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ADFORS Industrial Fabrics Your partner for innovative technical textiles

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Reinforcement technology Saint-Gobain ADFORS is the only company to offer all of the following technology platforms from one source, providing a complete range of thoroughly engineered, highly innovative, customized solutions for the OEM market. LAID SCRIMS Benefits - Cost-effective (economical) reinforcement - Excellent tear resistance - Specialty coatings - Wide variety of design options Bi-directional pattern - Cement board - Modified bitumen roofing - Insulation facing - Industrial wipes - Industrial packaging - Geomembranes - Nonwoven reinforcement - Medical wipes - Flooring...

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WOVEN FABRICS Benefits - Outstanding strength with uniform construction and compatible coating - High quality aspect - High thermal stability Roofing fabric - EIFS - Stucco - Foam Shapes - Mosaic tiles - Water proofing - Industrial roofing - In-floor heating - Composite core - Thermal insulation Open mesh KNITTED FABRICS Benefits - Polyester stitch yarn ‘ties’ glass yarns together for excellent dimensional stability - High strength grids can be produced - Open grid construction allows for excellent bonding to surrounding areas Markets and applications GlasGrid® asphalt reinforcement Asphalt...

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ADFORS INDUSTRIAL FABRICS A complete range of manufacturing processes 1. Laid scrim process WARP ENDS FED FROM SECTION BEAMS OR A CREEL Warp and weft yarns are woven together on a traditional weaving loom, in various patterns (primarly plain and leno weave). SCRIM ROLL TURBINE (WEFT INSERTION SYSTEM) DRYING -CURING Scrim is a reinforcing fabric made from continuous filament yarns. The laid scrim manufacturing process chemically bonds the warp yarns (machine direction) and the weft yarns (cross direction) together in an open mesh structure. The construction of the laid scrim can vary...

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