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Rubelli and Rubelli Venezia - 2019 - 77 Pages

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Rubelli and Rubelli Venezia - 2019

Catalog excerpts

RUBELLI 2019 MAGAZINE Author of Design Publisher: Rubelli S.p.A. Rubelli Editors Loredana Di Pascale, Alberto Pezzato Concept and Art Direction Hangar Design Group Photos p. 54-62, 64-66, 68, 72, 74, 75, 84-101 photo Omar Sartor, styling Studio Salaris p. 69, 78, 79, 80, 82-83 photo Hangar Design Group, styling Studio Salaris p. 6, 8, 13, 14, 18, 20, 25, 26, 29, 31, 32-33, 40, 42, 46-51, 63, 67, 73, 81 photo & styling Hangar Design Group Texts Hangar Design Group, Rubelli Thanks to Furniture Billiani Cole Italia UnusDesign Manerba Michele Arcarese Moroso My home collection Pedrali Saba...

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RUBELLI The new high-performance fabrics from Rubelli are intended for contemporary designs and elegant, but at the same time informal solutions. They include technical fibres and can be used without distinction indoors and outdoors. An exceptional depth of range, and not just in terms of colours, is joined by outstanding strength and, last but not least, flame retardant properties. These requisites make it an ideal collection for homes, shops, hotels or yachts and cruise ships. With their outstanding personality, they become an essential part of furnishings with a high level of performance...

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FIFTYSHADES The essential texture: a yarn-dyed weave perfect for upholstery and any decoration. Fit for residential or hospitality, indoor or outdoor #highestdurability #indoor #outdoor #firecertifications

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Alga Chartreuse Rosso Lacca Petunia Fuxia Ametista Rubino

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VELVETFORTY Beyond velvet. Excellent performance for this new technical fabric suitable for every possible project: really indestructible #highestdurability #flameretardant #widecolourpalette #firecertifications

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FABTHIRTY A contemporary and durable tweed with a soft and natural look. Unexpected colour combinations make it even more sophisticated #highperformance #indoor #outdoor #firecertifications

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TWILLTWENTY A classic twill. A particularly thick thread highlights the “Z” diagonal motif which makes the fabric more dynamic. The shiny and matt threads enhance the effect of the light on the surface #highestdurabilty #indoor #outdoor #firecertification

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30318-10 30318-11 30318-12 Giallo Alga Pervinca

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DIECIELODE A macro texture becomes a decoration element with an ethnic taste. The clear ground in all colour versions enhances the pattern # highperformance #indoor #outdoor #firecertifications * This image shows a 20cm (8”) cut of the product.

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TENSTRIPE A casual stripe to be used both in vertical and in horizontal. A s'mple rhythm for a young and fashion sfipe, studied in its proportions and showing just an irregular touch created by the slubby yarns

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SWING STREET A decorative jacquard inspired by a hand-made drawing recalling the Art Deco style Its interesting chiaroscuro surface depicts an elegant, unusual geometry, created by a series of overlapping rectangles tei ®igi fj ifiji if-fci irHIl mm:G . •JnW^/aasvv-Hsiiai oJ-Kpgg^ q’-.y sss'si^^fgas^npt; Wi t.-O J - .:■ , t- it ■;:

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iiiiiii ill lliri ixzixmm*' ^ SSll 8.1 li'*L M'lV.--■»•-' 1 *••* -L-il-ff.Tir \£M-'«tr*IpVff*Mt? f * JH!"inj -j* J*Mv*i«i* i-*t»\FtMltlufii|**iMI^WTI*Ui liet* Wf *ftt*t*h** l-P !**■;<» ft*-*”, * • T'p 7“%‘7~r; - .ulYirV W!>i-:i-’,'|i,!5ia!>i 'FJp\« pi-.piPniMilSttlFsIiaiis*'."1••‘•■1m i;«»«U Hu (!«*!> >.;*•>«.».->j«M«rl • i » pv !»>■'Sniin.liilfiatilinil'iI-ilitfKfKlS P1f-1«V*(-1—f...reft /ill |f |>T»i»l''i'»l»l«-lwmtrI 'l-|'< I* in, lsl>|-lB|«Jnl*l«tMjj;#V*5“;"l[*S;?J?111rSTI15lt*TiTit !‘my ■ I. ‘ - ;:«I»-, y4,J u IV L,, I n I, I\ 1.1. J.. If i-i' -V.:--1, <(, > I- In lei I,! -1* P I1’ 1-...

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BABA JAGA A flock printing on pure linen. Slightly stylized large-scale petunias stand out on the linen ground. The flock print creates an elegant velvety surface in relief. Small irregularities on the ground guarantee the highest quality of the natural yarns A very original jacquard named after a witch of the Slavic and Russian mythology. A new version of the classic pied-de-poule. The abstract hounds-tooth motif is livened up by vivid touches of colour ** This image shows a 10cm (4”) cut of the product. * This image shows a 20cm (8”) cut of the product.

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DICK TRACY A cotton texture with an exclusive bouclé yarn: its uneven surface makes it similar to a shantung fabric. Contrasting light and dark tones are created as a result of a varied and irregular weaving

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RALPH A technical raffia, seemingly indistinguishable from a natural raffia. Extremely resistant despite its light feel, allowing its use for furniture or walls, as well as for drapery and any decoration

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DUKE An elegant, patterned texture which recreates the appearance of handwoven silk. The lustrous weaves bring movement and iridescence to its surface. Double width fabric, ideal for decorative drapes and bed covers

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Expression of a timeless beauty, this sheer is reminiscent of a wool khadi, i.e. the typical Indian hand-woven and hand spun fabrics. Ideal for drapery, it’s fit for both residential and hospitality

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A very light sheer, not too transparent nor too opaque: the perfect “filter” between inside and out. Its gauze aspect makes it suitable for contemporary interiors A glamorous sheer reminding a silk organdie. Its sophisticated shine makes it suitable for refined and elegant interiors. An alternate visible and invisible pattern of crossed threads creates an enchanting watermark effect BETTY BOOP As seductive and fanciful as the cartoon heroine Betty Boop. This sheer is characterized by a precious and elegant embroidery made of very small “polka dots” in relief on a very light ground

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Colour Design The wide and varied range of colours produced with different techniques and surfaces is the result of lengthy and thorough research by the Rubelli creative team. The ongoing search for innovative solutions has produced exclusive colour formulas which enhance the brightness and colour variety of the fabrics, ensuring at the same time their durability and fastness to light to the extent of making them suitable in most cases for both indoor and outdoor use. La variegata ed ampia gamma di colori realizzata in diverse tecniche e superfici è il risultato di un lungo ed accurato...

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