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CATALOGUE 2015 soul of furniture

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CATALOGUE 2015 - 4

We visualized a future on this land. We are understandably proud of SAMET, founded 41 years ago with great determination and belief in its future. Since then the Company has become the leader in its sector in Turkey, and one of the few worldwide names, thanks to the innovative range of furniture accessories currently offered in more than 100 countries across the world. The first metal ore we held in our hands in 1973 illuminated the way for us in how to best contribute to the lives of the people. We had our work cut out for us. As we shaped the metal we also gave shape to the future. We...

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CATALOGUE 2015 - 6

Türkiye ve tüm dünyada... For exactly 41 years from Turkey to the world… SAMET was founded in 1973 in Istanbul where it has started to manufacture furniture accessories about five years later. Since then Samet has not only been able to very fast capture the top of the Turkish domestic market and cover 90 % of it within 10 years of production, but also to establish a position amongst the top five suppliers of furniture accessories in the world. This unique development was not only made possible by continuously investing in research and development but also by taking every decision with the...

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CATALOGUE 2015 - 8

Since Samet was established, the company has constantly been focusing on R&D investments and closely been following global developments. Doing this has enabled Samet to remain the pioneer of the Turkish Furniture Accessories Market, until today. On 14th of January 2011 Samet’s R&D department was certified to be a socalled “R&D Center”. This honor was given to Samet, as the company was fulfilling the R&D operations code (Code No: 5746). This accomplishment approves that Samet has applied to register 75 patents, 70 trademarks and has participated in 14 TÜBITAK projects during the last decade....

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CATALOGUE 2015 - 10

‘‘Time is precious...’’ One of the most critical variables in our production process is to receive the needed component in the right time and to guarantee a smooth and straight handling. This principle is crucial to satisfy the needs of our customers, end-users and to fulfill all requirements demanded by the market concerning also the issue of punctuality. Thus, we focus on these issues to again come closer to the people we serve with our products. To more easily respond to the market demand we have moreover renewed our logistics processes and the security regulations by implementing modern...

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CATALOGUE 2015 - 12

Valuing human beings and the environment... Consistent with the aim to become one of the most preferred furniture producers in the world, we are trying to be a precursor in terms of environmental friendliness, working security and a preferred working environment. To reach and fulfill these aims we are proud to build-up our behavior on the following values: - Satisfy national and international environmental standards of work securities and working practices (CISG) - Fulfill and exceed all required administrative standards and improve our system’s performance - Introduce foresights and...

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CATALOGUE 2015 - 13

detaylarda gizli olan fark TORKlYE MOBil YA AKSI'SUARI SL'KTORUNUN LiDER MARKASI SAMET YENi NESiL DEKORATiF VE ijLEVSEL MOBiLYA AYD1NLATMA SiSTEMi URUNLERi, CEKMECE, RAYU DOLAP VE RAF SiSTEMLERiYLE MOBiLYALARI DAHA NiTELiKLi KILMAYA DEVAM EDiYOR. Gunumuzdo arli< gcrek oils gerekse evlerde kullamlan turn mobilyalar- aa kalite. konfor ve guven arayisi ilk sirada. Kullanicilar mutfak. banyo dolap- lan, gardiroplar giyinme ve cocuk odalart gibi turn yasar, slanlanncla dogru mobilya secimi ve dekoratif goriinumun yani sira aynniilara onem veriyor. Samet mobilya ak- sesuarlan arasinda yer alan...

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CATALOGUE 2015 - 14

Doing business in Turkey brings tangible benefits - and a whole new dimension which Ahuge, satisfying smile spreads across his face as Saldiray Kiziltan recalls the humble beginnings of his thousand-strong company. The last 39 years have been ;i long and eventful journey, peppered with heartache and joy, pfide and passion. He tells a very personal story, tracking the political events of 1974 through international trade embargo to opportunity. There's a playful humour in his voice when he remembers the Turkish kitchen manu- facturer who, starved of foreign-made hinges, and with nowhere else...

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CATALOGUE 2015 - 15

HINGE SYSTEMS Creative, Innovative, Practical, Durable, Solid... Samet has a great range of hinges satisfying the needs of the end-users, as well as the producers. DRAWER SYSTEMS With our wide product range and the great variety of supplementary accessories for our drawer systems, we will be able to provide you with a solution for all kinds of storage requirements. LIFTING DOOR SYSTEMS Gradually opening and soft closing… To participate in the amelioration of end users’ lives our lifting doors are practical, easy-to-use and have a first-class design. Life has finally become much simpler and...

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CATALOGUE 2015 - 16

SLIDING DOOR SYSTEMS The wooden sliding door systems of Samet, which have been produced to facilitate end users’ lives and to support our customers with the most reliable, practical and well designed solutions for each piece of furniture. ACCESSORIES and FITTING SYSTEMS Gathering the components that shape the finished good is a very critical issue during furniture production. Samet’s furniture connection systems allow the world to very easily mount and connect furniture pieces, without facing a quality tradeoff. Enjoy the easiness and the stability. LIGHTING SYSTEMS Designes enlightened by...

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CATALOGUE 2015 - 20


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CATALOGUE 2015 - 23

HINGE SYSTEMS Creative, Innovative, Practical, Durable, Solid... Samet has a great range of hinges satisfying the needs of the end-users, as well as the producers. Life has finally become much simpler and more enjoyable.

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CATALOGUE 2015 - 26

Decide how fast it closes! With our 5 step brake system, cabinets close gradually… Just as you want! Provides soft closing adjustment from level 1-5. User decides how fast the cabinet door gets closed. De-activation of the damper is available (Level 0). Provides 3D movement; inside-outside, upward-downward, forwardbackward with use of eccentric mounting plates. Provides mounting and de-mounting of hinge with one touch. adjustable soft close hinge systems

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