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ROYAL BOTANIA Welcome to this preview of the Royal Botania collection for 2017. For the coming year, we are introducing a very carefully-selected number of new additions to the Royal Botania portfolio. Each is designed for a reason. Some are very decorative, whereas others are more functional. All of them have the Royal Botania DNA, with a focus on Engineering, Ergonomics and Aesthetics. The standout is a brand new product. This is PALMA. Something very new, very different and yet also familiar because of its organic inspiration. Once you have seen PALMA, you won’t view garden umbrellas in the same way again. “PALMA has the potential to be the most talked about and desired Royal Botania product released so far.” PALMA, THE WORLD’S MOST STYLISH, UNIQUE AND CLEVER GARDEN UMBR

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PRESS 2017 - 2

PALMA OUTDATING TRADITIONAL UMBRELLAS Back in the 1930s, changing gear in a car wasn’t easy. It was actually quite hard work. Then, Oldsmobile introduced the first automatic gearbox. Drivers – especially in the United States – got used to a much easier way to do things. Right now, putting up a garden umbrella is more complicated than it needs to be. With the launch of PALMA, the first automatic garden umbrella, Royal Botania is set to revolutionise the way you provide shade on your patio or garden area. This eye-catching new product is the standout of our 2017 collection, combining...

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PRESS 2017 - 4

JIVE DO YOU WANT YOUR GARDEN FURNITURE TO STAND OUT? THEN WE ARE SURE YOU WILL LOVE THE NEW JIVE. This garden chair harmoniously combines teak with tapered aluminum profiles and olefin fibre into an inviting, very decorative and refreshing chair. This combination of materials makes the chair a chameleon that fits perfectly alongside a contemporary looking table as well as a warm teak wood model. Prepare to be seated – and overwhelmed. ZIDIZ 320 EXTENDABLE GARDEN TABLE MORE SURFACE, MORE OPTIONS The clean and modern ZIDIZ collection is known for its combination of wood with slim aluminium...

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PRESS 2017 - 6

TEA TIME CAN IT BE ANY MORE IRRESISTIBLE? These versatile and decorative coffee tables are designed to complement many of the other Royal Botania collections. New versions with aluminium coated legs and a selection of different top surfaces makes for a very wide range of combinations. Now, an already very desirable product is even more irresistible. NINIX BENCH ALWAYS IMPROVING. NINIX Lounge is definitely the most iconic collection in the Royal Botania range, and it never stops evolving year on year. Now we introduce to you a two seater bench module. This item has all the Ninix...

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PRESS 2017 - 8

VIGOR DAYBED CUSHION LAY BACK AND RELAX This collection will never get old. It combines simple, modern elegance with timeless materials. For this new season, we introduce a daybed cushion enhance your modules still further. VIGOR is the choice for those who demand real luxury and refinement. TRAVERSE THE STYLISH FOLDING TABLE IN A BRAND NEW LOOK. Inspired by the traditional English gateleg folding table, Mathias Deferm has designed two new foldable tables. These round and square designs are so convenient and incredibly easy to use. You really can store them anywhere.

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