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Glass mesh fabrics for reinforcement – Application guide Stronger ideas for a sustainable world

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Saint-Gobain Adfors SGA specializes in the manufacture and sale of reinforcement fabrics, scrims and glass mat for construction, engineered composites and industrial products. SGA combines both a weaving and a textile transformation company, each with over 50 years of experience, and each occupying the position of leader and expert in their respective markets which are advantageously complementary and global. The following applications of SGA product can be found in the construction sector: – reinforcement open meshes for façade cladding and other applications, – multifunctional glass bre...

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Mesh Fabrics Guide - 3

List of applications by types of mesh fabrics Name of application Used type of mesh fabrics External thermo insulating composite system (ETICS) Manufacturing of nishing components (proles) * External and internal render reinforcement Reinforcement of lightweight construction boards Marble slab reinforcement Mosaic carrier * Electrical heating mats Floor reinforcement * Asphalt and other insulator reinforcement * Note: * not described in the brochure Saint-Gobain Adfors group is giving the high priority to fulfillment of requirements of the European legislation related to ETIC System and...

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External thermal insulating composite systems (ETICS) The Increasing price of energy in conjunction with deteriorating environmental conditions are forcing us to take serious measures, particular regard to energy saving. ETICS are especially designed to t exactly this purpose, therefore they become a part of our every day lives. They offer long lifetime with high durability to aggressive weather conditions. Variations of external temperature, mortar shrinkage and movements of the insulating panels may cause clefts or hair cracks on the surface of the system. Therefore as an important part...

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Mesh Fabrics Guide - 5

ETICS composition 1. Plinth lath 2. Adhesive 3. Thermo insulating boards 4. Disk dowels 5. Corner reinforcement 6. Reinforcing coat 7. Reinforcing mesh fabrics 8. Inner layer – basic plaster 9. Façade render Application Procedure 1. Attach plinth lath by means of Parker’s bolts. Depth of lath prole should correspond with thickness of insulating board. 2. Apply mortar as shown on picture. 3. Install boards tightly side by side so no glue is allowed to pass between them. 4. Boards should be installed continuously. 5. If necessary, secure boards also by disk dowels. 6. Example of dowels lay...

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Mesh Fabrics Guide - 6

External and internal render reinforcement To reinforce exposed areas of external and internal plaster (wall joints, windows and door corners and the channels for water or gas pipes and electrical wiring), an alkali resistant glass bre mesh is highly recommended by the majority of producers and suppliers of construction technology (YTONG, ISO SPAN etc). The recommended mass per area (1 m2) is usually about 145 g with a mesh size of approximately 8 × 8 mm. However, other producers may use different types of mesh like R117 and R131 with a mesh size of around 4 × 4 mm. Another circumstance in...

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Mesh Fabrics Guide - 7

Examples of use 1. Walls with channels for electrical wires and joints of two different materials (wall made of lightweight material – metal beam) 2. Two different materials joint (wall made of lightweight material – concrete wall) 3. Modern construction technology Application procedure 1. Surface treatment 2. Plaster application 3. Reinforcing mesh lay down 4. Mesh adjustment 5. Mesh embedding 6. Finished wall with reinforced plaster

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Mesh Fabrics Guide - 8

Reinforced lightweight construction boards Construction boards (made of polystyrene or polyurethane) reinforced on both sides by glass bre mesh are successfully used in the building industry. The boards are about 60 cm wide, up to 2.5 m long and up to 80 mm thick and are useful wherever the straight or difcult shapes of wall’s partition are required. They can be used on different kinds of houses partitions, walls of bathtubs and shower baths, swimming pools walls, pipes covers and so on. Besides application exibility, they combine lightness, easy handling and processing, shape stability,...

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Mesh Fabrics Guide - 9

Renovation examples Bathroom building procedure 1. Preparation of structural modules 2. Bath with wall 3. Bathroom before nal completion

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Mesh Fabrics Guide - 10

Marble slab reinforcement Another area in which glass bre mesh fabric is used is the large scale marble processing industry. When a large marble slab is made or lower quality marble is used, the glass bre mesh is bonded on one side of the slab. This process prevents marble slab damage during manipulation and further processing. In most cases, polyester resin is used to bond mesh fabrics to the slab. To assure strong adhesion, mesh fabrics with special surface treatment (marked A105) are used. This treatment dissolves when exposed to polyester resin ensuring good glass bre soaking by resin...

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Mesh Fabrics Guide - 11

Electrical oor heating mats Electrical oor heating mats offer new, warm comfort whenever the fancy but on touch cold oor tile are used. This system offers oor heating without the complex installation of heating bodies, exchangers and other difcult-to-install systems. The advanced electronics heating management and the relatively cheap heating mat installation requires almost no maintenance expense, making this an effective electrical heating system. Electrical heating mats take up very little space and can therefore be installed directly over old ooring. New installations require as little...

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