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Twinroll - 1

ROLL, TWINROLL AND ROLLBATT Thermal loft insulation with added acoustic protection and fire resistance

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Twinroll - 2

ROLL, TWINROLL AND ROLLBATT ROLL, TWINROLL AND ROLLBATT ROCKWOOL Roll, Twin Roll and Rollbatt are medium density thermal insulation products with acoustic properties and Euroclass A1 fire resistance. The products come as complete rolls, pre-cut, or pre-split for easy application. Suitable for roof spaces in all types of buildings or to overlay ceiling tiles in suspended ceilings.

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Twinroll - 3

Advantages • Excellent thermal insulation • Outstanding acoustic protection • Multi-application • Available as a complete roll, pre-cut widths, or pre-split, for easy installation • Durability - will not sag or slump thick layers in a pack, for quick and easy installation. 100mm is installed between the rafters, and then 200mm over the rafters. Rollbatt is pre-split into either 2 x 600mm widths or 3 x 400mm widths. Description ROCKWOOL provides three variations of Roll to deliver products that are quick and easy to install, whatever the application. ROCKWOOL Roll consists of a single...

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Twinroll - 4

ROLL, TWINROLL AND ROLLBATT Performance Thermal ROCKWOOL Roll, Twin Roll and Rollbatt products have a thermal conductivity (k value) of 0.044W/mK. Fire classification All ROCKWOOL Roll products achieve a reaction to fire classification of A1 as defined in BS EN 13501-1. Acoustic The incorporation of ROCKWOOL Roll, TwinRoll and Rollbatt within suitably designed constructions provides improved levels of sound reduction. Dimensions Loft insulation - U-values To comply with Building Regulations Part L: 2013 new pitched roofs with loft spaces need to achieve U-values of between 0.16 and 0.11...

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Twinroll - 5

ROLL, TWINROLL AND ROLLBATT Installation • Water tanks: Insulation should not be placed directly under cold water tanks. Where access is required to water tanks etc, supports should be provided for a raised walkway • Loft hatches: To preserve the continuity of insulation, loft hatch covers should be insulated with a minimum 100mm thickness of ROCKWOOL Roll. Double-sided adhesive tape may be used to hold the insulation in place • Electrical Cables: The IEE Wiring Regulations, 17th edition and British Standard BS 7671: 2008 provide guidance on the correction factors to be applied in...

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Twinroll - 6

Fire resistance Acoustic comfort Sustainable materials Durability As an environmentally conscious company, ROCKWOOL promotes the sustainable production and use of insulation and is committed to a continuous process of environmental improvement. All ROCKWOOL products provide outstanding thermal protection as well as four added benefits: Health & Safety The safety of ROCKWOOL stone wool is confirmed by current UK and Republic of Ireland health & safety regulations and EU directive 97/69/EC:ROCKWOOL fibres are not classified as a possible human carcinogen. A Material Safety Data Sheet is...

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Twinroll - 7

The ROCKWOOL Trademark ROCKWOOL® - our trademark The ROCKWOOL trademark was initially registered in Denmark as a logo mark back in 1936. In 1937, it was accompanied with a word mark registration; a registration which is now extended to more than 60 countries around the word. The ROCKWOOL trademark is one of the largest assets in the ROCKWOOL Group, and thus well protected and defended by us throughout the world. If you require permission to use the ROCKWOOL logo for your business, advertising or promotion. You must apply for a Trade Mark Usage Agreement. To apply, write to:...

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Twinroll - 8

September 2018 ROCKWOOL Limited Pencoed Bridgend CF35 6NY

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