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ENGINEERED SPECIALTY FABRICS product reinforcement from all angles Stronger ideas for a sustainable world.

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ADFORS: your partner for innovative ESF technology reinforcement solutions ADFORS has been developing laid scrim for more than thirty years. We can create infinite combinations of traditional high-quality square scrim, as well as our unique off-angle scrim, from a wide variety of fibers set at various angles to achieve the flexibility, durability and appearance you require. About ESF technology Our strength is utilizing hightenacity yarns to create innovative, cost-effective materials that offer superior structural reinforcement with less bulk and weight. The resulting, patent-pending, ESF...

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Product families Off-angle scrims - (XP family) The off-angle XP family of reinforcement scrims feature an off-angle working yarn consistently placed at a given angle onto a “carrier scrim”. This product line has many variables including: yarn type, yarn size (denier or dtex), yarn spacing and the yarn angle from the cross direction. Each application will commonly dictate which yarn, tensile strength and angle is needed to manufacture the appropriate fabric. We have the ability to make hybrid products, slit width products, and can customize the carrier scrim and or substrate to help meet...

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Uni-directional fabrics (XP and XPC family) Another ESF product available as part of our scrim laying capabilities, are “uni’s” or “uni-directional” fabrics. These fabrics, commonly carbon fiber tow, are close together to make a tape, a sheet, or a roll good. We can provide fabrics in this family using the same criteria that is used for our open scrims. We can vary the fabric by yarn type, an aerial weight and a width. We can also customize the carrier scrim, provide processing specific substrates, and engineer a solution to fit your specific need. Each application will dictate the...

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Scrim characteristics Roll length 100 yds to 2,500 yds (specified by client processing needs) Glass, polyester, aramid, carbon, Dyneema®, Vectran®, Spectra®, PBO Zylon®, Innegra™, etc. Square, off-angle and warp only Variable by product and application Tensile strength range Variable based upon yarn type Thermoplastic chemistry Complexes for combination materials Variable substrates and carrier scrims available with multiple types of working yarns Example applications State-of-the-art manufacturing • Custom composite structures • Three-dimensional laminate membrane • Reinforcement •...

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ADFORS A company with world-class capabilities and worldwide reach ADFORS is an industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of a wide range of reinforcement fabrics. We offer a diverse selection of products, including some of the world’s best-known reinforcement brand names. With manufacturing plants located around the world, ADFORS is your reliable source for cost-effective materials. Our global network of research facilities connects with strategically located sales offices to give you comprehensive service. As the world’s leading manufacturer of reinforced fabrics, we take pride...

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