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System Catalog 2014 The information in this document contains general descriptions of technical options available, which do not always have to be present in individual cases. The required features should therefore be specified in each individual case at the time of closing the contract. © Siemens Switzerland Ltd, 2013 Answers for infrastructure and cities. Our world is undergoing changes that force us to think in new ways: demographic change, urbanization, global warming and resource shortages. Maximum efficiency has top priority – and not only where energy is concerned. In addition, we need to increase comfort for the well-being of users. Also, our need for safety and security is constantly growing. For our customers, success is defined by how well they manage these challenges. Siemens has the answers. “We are the trusted technology partner for energy-efficient, safe and secure buildings and infrastructure.” Building automation and control systems Siemens Switzerland Ltd Infrastructure & Cities Sector Building Technologies Division International Headquarters Gubelstrasse 22 6301 Zug Switzerland Tel +41 41 724 24 24 Building automation and control systems System Catalog 2014 Answers for infrastructure and cities.

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System functions Management functions – Desigo Control Center – Desigo insight – Information management Automation controls – Automationstation – Operator units – I/O modules Room automation Desigo TRA Desigo RX Room operation units Service unit Standard controllers Synco700 Extension modules Operator units Software Central communication units Room automation Synco Desigo RXL Desigo RXB Communicating room thermostats Central control unit Room operation units Damper actuator (KNX) KNX accessories Desigo – energy-efficient and flexible building automationsystem Desigo system topology System...

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Can old buildings be just as energy-efficient as new ones? Intelligent and energy-efficient building technologies from Siemens reduce emissions and costs, in any building.

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Higher energy efficiency and enhanced comfort in rooms Dear Customers and Partners, With innovative and environmentally friendly technologies, Siemens Ltd has been promoting environmental protection and the efficient use of energy in buildings and rooms for years. Many satisfied customers from around the world who have a wide range of needs demonstrate that this approach does not fall short of user-friendliness and comfort. The successful establishment of Desigo™ Total Room Automation (TRA) in recent months has set new standards on the market when it comes to room automation and the...

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BACS efciency classes – EN 15232 High energy performance BACS and TBM Standard BACS Non-energy-efcient BACS Building Automation and Control System Technical Building Management System Cutting costs through energy efficiency The best way to lower operating costs is to consume less energy. Intelligent building automation technology from Siemens helps reduce the energy use by as much as 30 percent. Achieving energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort Rising energy costs and government regulations are not the only reasons why people are rethinking their energy consumption. Growing awareness...

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Energy-efficient applications Measurable and sustainable energy savings can be achieved only through control strategies developed on the basis of proven applications. Systems from Siemens are based on an extensive set of innovative functions. For example, the Desigo AirOptiControl application not only ensures good air quality and optimum room temperature but also reduces the required energy demand by as much as 50 percent. Focus on the room user With its room automation technology, Siemens not only provides intelligent control but also involves the room users. Actively inviting the...

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System Catalog 2014 - 8

Desigo – flexible and energy-efficient Efficient savings without sacrifices – with the Desigo building automation system, you can save a great deal of energy while maintaining a pleasant room climate and optimizing comfort. Desigo helps lower operating costs and cut energy consumption while maintaining optimum room conditions. You can respond quickly and flexibly to changes in building usage, and your investments are protected over the building’s entire life cycle, thanks to features such as centralized, intelligent energy management, highly efficient energy saving functions, and the...

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Energy-efficient room automation Desigo TRA provides a perfectly coordinated overall solution for the HVAC, lighting and shading disciplines in a room. Intelligent room control ensures energy-optimized operation. Desigo TRA’s freely programmable room automation stations are seamlessly connected to the primary system via BACnet/IP. DALI and KNX devices can be fully integrated and interact with existing and new sensors and actuators from Siemens. New features Desigo provides support for the latest and future industry and IT standards, including AMEV, BACnet with IPv6 communication and the...

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Desigo CC management station Desigo CC, the new management station from Siemens, allows you to monitor and operate multiple disciplines in modern building systems efficiently and according to workflow. All building disciplines, including building automation as well as fire safety and security, can be integrated into the Desigo CC building management station and linked to each other intelligently. Desigo CC is a flexible management station based on proven technologies with extensive support for communications standards such as BACnet, OPC and Modbus. In addition, the management station is...

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The user interface can be customized to personal preferences. The most important information is displayed first. Windows do not overlap, and all disciplines appear in the same window. Users benefit from an easy-to-understand visualization of all disciplines, and they save time since there is no need to switch applications. Desigo CC uses vector graphics for an attractive, high-resolution display of system elements, including full zoom functions. System graphics can be displayed in either 2D or 3D. A ll disciplines are integrated into a single management station P rocess-oriented operating...

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