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WALL SYSTEM" The RockShell wall system is an innovative, low energy solution for the construction of load bearing walls in low-rise buildings.

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Let’s start a brand new tradition today The race for energy-efficient solutions has begun The race against time The UK has a big challenge. The Climate Change Act of 2008 set the target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% from 1990 levels by 2050. One of the key methods of achieving this goal is to improve the energy efficiency of our buildings. In Europe and the US, our buildings account for up to 40% of our total energy consumption. By improving the efficiency of our buildings through better materials and design, there is huge potential to reduce CO2 output. A poorly insulated house...

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Insulation is a key climate technology Heating and cooling are the main sources of energy consumption in buildings. Together they account for more than two thirds of a building’s energy usage. At present most of this energy is wasted due to inadequate insulation. During its lifetime, a typical Rockwool insulation product will save 100 times the amount of energy and CO2 emissions than it takes to produce, distribute and recycle it. This makes Rockwool insulation one of the most effective solutions that can be utilised to help reduce climate change. Low energy houses do not need to...

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Tomorrow’s energy efficiency delivered today Minimal energy loss with optimal construction methods RockShell is an innovative system for constructing the load bearing walls of low-rise buildings. The RockShell wall system is a patented modular system, that meets future energy efficiency requirements, today. The RockShell wall system combines the requirements for sustainable lightweight constructions with optimal energy performance, efficient installation processes, technical support and end user benefits. In other words: The RockShell wall system is the ideal all-in-one construction system....

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9400 -shaped steel profiles Faster understanding – improved results Y The system comprises very few building components, which are easily assembled with just a power drill on-site. RockShell is quick and easy for installers to learn and understand. Actual installation is quick and simple versus other building solutions, meaning improved build times and less mistakes on-site. RockShell wool elements The RockShell wall system is a unique combination of steel -profiles, dense Rockwool insulation and interior OSB lining. This system results in a pioneering low energy wall system comprising...

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A simple and straight forward construction method 8 Principles of the RockShell system RockShell is a modular wall system designed for ease of installation, whilst maximising safety throughout the build process. This is achieved without compromising on the end user benefits of energy performance, sustainability, indoor climate or building quality.

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The first house built using RockShell was in Flensburg, Germany. It was based on a standard design. This house type was utilised to show how easy it was to integrate the RockShell wall system into an existing design and also to prove that it is possible to build a standard house with excellent energy performance and low installation costs. The low-energy house was a KfW 70 energy-efficient house. Offering a 30% improvement in energy efficiency over traditional methods, in line with market requirements. 5 The exterior face of the wall 6 The interior face of the wall 8 Connecting to roof and...

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A straightforward installation sequence... 1 The RockShell bottom profiles are mounted securely on the concrete foundation on a layer of bituminous roofing felt, adhered to the foundation with cold asphalt sealant. Bottom profiles are used to fix the wall to the foundation and brackets are used to fix the RockShell modules. The unique slits on all four sides of the wool elements make them fit perfectly into the flanges of the steel profiles. A further profile is mounted on top of the RockShell modules and fastened to the -profiles. Finally a laminated veneer lumber board is placed upon the...

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Openings for windows and doors are vertically framed by RockShell end columns and pre-fabricated RockShell lintels are used above door and window openings. The unique RockShell corner insulation elements are set slantwise in position, the same way as the ordinary wool elements.

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... and cost effective to build 5 The exterior face of the wall Laminated ”nailers” are mounted onto the external face of the RockShell wall. The ”nailers” serve three basic functions. They cover and tighten joints between the RockShell wool elements, establish a ventilated cavity and create a secure mounting for the chosen external finish. The interior face of the wall OSB boards are mounted directly onto the interior face of the RockShell wall to create a secure mounting for the service wall and interior linings.

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Intermediate floor The intermediate floor is mounted to the RockShell wall system on the interior face of the OSB by securing into the laminated timber bearer and steel -profiles located behind the OSB boards. Connecting to roof and gable Roofs are fixed to the laminated timber board on top of the RockShell wall. After the bearing roof construction is erected and fastened, gables are built up in the same way as wall modules.

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WALL SYSTEM" service and support partnership

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Support tools at On our website, you will find a variety of resources from general system information to example CAD illustrations, installation videos, product and material information and much more. We have also created a comprehensive e-learning module, providing answers to virtually all aspects relating to designing, constructing, and using the RockShell system. Technical support at every stage RockShell is a completely new way of building lightweight load bearing walls. As a result we offer comprehensive technical advice and support, which will enable you to...

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system is, without doubt, one of the most innovative construction systems we have worked with. easy to get started with the system and installation is fast and simple. RockShell is actually so simple to build with that even the customer – after expert guidance from an instructor – could build the house himself. It’s almost like working with a building set. It is incredibly easy to get started with the system and installation is fast and simple. RockShell is also unbelievably easy to adjust and adapt. In other words, this is both a rational and economic construction system, which takes into...

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