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InoxSabiana 50 Stainless Steel Double Wall Flues The InoxSabiana 50 series is the result of an innovative constructional design aimed at achieving a high quality product, versatility and ease of assembly. The choice of the materials, the use of the latest construction techniques, the care paid to every accessory, the conformity with the European EN 1856-1:2009 standard, the continuous checks on the products and the production process guarantee the absolute reliability of the Sabiana flues. he inner wall is made from AISI 316L stainless steel, 0.5 mm thick, while the outer wall is made from AISI 304 stainless steel, 0.5 mm thick, or alternatively copper, 0.6 mm thick. The insulation is rock wool, with a minimum density of 90 kg/m3, 50 mm thick.

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Longitudinal microplasma welding is used on both the inner and outer wall on each element. All the non-insulated elements are made from AISI 304 stainless steel (aluminium adjustable flashing and storm collar). In addition, the use of an innovative fastening system means that the thermal bridge between the inner and outer wall is reduced to the minimum. The InoxSabiana 50 series includes 6 different inside diameters (from 350 to 600 mm) and a complete series of accessories for solving all problems relating to the discharge of the flue gas from heat generators. Main constructional...

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Description of the product Standard number Maximum operating temperature Pressure resistance class (P1 positive press. - N1 negative press.) Operating conditions (wet flue gas W - dry flue gas D) Corrosion resistance Specification and thickness of the inner wall: Soot fire resistance class (G: yes - O: no) and distance in mm from combustible materials: General characteristics: • Element locking bands. • Possibility to turn each element 360° while maintaining the tightness characteristics unaltered. Universal double wall product for the construction of chimneys and flues Its specifications...

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1856-1:2009 with the following designations: O ** G ** The InoxSabiana 50/50R range is CE marked according to European Standard EN f £ InoxSabiana 50/50R T450 - N1 - D - V2 - L50050 - Sabiana operates under ISO 9001 certified Quality System. Quality management systems ISO 9001 - Cert, n0 0545/5

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The descriptions and illustrations provided in this publication are not binding: Sabiana reserves the right, whilst maintaining the essential characteristics of the types described and illustrated, to make, at any time, without the requirement to promptly update this piece of literature, any changes that it considers useful for the purpose of improvement or for any other manufacturing or commercial requirements. A leading brand of Sabiana s.p.a. • uia Piaue, 53 • 20011 Corbetta • Milano • Italy phone +39.02.97203.1 r.a./+39.02.97270H29 /+39.02.97270576 fan +39.02.9777282 / +39.02.9772820...

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