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YOA - 3

yoa Efficiency and style throughout the city

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YOA - 4

energy efficient urban lighting solution with a touch of ambiance The Yoa range offers a complete solution to light urban spaces with the same efficiency and the same astonishing elegance throughout the city. From large avenues to narrow streets and squares, the various configurations (side-entry, post-top and catenary solutions) provide aesthetical ensembles to create a distinctive identity for the city landscape. Design: Michel Tortel Available in two sizes, the Yoa luminaire is equipped with the second generation LensoFlex®2 photometric engine which offers a high-performance photometry...

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YOA - 5

Design meets performance Round, slim and decorative, Yoa introduces a subtle and refined presence in the urban space. The luminaire offers an outstanding finish, particularly noticeable thanks to its elaborated crown and its patterned glass protector associated with an embelishment plate for a detailed aesthetic finish. This elegance houses the last generation of the most performing and comfortable LED engine, the LensoFlex®2. LENSOFLEX® 2 The Yoa luminaire is equipped with second generation LensoFlex®2 photometric engines that have been specifically developed for lighting spaces where the...

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YOA - 6

PHOTOMETRY Lifetime residual flux @ tq 25°C (**) LENSOFLEX®2 Yoa Midi Number of LEDs Nominal flux (lm)* Power consumption (W) Nominal flux (lm)* Power consumption (W) Nominal flux (lm)* Power consumption (W) The nominal flux is an indicative LED flux @ tj 25°C based on LED manufacturer’s data. The real flux output of the luminaire depends on environmental conditions (e.g. temperature and pollution) and the optical efficiency of luminaire. Nominal flux depends on the type of LED in use and likely to change in accordance with the continuous and rapid developments in LED technology. To follow...

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YOA - 7

SMART LIGHTING The Yoa luminaire can integrate the Owlet range of control solutions to operate either in stand-alone mode, in an autonomous network or an interoperable network. Our range of solutions encompasses small areas to complete city networks in order to perfectly suit your requests and your targets in terms of savings. Thanks to dimming features, light-on-demand options and bi-directional communication, the Owlet solutions allow you to save energy, to provide light only when and where it is required and to optimise the operational management of your lighting scheme in terms of costs...

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YOA - 8

case study Yoa Midi LensoFlex®2 48 LEDs @500mA 4000K neutral white 74W MF = 0.85 M3 - classified road according to CIE 115 Installation height: 10m Spacing between poles: 37m Energy savings: 79% By replacing the old luminaires (equipped with 150W high-pressure sodium lamps) with Yoa Midi 48 LED fixtures, the energy consumption has been reduced by 79%. The Yoa luminaires are equipped with smart drivers including CLO, light output adjustment and scheduled dimming. This configuration enables the maximum amount of energy to be saved while strictly complying with CIE 115 standards. For 4,000...

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YOA - 9

Yoa Midi+Lyre with or without embellishment strut

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YOA - 12

version equipped with an embellishment strut

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YOA - 14

the Tressa bracket can be fitted with a static low-power LED for accent lighting, to create a distinctive identity.

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YOA - 19

Yoa + Curl Inviting all around The Yoa luminaire can be aesthetically associated with the Curl bench range. Curl is more than just a bench. It is an urban stage to relax, see and be seen, read, chat and even work. The Curl invites people to enjoy diverse activities with configuration possibilities that are just as flexible. The Curl bench system consists of straight, concave, convex modules with or without a back that are one metre long. They can be combined freely and thereby provide optimal configuration possibilities. The seating area and back are made of hardwood, which is mounted on a...

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YOA - 20

Copyright © Schréder S.A. 2014 - Executive Publisher: Marie-Gabrielle Kokken - L.a.W. S.A. - rue de Mons 3 - B-4000 Liège (Belgium) - The information, descriptions and illustrations herein are of only an indicative nature. Due to advanced developments, we may be required to alter the characteristics of our products without notice. As these may present different characteristics according to the requirements of individual countries, we invite you to consult us.

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