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Catalogue - 3

EASYCLEAN XPRESS The zero waste solution to clean EXPERT dicing grids. CMP COMPACT PRODUCT RANGE New CMP even more robust with their new stainless steel motor bloc, the integrated lug on the motor base for better ergonomic, and also the new patented EasyPlug system meaning that the power cord can be easily replaced. 2023 Edition robot ft) COUpe' 01

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Catalogue - 4

robots coupe INNOVATION AT THE HEART OF OUR HISTORY Since 1961, Robot-Coupe has designed, developed and manufactured all its products in France, the home of gastronomy. ” Our facility in Montceau-en-Bourgogne cultivates the excellence of a world leader serving the greatest talents in the gastronomic sector. ”

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Catalogue - 5

MORE THAN 60 YEARS OF INNOVATION HUNDREDS OF EXCLUSIVE PATENTS 1961: 1st standing vegetable slicer 1966: 1st Vertical Cutter Mixer 1970: 1st Food Processor 1975: Ranges of Cutter Mixers and Food Processors 1980: 1st Blixer® - Blender Mixer 1986: 1st CL 50 Vegetable Preparation machine 1990: Range of Vegetable Preparation machines 1996: 1st Immersion Blender with removable foot 2000: Range of Immersion Blender 2008: 1st Automatic Juice Extractor 2012: The 1st Professional Cooking Cutter Blender 2020: Launch of new Juice Extractor range and 13 new large-capacity table-top models of Food...

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Catalogue - 6

WORLD LEADER PRESENT IN MORE THAN 130 COUNTRIES LOCAL COMMITMENT FOR OVER 40 YEARS Present in more than 130 countries, Robot-Coupe uses its expertise and know how as a world leader to constantly adapt to different types of local cuisine. Across the globe, our teams provide ongoing support to distributors and catering professionals to meet their specific needs.

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Catalogue - 7

A CULTURE OF COMMITMENT INNOVATIVE AND DURABLE Because our goal is to meet your needs, innovation is our focus to anticipate your every requirement. We commit to offering you high performance, durable products that exceed the current norms, with technical and industrial choices designed to guarantee the durability, maintenance and repairability of our products. DESIGNED AND MADE IN FRANCE Robot-Coupe products are all designed and made in France to guarantee a superior level of quality and ensure unbeatable performance. Our products are always at the cutting edge of technology and...

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Catalogue - 8

robot »* coupe’ A COMPANY COMMITTED TO SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Throughout the decades, Robot-Coupe has been committed to a policy of social and ethical responsibility with four points of focus. ” Our heavy duty machines are designed to last We go beyond the requirements to guarantee the highest levels of performance ” ” Our partners are based in Europe and we support them in developing a sustainable approach ” 100% of our machines can be repaired and more than 95% recyclable ”

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Catalogue - 9

DESIGN Products designed to last - The materials used for our machines are high quality and long lasting. - Our machines provide energy efficiency and savings throughout their service life. - 100% of our products can be repaired. - Spare parts are available for more than 10 years after a product is discontinued. PRODUCTION Ethical and responsible practice - Compliance with the most stringent standards. - Application of the ROHS directive (Restriction Of Hazardous Substances) and incorporation of future standards such as the EuP (Energy Using Product). - The choice of European supply...

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Catalogue - 10

AT YOUR SERVICE Robot-Coupe is not only a manufacturer. It is a people oriented company whose ability to listen and provide quality service is rolled out across the globe to improve the everyday lives of professionals. Our customers’ requirements dictates our actions and our support. PRESENCE IN THE FIELD Robot-Coupe is at your side: • Demonstration of the latest Robot-Coupe machines • Audit of your kitchen equipment • Technical training in your restaurant or in Robot-Coupe’s kitchens • Support for the repair and maintenance of your machines and replacement of spare parts • Sharing of...

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Catalogue - 11

Quality Customer Service Robot-Coupe has a dedicated team to answer all your questions and help you choose the right equipment including quotations, orders, invoice, shipping, etc. Guaranteed dispatch of machines and accessories within 48 hours. Spare parts ordered on our after sales service website are sent within 24 hours. More than 98% of orders meet the stipulated deadline. High tech assistance To complete its service offering, Robot-Coupe has a specialised team trained to provide efficient, rapid help in troubleshooting, carrying out repairs and maintenance, providing video tutorials,...

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Catalogue - 12

IS AT YOUR SIDE 1 MIDI CATALOGUE Contact your Robot-Coupe Territory Manager to discover the full collection. Parsle y SHALLO Y, WASHED AND TS X PAT-DRIE 350 6 G MILD D NEW SOFTEN SEASO DEG ED UN 150 G ERMED N GA SALT SALTED RLIC, BUTTER PEPPER 120 G ESPELET GUIDE DE SÉLE CTION DISQ UES - DISCS SELECTION KEUREGIDS GUIDE VOOR DE SCHI GUIA DE SELEC JVEN CION DE DISC OS - GUIDA ALLA SELEZIONE GUIA DE SELEÇ DEI DISCHI CÃO DE DISC OS Heat setting Pleasure and wellbeing at any time of the day 30 Taste and season adjust ing CHEF ’S You ca TIP can ad n vary the he d gra in mu rbs (basil, stard and...

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Catalogue - 13

robot coupe robot ** coupe robots coupe Mixed display stand Immersion Blender display stand Ref. 450 421 Ref. 407 435 2023 Edition robot ft) COUpe' 11

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Catalogue - 14

IS AT YOUR SIDE FIND ALL OUR VIDEOS ON THE OFFICIAL ROBOT-COUPE CHANNEL: Robot-Coupe R 301 Ultra video Robot-Coupe CL 50 Ultra video ON THE OFFICIAL ROBOT-COUPE SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook RobotCoupeOfficial Robot-Coupe Official AND WITH OUR AFTER SALES SERVICE Online support To report non compliant orders , transport damage, or to request technical assistance. After Sales Service videos To train your technicians on maintenance and repair operat

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Catalogue - 15

NEW ROBOT-COUPE WEBSITE • Responsive design and user friendly: easy access to information no matter your device (desktop computer, mobile, tablet) • Videos: discover our products live and train yourself FOR YOU, DEALERS AND KITCHEN PLANNERS • Dedicated access: consult and download technical instructions, specifications, 2D, 3D & BIM drawings FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS • Selection guide: find the right machine in just a few clicks • Product registration: download user’ manuals and safety instructions sheets 2023 Edition robot ft) COUpe' 13

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