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PPS. Flexible post for parking lots


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Withstands car impacts and maintains parking lot appearance PPS. Flexible post for parking lots PPS flexible post for parking lot signs flexes on car impact and then returns to its original position. PPS posts are ideal for private car parks, shops, hotels and condominiums. PPS flexible posts minimize damage to vehicles, protect parking lot surface and elimiminate repair costs over the years. Ideal for: Ground plate installation ■ private parking lots ■ shops ■ hotels ■ condominiums Concrete installation ■ withstand car impacts, flexing upon vehicle collisions ■ available heights: up to 1m ■ diameter - 42 mm ■ installation: ground plate or concrete ■ flexes upon car collisions ■ minimizes damage to vehicles Rapid installation within minutes SAEDI Ltd, Italy, Bolzano,

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