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Ablative Coated Batt - 1

50MM ABLATIVE COATED BATT Fire stopping solution for voids in walls and floors

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Ablative Coated Batt - 2

ROCKWOOL 50mm Ablative Coated Batt provides fire stopping solutions in walls and floors, reinstating the fire resistance. 50mm Ablative coated batt is also tested for acoustic and air leakage performance

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Ablative Coated Batt - 3

FIREPRO® 50MM ABLATIVE COATED BATT Excellent fire resistance from a single thickness batt Comprehensively tested as part of the FirePro suite of solutions Suitable for sealing wall and floor voids containing most commonly used services and substrates Can be used as a blank seal and a head of wall seal Lightweight and simple to install Tested for air tightness, providing an additional smoke and acoustic seal Description The ROCKWOOL Ablative Coated Batt comprises a high density stone wool core, pre coated on both sides with our high performance ablative coating. Ablative Coated Batt has been...

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Ablative Coated Batt - 4

Performance Fire performance Tests have proved the capability of a single 50mm Batt to provide up to 2 hours fire resistance Integrity and Insulation ratings are dependent upon the service penetrations and void size. Where 4 hours integrity and insulation are required we recommend the use of our 60mm Ablative Coated Batt. Acoustic performance Tested for head of wall: • Rw= up to 48db (2 x Coated batts) • Rw= up to 37db (1 x Coated batts) The correct use of Coated batt within concealed cavities and voids will reduce the level of transmitted sound: • Rw= up to 52 db (2 x Coated batts) -...

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Ablative Coated Batt - 5

FIREPRO® 50MM ABLATIVE COATED BATT sure that the area within the aperture is clean of any debris and remove any dust from the edges. ROCKWOOL Ablative Coated Batt to the size and shape required to fit the aperture ensuring that batt will make a tight fit with all edges of the aperture. rectangular holes form the coated batt to accommodate cable trays or ladders containing cables. the Coated Batt across its width at the mid-point of each rectangular hole to enable the Batt to be fitted into the aperture. ROCKWOOL Acoustic Intumescent Sealant to all edges of the Batt ensuring that an even...

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Ablative Coated Batt - 6

FIREPRO® 50MM ABLATIVE COATED BATT Specification clauses 50mm Ablative Coated Batt is associated with the following NBS clauses: P12 Fire stopping systems • 325 Boards – Mineral Bound Lightweight • 360 Mineral Wool Rigid Batts • 365 Mineral Wool Rigid Batts – Ablative Coated Disclaimers This product should only be utilised for applications as outlined in the relevant ROCKWOOL product datasheet and in accordance with the relevant ROCKWOOL Fire Resistance Testing. Additionally the product must be installed in accordance with the current ROCKWOOL guidelines. For further information please...

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Ablative Coated Batt - 7

As an environmentally conscious company, ROCKWOOL promotes the sustainable production and use of insulation and is committed to a continuous process of environmental improvement. All ROCKWOOL products provide outstanding thermal protection as well as four added benefits; Made from a renewable and plentiful naturally occuring resource, ROCKWOOL insulation saves fuel costs and energy in use and relies on trapped air for its thermal properties. ROCKWOOL insulation does not contain (and has never contained) gases that have ozone depletion potential (ODP) or global warming potential (GWP). Fire...

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Ablative Coated Batt - 8

April 2018 ROCKWOOL Limited Peneoed Bridgend CF35 6NY

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