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INDIVIDUAL. ECONOMICAL. DURABLE. SÄBU MODULAR CONSTRUCTION. Know How and quality for generations. Since 1924 the family company SÄBU fabricates any imaginable modular room, today at two sites: Morsbach and Gransee. No matter whether detached buildings, attached to or even integrated into production buildings or storage halls: the SÄBU modular design creates new room for industry, trade and municipalities. Modular construction technology means to match at its best unlimited possibilities, a high energy level and economy. Modular building solutions under consideration of energy efficiency and...

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Company's history Pages 03 - 04 Concept and service Page 06 SABU MODULAR CONSTRUCTION Building process Page 08 Individual types of buildings: Office and administration Pages 11-12 Educational and social buildings Pages 13-18 Medicine and care Pages 19-22 Standard types of buildings: Fuel station shops and rest area buildings Pages 23 - 26

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THE COMPANY Company’s history 1924 Jakob Buchen founds the sawmill “Sägewerk Buchen”. trailer with steel skeleton structure. 1946 SÄBU produces packaging boxes for high quality industrial products to be dispatched all over the world. 50‘s Construction of the first production hall and production start of prefabricated wooden buildings. 1958 The wooden construction trailer becomes part of the manufacturing programme. 1963 The strong demand for the original SÄBU construction trailer requires the extension of capacities. A further fabrication facility with an up to date paint unit is built....

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THE COMPANY Company’s history Administration building SÄBU (2001) Extension of the production hall (2014) Construction of a further office building (2016) The brand name SAFE stands for safe handling of substances hazardous to humans and the environment. From now on SÄBU stands for three production lines: - the SÄBU modular construction, - FLADAFI material and storage containers and - the SAFE environmental-safe storage technique. 2011 up to date For five years in a row SÄBU receives the best mark 1 in credit rating as well as on international basis the “AAA Bisnode Solution”. This is the...

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What is our ambition? The quality of our products is SÄBU’s top priority, ensured by permanent self-control and external monitoring. The management sets greatest value on an outstanding service and a trustful collaboration with its staff members and customers. Our goals are: - Innovative solutions in touch with the latest developments - fabrication of our products in proven quality - high motivation and professional competence - reliability as partner for our customers - the opening of new markets to guarantee employment to our staff members We reach these goals by team spirit,...

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Project development advice and project development ( concept development) authorization planning, works- and execution planning industrial prefabrication / construction measures at site industrial prefabrication / construction measures at site Projektentwicklung Initial customer contact Planung Bauen Koordinieren

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SÄBU Modular Construction - 8

SÄBU MODULAR CONSTRUCTION Construction The SÄBU modules consist of a cantilevered welded steel frame construction. The steel frame of the modules is the supporting element of the modular construction. The inner walls are non-load bearing and can be removed and/or erected according to the user’s needs and wishes. It is also possible to open the ceiling fields spaciously, which enables us to offer an optimized and variable interior architecture. The building is finalized by the assembly of the single modules at the construction site by placing and connec ting them onto or next to each other....

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SÄBU MODULAR CONSTRUCTION The building process carried out at the same time. modular buildings takes place at Depending on the requirements of each building the foundation is carried the SÄBU production halls. out as pillar foundation, punctual The industrial and precision fit produc- foundation, strip or slab foundation. tion of the steel elements is carried A cellar is possible, too. out in our fabrication halls by skilled After completion of the modules at production teams independently from our facilities they will be delivered to any weather influences. The interithe construction site...

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SÄBU MODULAR CONSTRUCTION Sustainability How about a good conscience? At present sustainability is the main characteristic of the modern construction industry. A lot of general statements can be read regarding sustainable construction. So, what really does “sustainable construction” mean in direct relation to the SÄBU modular construction? Sustainability considers the complete circle of life of a building from its construction over its useful lifetime to its dismantling. Only if bad economical or ecological effects are prevented during the circle of life of a building it is sustainable. Is...

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SÄBU MODULAR CONSTRUCTION FAQs to the finished BUILDING. Reach y o u r g o a l within s h o r t notice! Do we have to stick to given standard grid dimensions with SÄBU modules? No, SÄBU plans and manufactures the modules individually according to each building project. Even an adaption to a building with angled parts is possible. How many floors are possible in modular construction? Up to 5 floors are possible, buildings of medium height. What is the size of a single module? Due to the fact that we are not forced to stick to a standard grid dimension the only limit of the modules in length,...

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EXTRACT OF REFERENCES Office and administration Single storey office building Two storied office building Three storied office building A modular building with a skilled material mixture and form variations. The façade of the outstanding entrance was made from high quality stainless steel. The main body of the building was provided with a thermal insulation system with a surface made from mineral plaster. The stainless steel envelope was repeated underneath the windows. A printing company needed more space for administration and sale. The extension building was supposed to be attached to...

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