens AG, its affiliates, or their respective owners. Subject to change without prior notice. The information in this document contains general descriptions of the technical options available, which may not apply in all cases. The required technical options should therefore

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