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Donghia - 2018 Textile Catalogue


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Donghia - 2018 Textile Catalogue - 1


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Donghia - 2018 Textile Catalogue - 3

DESIGN DIMENSION DURABILITY View textiles in a new way with Donghia’s 3D Collection for 2018. The 3D’s: Design, Dimension, and Durability serve as springboard and mantra for offerings with attributes well beyond the ordinary. Imaginative design has been cleverly paired with print, weave or embroidery to best create durable product of intriguing dimension, texture, and depth. The resulting textiles exhibit a purposeful layering of craft. Surfaces are alive, energized and in motion, as if powered from within. From sensuous sheer to weighty upholstery to super-chic indoor/outdoor, Donghia’s 3D...

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Donghia - 2018 Textile Catalogue - 4

Highlights pop and pepper the dry, matte surface of a uniquely textural solid.

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Donghia - 2018 Textile Catalogue - 7

Interconnected geometric shapes suggest a computer’s circuit board rendered in thread.

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Donghia - 2018 Textile Catalogue - 8

WOOLISH Super-soft plain with cashmere look and touch for indoor/outdoor use. DAYDREAM A dreamy jacquard with cloud-like chenille motifs for indoor/outdoor use. LOFTY Lofty, tonal chenille, surprisingly versatile for indoor/outdoor use. CRISSCROSS Menswear windowpane plaid, in high relief, well-suited for indoor/outdoor use.

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Donghia - 2018 Textile Catalogue - 11

Print and embroidery combine to form shimmering, abstracted jet-sprays of water.

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Donghia - 2018 Textile Catalogue - 12

Patterning, light as air, appears to dust the surface of a weave which mimics spray-painting. 10

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Donghia - 2018 Textile Catalogue - 15

Jacquard weaving creates organic motifs, like windswept waterfalls, captured in time. Sound waves, expressed in graphic form, are like visual echoes printed on velvet.

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Donghia - 2018 Textile Catalogue - 16

All-over pinch effect is exaggerated by pooling of color from piece-dyeing and soft finishing. Handwork heightens the surface and impact of machine embroidery in a design reminiscent of tree bark.

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Donghia - 2018 Textile Catalogue - 19

Broad bands of plush cotton velvet run horizontally for futuristic look and rhythm. Specially colored yarns form an engaging scribble pattern within densely packed velvet pile.

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Donghia - 2018 Textile Catalogue - 20

BLOCK PARTY Machine and hand embroidery reveal the graphic shapes and palpable energy of the city.

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Donghia - 2018 Textile Catalogue - 22

Rustic wool and linen, united with the simplest of geometric forms, achieve sheer perfection.

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Donghia - 2018 Textile Catalogue - 25

Diagonal stripes of irregular brushwork, printed on velvet, mimic leather and suede.

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Donghia - 2018 Textile Catalogue - 26

Intersecting and overlapping stitches create an allover pattern of dynamic lines.

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Donghia - 2018 Textile Catalogue - 29

Densely-packed clusters of stitches shift direction to play with light and enliven a parade of patterned stripes.

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Donghia - 2018 Textile Catalogue - 30


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Donghia - 2018 Textile Catalogue - 32


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Donghia - 2018 Textile Catalogue - 34


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Donghia - 2018 Textile Catalogue - 36

SEAFOAM BLUSH GREY CREAM DARK GREY CHARCOAL NORTH & SOUTH AMERICA DONGHIA, INC. 500 BIC DRIVE GATE 1, SUITE 200 MILFORD, CT 06461 + 1.203.701.2010 1.800.DONGHIA EUROPE, ASIA, AFRICA, OCEANIA RUBELLI SPA VIA DELLA PILA 47 MARGHERA, VENEZIA 30175 - ITALY +39.041.2584.41 1 Donghia is a company of the Rubelli Group. 2018 Donghia. All rights reserved.

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