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NOIR - 3

ENG A game of shapes to break out of the common patterns. A minimalist line changing its appearance depending on the perspective, round and essential in frontal view, flat and elegant from the aerial perspective. Couplings designed on computer and developed with prototype process in order to maximize the potential of our robots, capable to transform the material into furniture items. The dimensional relationships of the Noir collection is the result of the union between design and product function. The shapes flexibility makes it suitable to a variety of furniture solutions. Mariani Design...

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NOIR - 4

IT CARATTERISTICHE TECNICHE: Dotata di cartuccia a dischi ceramici diametro 35 mm. Monocomando. Disponibile nella finitura: cromato, bianco, nero, cromo spazzolato. ENG TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Equipped with ceramic discs cartridge diameter 35 mm. Available in the following fi nishing: chrome, white, black, brushed chrome. FR CARACTÉRISTIQUES TECHNIQUES: Equipée avec cartouche à disques céramiques diamètre 35 mm. Disponible en finissage: chrome, blanc, noir, chrome bross

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NOIR - 10

393/NO Miscelatore monocomando lavabo con scarico Lunghezza bocca: 12,5 cm Altezza base-aeratore: 8,2 cm. Single lever basin mixer with popup waste Lenght spout 12.5 cm Height base-aerator 8.2 cm. Mitigeur monocommande lavabo avec vidage Longueur bec 12.5 cm Hauteur base-aerateur 8.2 cm. 397/NO Miscelatore monocomando lavabo alto, senza scarico. Lunghezza bocca: 12,5 cm Altezza base-aeratore: 20 cm. Single lever basin mixer high neck, without pop-up waste. Lenght spout 12.5 cm Height base-aerator 20 cm. Mitigeur monocommande lavabo haut, sans vidage. Longueur bec 12.5 cm Hauteur...

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NOIR - 11

565/NO Miscelatore monocomando lavabo ad incasso, lunghezza bocca 18 cm. Concealed single lever basin mixer, lenght spout 18 cm. Mitigeur monocommande lavabo à encastrer, longueur bec 18 cm. 566/NO Miscelatore monocomando lavabo ad incasso con piastra verticale, lunghezza bocca 18 cm. Concealed single lever basin mixer with vertical wall flange, lenght spout 18 cm. Mitigeur monocommande lavabo à encastrer avec plaque vertical, longueur bec 18 cm. 493/NO Miscelatore monocomando bidet. Lunghezza bocca: 10 cm Altezza base-aeratore: 8,2 cm. Single lever bidet mixer. Lenght spout 10 cm Height...

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NOIR - 12

NOIR 175/NO Miscelatore monocomando per vasca da incasso su piastra rettangolare. Lunghezza bocca: 18 cm. Built-in single lever bath mixer with rectangular wall-flange. Lenght spout 18 cm. Mitigeur bain-douche à encastrer sur plaque rectangulaire. Longueur bec 18 cm. 760/NO Asta saliscendi con doccetta Noir 1 getto. Sliding rail with 1 jet Noir handshower. Barre de douche réglable avec douche Noir 1 jet. 252/NO Miscelatore monocomando doccia senza accessori. Wall mtg. single lever shower mixer without accessories. Mitigeur douche sans accessoires. 760/ID Asta saliscendi Independent con...

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NOIR - 13

A52/CD Colonna doccia free-standing con miscelatore acqua calda/fredda e saliscendi. Altezza colonna: 2,14 mt. Free-standing chrome plated brass column with single lever mixer hot/ cold water and shower rail. Height column: 2.14 mt. Colonne de douche au sol avec mitigeur eau chaude/froid et barre de douche. Hauteur colonne: 2.14 mt. Colonna doccia in ottone cromato Ø 14 mm. con soffione Ø 25 cm. in acciaio INOX tondo ultrapiatto 4 mm., doccetta in ABS tonda e termostatico Damixa™ con innesto a baionetta incluso. Deviatore incorporato nella maniglia del termostatico. Altezza colonna: 1,15...

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NOIR - 14

170/NO Kit multigetti con doccetta, presa acqua, soffione in ottone Ø 20 cm, miscelatore incasso doccia e deviatore 5 vie. Multi jets kit with hand shower, connecting pipe, Wall mtg. brass shower head Ø 20 cm, 5 ways diverter and concealed mixer. Ensemble multi-jet avec douchette, prise d’eau, inverseur avec 5 voies, mitigeur douche à encastrer, Bras et pomme de douche en laiton Ø 20 cm. 17A/NO Kit asta saliscendi con presa acqua, soffione in ottone Ø 20 cm e miscelatore incasso doccia con deviatore. Sliding rail kit with connecting pipe, wall mtg. shower head Ø 20 cm and concealed shower...

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NOIR - 15

179/NO Miscelatore monocomando incasso. Concealed shower single lever mixer. Mitigeur bain-douche à encastrer. ST0/03 Soffione a soffitto Ø 30 cm. in acciaio INOX. Stainless steel ceiling shower head Ø 30 cm. Pomme de tete a plafond en acier inox Ø 30 cm. 173/NO Miscelatore monocomando incasso con deviatore. Concealed shower single lever mixer with diverter. Mitigeur bain-douche à encastrer avec inverseur. 501/NO Miscelatore monocomando lavello a parete bocca girevole. Wall mtg. single lever sink mixer with swivel spout. Mitigeur évier mural avec bec pivotant. SR0/07 Soffione a parete...

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NOIR - 16

Via Berlino, 2/4 - 24040 Verdellino - Zingonia (Bg) -

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