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Fire Duct Systems


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Fire Duct Systems - 1

FIREPRO® FIRE DUCT SYSTEMS Single layer fire protection for rectangular, circular and oval ducts.

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Fire Duct Systems - 2

FIREPRO® FIRE DUCT SYSTEMS FIRE DUCT SYSTEMS Rectangular and circular, single layer fire protection for steel ductwork. As part of the comprehensive ROCKWOOL FIREPRO® range of fire protection products, Fire Duct Systems provide fire protection, thermal and acoustic insulation for circular and rectangular steel ductwork.

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Fire Duct Systems - 3

FIREPRO® FIRE DUCT SYSTEMS Specified with confidence Quick and easy to install Fully certified to BS 476–24 (duct types A and B) ½, 1, 1½ and 2hour fire protection for stability, integrity and insulation Choice of fixing options Single layer, enabling verification of system installation Space efficient, non-brittle, strong and safe Multi-role insulation: fire protection, acoustic and thermal Can be installed on standard DW144/42 ductwork Description Fireduct Systems Three products are available in the Fire Duct Systems range: • Fire Duct Slab – for rectangular ducts • Fire Duct Section – for...

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Fire Duct Systems - 4

FIREPRO® FIRE DUCT SYSTEMS Applications System Options – rectangular ducts Welded pin fixing method Attachment by welded pins allows extremely rapid installation with slab joints simply butted together. Welded pins are generally spaced at 350mm maximum centres along the length of the duct and at 500mm maximum centres across the width and depth of the duct. Pins are required on all four sides of vertical ducts, but may be omitted from the top face of horizontal ducts, see Figures 5 and 6 on page 10. Figure 1 Stud-welded pins, pigtail screws Longitudinal corner joints fixed with pigtail screws...

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Fire Duct Systems - 5

FIREPRO® FIRE DUCT SYSTEMS System options – circular ducts FireDuct Section Circular steel ducts of between 60mm and 356mm diameter may be protected using Fire Duct Section. Fire Duct Section must be glued with ROCKWOOL FIREPRO® Glue at the joints and in the grooves. Steel bands or wires must be fitted circumferentially to the system at 300mm nominal centres to hold all joints and grooves tightly closed while the glue cures. Where required, cover strips and bearer protection pieces are to be cut from Fire Duct Section (or Fire Duct PSM) of the appropriate diameter. The foil covering is to be...

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Fire Duct Systems - 6

Performance Fire Fire Duct Slab & Fire Duct PSM • Non-combustibility: Class A1 to BS EN 13501-1 Fire Duct Section • Non-combustibility: Class A2 to BS EN 13501-1 Fire resistance Performance summary - Fire Duct Slab, Section and PSM. Three performance criteria; stability, integrity and insulation, are required in equal measure for all ducts which pass through fire-rated walls or floors. Fire Duct System test data The Fire Duct products have been tested and assessed by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) of the BRE in accordance with BS 476 - 24, 'Fire tests on building materials...

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Fire Duct Systems - 7

FIREPRO® FIRE DUCT SYSTEMS Product information Dimensions Fire Duct Slab • Size: 1200 x 2000mm • Thicknesses: 40, 50, 70 and 90mm* • Facing: reinforced aluminium foil Fire Duct Section • Diameters: 60 to 356mm • Thicknesses: 30, 40 and 90mm* • Facing: reinforced aluminium foil Durability ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation products have been proven in service for over 60 years, in a wide range of climates and degrees of exposure. ROCKWOOL insulation will generally perform effectively for the lifetime of the building, plant or structure. Biological ROCKWOOL stone wool is a naturally inert and...

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Fire Duct Systems - 8

Installation instructions Hangers, bearers and flanges Fire Duct products are approved to provide fire protection to steel ductwork, wholly constructed using steel fixings in accordance with current B&ES specification DW/144 and superseded specification DW/142. Where there are constructional options within DW/144 and DW/142, these are expanded upon below. These details are primarily concerned with duct joint types and the suspension method. DW/142 flanged cross joint types J3, J4, J5 and J6 are acceptable for use with the Fire Duct System, without modification. Fire Duct Slab, Fire Duct...

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Fire Duct Systems - 9

FIREPRO® FIRE DUCT SYSTEMS Top panel (no pins necessary on horizontal ducts) ROCKWOOL FIREPRO® Glue ROCKWOOL FIREPRO® Glue has a pH value of 11. It is provided in 17 kg drums and should always be stirred before use. Where required, 1–1.5mm of glue should be applied to each Fire Duct joint. The glue is generally applied by spatula or trowel. Where present, any foil facing must be removed from surfaces prior to the application of FIREPRO® Glue. Take care to remove any FIREPRO® Glue from all aluminum foil surfaces with a damp cloth. Pigtail screws are to be positioned at 250mm maximum centres,...

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Fire Duct Systems - 10

FIREPRO® FIRE DUCT SYSTEMS Wall penetrations, elbows, 2 and 3-sided applications and access hatches Wall and floor penetrations Support to duct sides is required at all penetrations for stability purposes. This support can be provided by: • A 30 x 30 x 2mm mild steel angle frame fixed to the duct at the penetration mid-point. Steel rivets should be used at 300mm maximum centres (Figure 8), • Locating the duct joint at the penetration mid-point. In all cases, low density ROCKWOOL stone wool, typically RWA45, is packed tightly into the void between the Fire Duct product and the wall opening....

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Fire Duct Systems - 11

FIREPRO® FIRE DUCT SYSTEMS Access hatches (rectangular ducts) Steel access hatches which are constructed and fitted in accordance with DW/144 may be protected with Fire Duct Slab (Figure 11). The Fire Duct cover may be fitted in any face of the duct. However, if the sliding cover is not in the horizontal plane the guides must be positioned so as to prevent movement of the cover due to weight, vibration etc. The sliding cover must be a tight fit in the guides. No part of the arrangement may be within 50mm of edges or joints within the main duct protection layer of Fire Duct Slab. All Fire Duct...

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Fire Duct Systems - 12

Criteria for preparation of ductwork prior to insulation Fire Duct products are certified to provide fire protection to ductwork conforming to Construction Details 1 to 12 in the table below and to the requirements of B&ES Specification DW/144. The table may be used as a check list for on-site verification of ductwork construction. Within Construction detail Requirement Details of modification where needed specification Construction detail

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