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intelligent Smart Lighting for Smart Cities Intelligent luminaires for an integral remote management service

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What is Intelligent ROS iluminación presents Intelligent, a total remote management service which includes the supply of the luminaires, the MRA remote management electronic module, the implementation and further support. Thus, smart luminaries are provided with a bidirectional capacity: the capacity to receive and send information through a control center. This allows the optimization of Street Lighting logistic, with the continuous monitoring of the energy consumption and the possibility to carry out preventive maintenance. This represents both an economic and energy saving leading to a...

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Advantatges Total service Intelligent consists of the set of luminaire plus remote management module, providing a total and entire service witch begins when goods are supplied till the end of setting up*. Logistic efficiency. Economic saving in maintenance Preventive and planned maintenance. Elimination of checking control of the installation. Reinforcement of the ecologic and modern image of the municipality Remote managed Street Lighting Centralized control of the street lighting. Adaptation of the lighting levels to the real needs of the municipality. Individual or area ignition, turn...

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Interaction with the lighting With Intelligent you will have a bidirectional system: action and reception of information on each smart luminaire for a complete management of the installation. Working towards SMART CITY through the possibility of incorporating: a. Movement sensors. b. Humidity sensors. c. Temperature sensors. d. Air quality sensors. e. Light sensors. f. Door opening sensors for the control of feeder pillars against vandalism. g. … Available actions Energy saving through the dimming of the lighting level. a. Luminous flux reduction during time with low traffic density, –...

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Operation and technical specifications The Intelligent system creates a radio meshed network in which each smart luminaire acts as an information receiver/transmitter from and to the control center. Booster Radio transmission Control center Luminaires = node mesh network Smart luminaire Remote management control Smart luminaire's main technical characteristics Mechanical general features: - Injected aluminium housing. - Stainless steel auxiliary screws. Electrical protection: Class II. Optical block: - Possibility of different optical blocks according to the lighting area. Discharge lamp or...

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Functioning and thechnical specifications Control Center Radio meshed network Integrated by: Control PC, software and antenna with again of 1’6 km coverage (up to 5 km optional). Control PC features: CPU Cache BIOS version Ram Extensions Graphic card 433.92 MHz radiofrequency communication*. Receivers/transmitters of more than 200 m coverage. Long-range boosters Graphic memory Higher gain antennas to extend the coverage area. Usually a single long-range booster. For complicated orographies several boosters may be taken. Broadcom Netlink™ Gigabit Ethernet (00-18-7D-09-3C-40) Hard drive...

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Implementation, use and exploitation Implementation civil works No modifications in feeder pillars. No installation of smart luminaries does not differ from The the installation of conventional luminaries. ROS iluminación is in charge of the total setting up of the system: - Installation validation. - Control center installation. - Planimetry and database installation. - Programming actions according to requirements of the customer. - Training of personnel to be software users. - Delivery of a user manual. Use and exploitation Ease of operate for the control center users. High computer...

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R. ROS ALGUER, S.A. Street Lighting Solutions R. ROS ALGUER, S.A.: Dr. Almera, 30 · 08205 Sabadell (Barcelona - SPAIN) · Tel. +34 937 263 799 · Fax +34 937 260 200 ·

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