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EUROPE The Netherlands SEKISUI S-LEC BV Metaalweg 5 6045 JB Roermond Tel: +31-(0)475-349900 Fax: +31-(0)475-349999 >SEE WHAT 3-LAYER PVB TECHNOLOGY CAN DO FOR GLASS. Germany SEKISUI S-LEC BV German representative office Hafenstrasse 72 D-41460 Neuss Tel: +49-(0)2131-36926-0 Fax: +49-(0)2131-36926-30 USA SEKISUI S-LEC AMERICA LLC 1786 Dividend drive Columbus, OHIO 43228 Tel:+1-614-5275250 Fax:+1-614-5275257 Japan SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD Tokyo sales office Toranomon 2-Chome tower 2-3-17 Toranomon Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8450 Japan Tel:+81-(0)3-5521-0675 Fax:+81-(0)3-5521-0676 Mexico SEKISUI S-LEC MEXICO S.A. de CV Calle 21E, No.524 Civac,62500 Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico Tel:+52-777-3190455 Fax:+52-777-3190675 Korea SEKISUI KOREA CO,.LTD. Rm 1405, Soonhwa Bld 5-2 Soonhwa-Dong Chung-Gu, Seoul 100-130, Korea Tel:+82-(0)2-319-9471 Fax:+82-(0)2-319-9475 China SEKISUI S-LEC(SUZHOU)CO.,LTD. Shanghai office Room 706-707, Metro tower,no.30 Tianyaoqiao road Shanghai .p.r.China Post code:200030 Tel:+86-(0)21-64268877 Fax:+86-(0)21-64267318 Taiwan SEKIUI(HONG KONG)LTD Taiwan Office 2-2f.,no.234,sec.5, Nanjing e..road Taipei,Taiwan Tel:+886-(0)2-753-4188 Fax:+886-(0)2-753-4189 Thailand SEKISUI S-LEC (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. 64/31 Moo4 Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate, T. Pluakdaeng A. Plukdaeng Rayong 21140 Thailand Tel:+66-(0)38-955-430 Fax:+66-(0)38-955-427 Australia SEKISUI CHEMICAL AUSTRALIA PTY.LTD. 1-5 Parraweena Road, Taren Point Sydney N.S.W 2229 Australia Tel:+61-(0)3-9402-6895 Fax:+61-(0)3-9402-6895

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Leading technology, leading the way. S-LEC® 3-layer film technology raises the standards of laminated glass by increasing its properties and performance. Alongside better safety and security, S-LEC offers higher IR protection, as well as substantially greater acoustic protection. Giving architects superior products to work with that improve the environments we live and work in, save energy and extend the possibilities of design. Understanding S-LEC® technology. Unlike standard PVB interlayer film, S-LEC Security Film and Acoustic Film are based on a patented 3-layer technology, composed of...

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The development of S-LEC Film is based on 30 years of applied technology. This product is now being used in architectural >25% MORE SECURITY >25% MORE SECURITY THAN STANDARD PVB. THAN STANDARD PVB. applications worldwide to improve safety and security. Why use S-LEC Security Film? The need for better security has never been more important than it is today. Crime figures continue to rise and businesses are looking at a variety of solutions to reduce this problem and reduce their insurance premiums. S-LEC Security Film is perfect for shops, post offices, embassies and other buildings that...

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S-LEC Solar Control Film has solar performance properties that are competitive with conventional metal coated-glass products or polyester film. Not only does S-LEC filter out around 99% of UV rays but it is also 40% better at screening out solar heat (IR) energy, while at the same time enabling enough visible light to be transmitted through the film. Where is S-LEC Solar Film needed most? S-LEC Solar Film lowers the amount of IR passing through office, shop, hotel and home windows dramatically - minimising the skin irritation caused by strong sunlight, helping to control room temperatures...

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>40% MORE ACOUSTIC >40% MORE ACOUSTIC PROTECTION THAN PROTECTION THAN STANDARD PVB. STANDARD PVB. Laminated glass already has some noise reducing properties. S-LEC 3-layer Acoustic Film, with a special low elastic resin inner layer core, delivers significantly better sound attenuation. What are the applications for S-LEC Acoustic Film? S-LEC Acoustic Film is a vital inclusion in standard applications that demand a high level of noise prevention including office blocks in noisy areas and airports. It is also being considered for the housing that surrounds airports. Alongside this, S-LEC has...

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See what Sekisui can do for you.Sekisui is a leading worldwide company with over 40 years of experience in glass interlayer technology. Our success is based on delivering the 3 Ss - Service, Speed and product Superiority. This is made possible by our excellent production facilities, technical support teams and a network that enables us to meet all our customers’ needs. Technical services. We work closely with leading glass manufacturers. Where possible, our technical engineers assist customers by finding solutions to increase production line efficiency. Standard PVB products. S-LEC also...

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