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OUTDOOR LIGHTING COLLECTION OUTDOOR LIGHTING COLLECTION FROM ROYAL BOTANIA At night, a property and its surroundings can take on a whole new look thanks to outdoor lighting. You can make your driveways and entrance paths more inviting to guests and less attractive to unwanted intruders. Parts of your buildings, walls, trees and flowerbeds can be highlighted in subtle or more dynamic ways. WHY DO DISCERNING PEOPLE CHOOSE ROYAL BOTANIA? There are three main reasons: quality, harmony and design. With the range of lighting options from Royal Botania, you can make your statement with an aesthetic that speaks for you. Choose from our modern and traditional designs, all of which are made from the finest and most durable materials, and incorporate the latest in lighting technology. Royal Botania premium outdoor lighting is beautiful, practical and flexible, with many of our reading lamps and highlighting pieces being just as suitable for indoor use too. All our models are made from the highest quality materials. Whether aluminum, glass, stainless steel or teak, every material used to make Royal Botania products is sourced for its purity, durability and perfect aesthetics. But what makes some designs a cut above others? Is it to do with an eye for symmetry, scale and shapes? Is it to do with colors and curves and straight lines? Is it about simplicity and minimalism, and being influenced by the best of the past to create something new? It is very hard to explain why Royal Botania designs work so well, but when you see them, you just know they do. Best Regards, Your Royal Botania Lighting Specialist: Ilia Krokos ILIA@ROYALBOTANIA.COM WWW.ROYALBOTANIA.COM DESIGN PROCESS Porcelain, durability with an incomparable noble appearance DECORATIVE LIGHTS WALL LIGHTS Waiting to lighten the darkness Harmony throughout the garden DOME COLLECTION Artistic creations for everyone

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New Outdoor Lighting 2016 - 2

2015 was a great year for Royal Botania. How are we planning to consolidate our position as a trendsetter for high end outdoor lighting in 2016? Discreet, reflective and a real mirage! A magical mirror frame with a surprising colored (red or gold) and adjustable inner part with a LED engine which generates 450lm and 2700K warm white and it has got a 40° light beam with the standard driver. For the coming year, we introduce a very carefully-selected number of new products. There are enhancements to existing collections, and a lot of new ones too. In every case, we believe these are the items...

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New Outdoor Lighting 2016 - 3

DESIGN PROCESS DECORATIVE LIGHTS Have you ever thought about how Royal Botania products are made and why we choose certain materials? Here is a look at how we are making a new lamp design in porcelain. We think you will agree, each of these lights brings patio, garden and poolside areas to life in a distinctive way. They are also highly practical, allowing you to relax, read or socialise long after dusk on a spring or summer evening. WHY PORCELAIN? The origins of porcelain go back hundreds of years, and yet it is also an incredibly modern material because of the incomparable, timeless look...

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New Outdoor Lighting 2016 - 4

BOLLARDS Illuminate the entrances and pathways of your home on dark winter evenings and late summer nights with the Bollard range from Royal Botania. Each of these distinctive pieces is made from the highest quality materials and designed to provide a bright yet warm lighting experience. From the snaking, stylish lines of Cobra to the sharply defined Bullet and the warm, wood aesthetic of Logg, there is something here for everyone. The Beamy suite of downward lighting lends itself to pillar mounting, and the Q-Bic models allow superb flexibility. For low level, minimalist highlighting there...

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New Outdoor Lighting 2016 - 5

DOME COLLECTION PURSUE PERFECTION! Ornamental aluminum, coated in white or black and a hand made glass cylinder at the heart of the design are the ingredients that make the Dome collection unique and irresistible. With 3 varieties of coloured glass (clear, smoked, amber) you’re able to create the perfect atmosphere. No time to waste because for each application we have the matching model! 2 1. DOME GATE - REF: DOMEGTBCL • 2. DOME SMALL - REF: DOMESWSM • 3. DOME MOVE - REF: DOMEMWCL • 4. DOME CEILING - REF: DOMECSBCL • 5. DOME FLOOR - REF: DOMEFWCL • 6. DOME WALL - REF:

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