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Outdoor Lighting Transit Industrial Retail Commercial Public Services Health & Education

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Total Lighting Solutions 16 Column Mounted Luminaires 19

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Introduction Lighting plays a critical role in creating a safe, secure and inviting environments across public space such as transport hubs, hospitals, colleges and Universities. It also has an important role to play in commercial and industrial centres such as manufacturing parks, business parks or retail sites. New developments in LED lighting have vastly expanded the flexibility and range of different lighting options available, enabling these environments to take on their own identity and offer a unique combination of up lighting and spotlighting as well as traditional street lighting....

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Outdoor Range Urbis Schreder's extensive range of products allows it to delivertotal lighting solutions that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of its customers. Customers can select individual products from the whole Urbis Schreder portfolio to create a comprehensive lighting solution specific to their Urbis Schreder will also work with each customer to create the right balance of energy efficiency, light uniformity and photometric performance, leaving no stone unturned in the search for the perfect lighting Urbis Schreder's extensive range of luminaires includes traditional post...

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Transportation hubs have long acted as the gateway to a city, region or even country. Typically in use for the majority of hours in any day, hubs such as airports, train stations and bus stations often provide that all important first impression of a town or a city. Whether it is oil and gas depots, cargo ports, cargo centres of engineering research and development centres, there are a number of industrial environments where lighting is a significant contributor to safety, security and the efficient functioning of industrial sites. Because of the large volume of people that pass through...

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Health & Education Public Services The health and education sector is a vital contributor to many towns and cities. Due to the huge footfall and critical nature of its services, locations such as hospitals, care homes, schools, colleges and universities must ensure that they are safe and accessible environments. Effective emergency service and military management requires agencies from many different services to work closely together in a functional, safe environment allowing for open lines of communication and transport. A lack of efficiency, can be detrimental to good working. High...

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In recent years organisations have been realising the potential municipal locations offer for creative lighting solutions. A lighting installation is an integral part of both public and private landscapes and the right ambiance can offer a significant contribution to the personality of a city, building or a commercial brand occupying a specific location. Commercial spaces offer a wealth of opportunity to develop total lighting solutions that combine practical illumination with aesthetic appeal. For large businesses in, for example, the retail or distribution sectors, the most cost effective...

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Total Lighting Solutions Post Top Lanterns Pilzeo Floodlights Isla Decorative Post Top Lanterns Post Top & Side Entry Lanterns Sculpdot Specialist Lighting Uplighters & Wall fittings Pharos Bollard Specialist Lighting

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Column Mounted Luminaires

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Ampera The Ampera range sets a new benchmark in LED lighting with high performance and flexible solutions that lead to the shortest payback time. The Ampera Zebra LED was specifically developed to light pedestrian crossings. The Axia LED is intended to be the ultimate multi-purpose luminaire due to its adaptable features and ability to take a range of photocells and control gear. LEDsafe® and ThermiX® features maintain the luminaires performance over time. The Yoa range is available in two sizes and is equipped with the LensoFlex 2 photometric engine. With a favourable energy balance, it...

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Bespoke Design The GL2 Compact is an IP 66 LED luminaire providing a flexible solution to cover the lighting requirements of different areas. Uses a LensoFlex®2 photometric engine to offer maximum versatility for lighting town, motorway and railway tunnels, underpasses, sport facilities and industrial buildings. The photometry of the GL2 Compact can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical to adapt to the place to be lit. Alura The Alura luminaire provides photometric and lighting effects flexibility including indirect and direct lighting as well as the option of a miniR reflector and internal...

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LED Handrail The LED Handrail has been designed to be a robust and striking addition to any lighting solution. High performance LED lighting is integrated into the handrail to provide a combination of pragmatic pedestrian walkway lighting and attentiongrabbing aesthetics, allowing it to architecturally enhance the surrounding environment. Modullum The Modullum is a versatile column lighting installation that is available in four sizes and multiple configurations. The column swivels 360° and incorporates contrasting light sources such as LED, Cosmopolis and metal halide lamps to deliver...

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SCULPline is the slim, longitudinal LED floodlight of the SCULPcollection. The SCULPline is available in assorted lengths and with various mounting options to easily integrate façades, handrails and columns. It can also be ground recessed. Thanks to its remarkable finish, it can be integrated into all types of architectural structures, classic or contemporary. The SCULPdot has been developed to enhance architectural details and landscape elements. This floodlight combines multidie technology and special lenses for even whites and perfect colour mix. Thanks to an external refractor, the beam...

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Provide Light on Demand Energy saving technology Can be used in any lighting solution Rated to work in wet and cold conditions (IP66) Setup and control using a wireless handheld configuration tool Complete control of sensor parameters including high and low modes, sensitivity and time delay Can store up to 5 sensor parameter profiles Dimming or non-dimming program Lenses work with FSP-211 motion sensors to provide multi-level lighting control based on motion and the ambient light level. Four lens choices which provide flexibility for varying mounting heights. All lanterns are supplied Dali...

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