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CONSTRUCTION TYPE: FLAT ROOFS Hardrock Dual Density Range Unique dual density insulation boards The Hardrock Dual Density (DD) roofing boards are manufactured using Rockwool’s unique dual density technology. Produced with a robust, high density top surface layer, the boards offer excellent point load compressive resistance. The following NBS clauses include Hardrock Dual Density: J-41-10, 425, J42-10, 425

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Hardrock Dual Density Range Hard rock Dual Density is the ideal non-combustible and acoustic insulation solution for most types of roof deck, when combined with single ply or high performance built-up roofing systems. The energy efficient boards, made from renewable volcanic rock, provide comfortable and productive acoustics to protect the health, wellbeing and efficiency of occupants. ■ Improved point load compressive resistance ■ Fire resistance up to 2 hours (see page 9 for details] ■ Tested and assessed by BRE/LPC ■ Listed as an LPCB approved product ■ LPS 1181: Part 1 Grade EXT-A rated...

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Hardrock Dual Density Range Installation guidance Fully adher*d Rackurool tapered ranling Ancillary Pfndirtis 4. iaund rc-duLlian - rnc-l il deck:. ftackwpol Acnuilic McrnliMnc- 5. 5-aund abiarplion - pcrloralcd mel-al dccki lt«hwi>ol Acau&lit Inlill r<lr«* Dual Density Jplam or (issue- toed? HjrdfCK^ Oual Dmsitylirtfllnoriissw r«tdJ Hardrecfc CKial Density SP» Hirarotk Dual D**4ity Univt Jatedl Hardrotk Dual Dwiicyhji-s-uHaeedl For farther IFIFO pLfrabc ccnlacl Rnckwoal i, Fur farther in Fa pLtasc-CDnlJcL Rockvrool'i For farther i<ifo plf-riv cu.-ilcid Reckwoal's Preparation work for...

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Hardrock Dual Density Range Membrane installation/fasteners Working platform The membrane should be installed strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification and fastening requirements for wind uplift. Under no circumstances should the finished roof be used as a working platform without adequate protection being provided. Built-up high performance bituminous membranes Rockwool recommends that either the main or roofing contractor operates a ‘permit to work’ system for any follow-on trades in areas where the roof installation is complete. Built-up membranes should not be laid on...

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Hardrock Dual Density Range Typical pour and roll Design considerations application over Hardrock Dual Density tissue faced roofing Profiled metal deck installations Crown and trough position Rockwool Hardrock Dual Density roofing boards must be laid with the long edge at right angles to the profiles of the metal deck. Butt joints should occur at the midcrown position, except where cantilevering is applicable. Cantilevering Use of the Rockwool Rock Roller trolley allows fast and easy movement of boards across roof decking. Handling and storage Rockwool Hardrock Dual Density roofing boards...

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Hardrock Dual Density Range Free spanning capability For free spanning, the minimum board thickness is equal to the maximum trough width divided by 3. The maximum trough width suitable for free spanning Hardrock Dual Density is 300mm. Where installed trough widths exceed the maximum spanning capability of the board, provision must be made to provide full support for the insulation. Figure 1. Walkways and access areas Additional protection to spread the load on the boards is also recommended in walkway and access areas. Advice should be sought from the membrane manufacturer about available...

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Hardrock Dual Density Range Figure 4. Location of mechanical fastener for securing Hardrock Dual Density board to metal, concrete and timber substrates (see mechanical fastening of insulation). DD boards should be calculated in accordance with BS 5250: 2002 and with reference to BS 6229: 2003 (Code of Practice for Flat Roofs with Continuously Supported Coverings). Flat roof design The roof construction and design should comply with BS 6229:2003 (Code of Practice for Flat Roofs with Continuously Supported Coverings). Mechanical fastening of insulation 1. Single ply mechanically fixed...

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Hardrock Dual Density Range For factory mutual specifications, standard Hardrock Dual Density roofing boards should be fixed in accordance with the specification for class 1 steel deck constructions, FM Guide and appropriate FM data sheets. Additionally, the insulation boards should be mechanically fixed in accordance with the FM Presecurement Requirements. Further advice is available from Rockwool Technical Support (0871 222 1780). Figure 5 19mm timber deck with 12.5mm plasterboard and skim fixed to timber joists Figure 6 19mm timber deck without ceiling Product performance Thermal...

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Hardrock Dual Density Range Fire performance Rapid spread of fire not only destroys buildings, but can also cost lives and destroy businesses. Smoke and fumes can hinder escape and rescue. The specification of insulation materials should consider each characteristic as well as any tendency for toxic emissions to contaminate water courses and the Hardrock Dual Density roofing boards offer a high level of fire protection. Hardrock Dual Density roofing boards are classified as non-combustible to Approved Document B of the Building Regulations and LPCB (Red LPCB approvals Roofing constructions...

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Hardrock Dual Density Range Acoustic performance Effective sound insulation is an essential requirement where commercial or industrial operations generate noise levels that could be harmful to the health or efficiency of the building occupants, or present an environmental nuisance. The control of noise pollution is an ever-increasing problem and one that is best addressed at the design stage. The solution tends to be specific to each building and is dependent on the type and source of the noise, both inside and outside the building. Hardrock Dual Density roofing boards are proven to be the...

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Hardrock Dual Density Range Building Bulletin 93 outlines the methods of compliance. This includes a requirement to minimise the noise of rainfall on lightweight roofs and whilst no limit is set, methods of control must be included and justified to Building Control. Rain noise testing was undertaken by BRE Acoustics on the following construction using ‘heavy’ rain as defined in ISO/CD 140-18: Sarnafil single ply membrane, type S327-12EL, 1.2mm Rockwool Hardrock Dual Density roofing boards, 150mm Vapour Control Layer (0.22mm polythene) Corus D60 profiled metal deck, 0.7mm The same roof...

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