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General Catalogue 2018-2019

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As part of its policy of continuous product improvement, Roca reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, any of the models and items contained in this publication, and thus does not guarantee their availability nor that the specifications, colours, shapes or other features reproduced herein coincide at any given time with those actually available. The ambiences shown herein are purely decorative and their layout takes no account of any possible technical installation requirements. Any reproduction, in whole or in part, of the content of this publication is strictly...

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About Roca Smart Toilets Bathroom collections Surfex® Vitreous china Washbasins WCs Bidets Furniture, mirrors and lighting Shower trays Furniture collections Furniture Mirrors and lighting Faucet collections Faucets Basin faucets Bidet faucets Bath and shower faucets Thermostatic faucets Shower columns Hand-showers and shower-heads Shower complements Shower trays material Surfex® Stonex® Acrylic Vitreous china Steel Shower trays In-Drain drainage systems Bath material Surfex® Acrylic Cast iron Steel Baths Spas Hydromassage shower cabins

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Shower enclosures Accessories Collections of shower enclosures 306 Shower enclosures Standard Installation systems Specific uses Kitchen Spare parts Colour range Kitchen sinks material Quarzex® Stainless Steel Fireclay Technical information Accessories Installation systems Installation systems Operating plates Accessibility Public spaces Other products Seats and covers for WCs Seats and covers for bidets Hinges for WCs Mechanisms Wastes for basins Traps for basins and bidets Universal flow limiters Ecoaerators

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About Roca Since 1917, focused on improving your bathroom experience The roots of a craft For Roca, everything starts with the dawn of a new century, with the winds of change of a new era and the desire for self-improvement of a family. In the Barcelona of 1917, the siblings Martín, Matías, Ángela and José Roca decided to take a step further by expanding their small family foundry to focus on the manufacturing of cast iron radiators, a product that until then had not been affordable. Without knowing it at that time, this determination would establish the foundation of a project that has led...

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Roca London Gallery Station Court Townmead Road London SW6 2PY - UK Telephone +44 (0) 20 7610 9503

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Smart Toilets Smart Toilets In-Wash® Multiclean® Premium Multiclean® Advance

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Innovative WC with cleaning and drying functions. Hygiene and comfort in one single piece. Wall-hung In-Wash® Inspira, PL1 operating plate, Inspira furniture and Lanta faucet. Collette wall tiles and October floor tiles.

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Roca collections Smart Toilets Product range In-Wash® Inspira smart toilet In-Wash® Inspira wall-hung smart toilet Remote control Intimate hygiene Drying function Front (anal) and rear (perineal) cleaning with water. Gently dosed warm air for a pleasant drying after cleaning. Adjustable water and drying temperature Adjustable water pressure The water and drying function has three temperature levels. Adjustable nozzle position The nozzle has five different positions to achieve a suitable cleaning distance. The water flow has three intensity levels, depending on the preferences of the user....

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Multiclean® Premium with The Gap WC. Traveller tiles. Seat for WC with cleaning and drying functions for a complete intimate hygiene.

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Roca collections Smart seats Product range / Multiclean® Premium Round Remote control Oscillating clean Perineal cleaning Water pressure Anal cleaning Water temperature Nozzle position Energy saving mode Night light Seat temperature Pulsating cleaning Deodorizing function Programmable user settings Product range / Multiclean® Advance Round Side control Drying Function Perineal cleaning Oscillating cleaning Anal cleaning Water temperature Water pressure Nozzle position Pulsating cleaning

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Smart Toilets Today, thanks to the Smart Toilets, water reaches the WC to offer a complete personal hygiene ensuring full comfort and care and responding to a society that is increasingly committed to health and personal care.

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Roca collections SmartToilets 13 Thorough cleaning Retractable integrated nozzle that takes water to the most intimate parts ensuring the maximum cleanliness.. Maximum hygiene Self-cleaning nozzle before and after each use and water filter that removes waste and impurities. Easy cleaning Removable nozzle tip making cleaning easier. Simple operation Simple and intuitive user interfaces that make it possible to understand its operation from the first use. Customizable The position of the nozzle, the water temperature and pressure and the drying temperature can be adjusted Remote control...

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Seat    Drying    Cleaning indicated page for further information. / Replace (..) in the product reference with the code of the chosen finish. / Dimensions in mm. Remote control

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Products | Smart Toilets 15 Premium Round 483 mm    Premium Square 493 mm Remote control Seat    Drying    Cleaning 0 See indicated page for further information. / Replace (..) in the product reference with the code of the chosen finish. / Dimensions in mm.

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Seat    Drying    Cleaning Q See indicated page for further information. / Replace (..) in the product reference with the code of the chosen finish. / Dimensions in mm.

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Products | Smart Toilets

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Roca collections Vitreous china collections Washbasins, WCs and bidets Vitreous china collections Beyond ® Element Khroma Carmen Inspira Hall Meridian Dama Dama Retro The Gap Debba Nexo Victoria One-Piece Modo. Configurable basins    52 Vitreous china Twin wall-hung basins    62 Wall-hung basins with integrated semi-pedestal 63 Single wall-hung basins    63 Compact wall-hung basins    71 Corner wall-hung basins    73 Over countertop basins    74 Corner over countertop basins    77 Compact floorstanding bidets    97 Compact wall-hung bidets    100

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