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Hinges and Systems catalogue - 3

Dear Customer, many years of work and experience have strengthened our presence on the market at the customers’ service. This encourages us to improve and progress to win your confidence. We hope that this new catalogue will contribute to facilitating our co-operation and developing our relationship; the knowledge of your requirements is at the base of our constant research and innovation. Arturo Salice S.p.A.

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Hinges and Systems catalogue - 4

The History Salice, leader in the field of concealed hinges and accessories for furniture, produces a wide range of high quality products meant for industries specialized in the field of kitchen cabinets and furniture in general. With 400 employees and 8 subsidiaries, Salice exports 65% of production to over 80 countries worldwide. Its history begins in 1926 when Arturo Salice starts in Cantù, Como province, a trade activity for the retail distribution of furniture hardware produced in Italy or imported from foreign countries. The activity, initially confined to the local area, soon extends...

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Hinges and Systems catalogue - 5

Deutsche Salice, Neckarwestheim founded in 1971 The Subsidiaries Salice is active in all the industrialized countries of the world through a network of exclusive distributors and agents. The sales and distribution functions are assisted by subsidiaries all over the world. In 1971 open the first two branches in Neckarwestheim, Germany and in Antibes, France. Meanwhile the company continues its evolution and in 1985 open the third branch in Huntingdon, England; between 1988 and 1989 Salice arrives in Mississauga, Canada and in Charlotte, United States. In 1993, in order to better support the...

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Hinges and Systems catalogue - 6

The Company The Research A team of highly qualified technicians is constantly seeking new and always more sophisticated products which must meet the demands of the markets with high-precision and high-quality technical and technological solutions. Salice Technological Centre in the Novedrate factory Technological Centre: Research and Development Technological Centre: Technical Office The Tooling Department It operates inside the Technological Centre. In this department, the production equipment, tooling and assembly machines, resulting from the continual researches and computerized design...

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Hinges and Systems catalogue - 7

The Logistics All production phases, assemblies, movements and deliveries are assisted by computerized systems which assure the correct course of every single operation, thus guaranteeing the fast execution of the orders, correct management of the shipments and punctual deliveries. A further cornerstone of service to the customers. Customer Service Salice primary goals are innovation, quality and customer service, to which Salice reserves the greatest attention. With the customer, Salice wishes to establish a close relationship of mutual collaboration. Every technical problem raised by the...

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Hinges and Systems catalogue - 8

Catalogue index Abbreviations Explanatory notes and assembly instructions Sideways adjustment Depth adjustment Height adjustment Series 100 Series 200 for thicker doors For metal profiles Series 700 Series 800 Series 900 page page page page page page Technical features 105° opening 155° opening Complementary hinges: for wooden doors with positive angled assembly crampon hinges page 72 page 74 page 76 Technical features 94° opening for thicker doors 110° opening 120° opening 155° opening 155° opening for thicker doors 165° opening Complementary hinges: for glass doors for glass doors with...

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Hinges and Systems catalogue - 9

Technical features page 118 Series 300 94° opening page 120 Hinges with small operating profile Technical features page 124 Series 800 110° opening page 126 Technical features 110° opening For metal profiles Practical System Accessories for the frame assembly Assembly instructions Series 200 Series 400 page page page page page Mini hinges Hinges with cup diameter 26 mm Series 400 Technical features page 150 94° opening page 152 Complementary hinges: for wooden doors with angled assembly page 154 crampon hinges page 154 Series 600 Technical features 94° opening Complementary hinges: for...

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Hinges and Systems catalogue - 10

Catalogue index Serie B Hinges that need to be bonded to glass For glass doors Technical features 110° opening For wooden doors Serie B Technical features Hinges for half-inset doors doors with moulded profiles 110° opening or Assembly examples page 168 page 170 page 172 Technical features Series M 270° opening Single pivot hinges Assembly examples page 176 page 177 page 178 page page page page page page Mechanical Push Retaining catches for wooden doors Retaining catches for aluminium-frame doors Adapters Spacers and insertion tool for retaining catch Assembly instructions and drillings...

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Hinges and Systems catalogue - 11

Series 300 mounting plates Smove Adjustable Soft-Close systems for doors D0S_SNG Sliding System for Technical features page 272 Concertina doors Elements of the system page 273 Assembly instructions page 276 Packaging and code number page 279 Lift - Opening systems Flap door page 282 Folding door page 302 Parallel opening door for doors from 360 mm to 440 mm height page 314 Parallel opening door for doors from 440 mm to 660 mm height page 318 Swing opening door page 334

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Hinges and Systems catalogue - 12

Catalogue index Connecting fitting Screw cover caps page 350 Flange cover caps page 351 Spacers, gange and fancy cover for Silentia hinges page 351 Fancy covers for glassdoor hinge cup page 352 Spacers for Series 200, F and 600 hinges page 353 Stop devices page 354

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Hinges and Systems catalogue - 13

Abbreviations Application with full overlay door S = Thickness of the cabinet side D = Required door overlay T = Door thickness K = Drilling distance A = Reveal L = Gap between door and carcase H = Height of the mounting plate G = Hinge constant Whatever door overlay is required, you can select from our range the combination of both the type of hinge arm and the thickness of mounting plate necessary to solve your construction problem and avoid the need to stock too many different components. Application with half overlay door Application with inset door S = Thickness of the cabinet side T =...

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