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Creating Security Solutions. With Care. Creating Security Solutions. With Care.

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Company Profile Cloud enabled security solutions Security Management Solutions Vertical Markets SynopSYS Integrated Security & Building Management™ Security Systems Intrusion Technologies ProSYS™ Plus Wireless Accessories Detection Technologies Barrier Beams Industrial LuNAFT Seismic Detector LuNAR™, ShockTEC™, VitronT Sounders: ProSOUND™ System & Detector Feature Tables RISCO Offices

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RISCO Catalogue 2014-2015 - 3

Company Profile Care for Innovation Care for Quality Care for Customers This is RISCO Group. RISCO Group is a recognized leader in the global security solutions market. Established in 1978 as Rokonet, a manufacturer of high quality detectors, RISCO Group has evolved to become a market leader and innovator of creative, advanced solutions for the security industry, renowned worldwide. RISCO Group designs, manufactures and markets end-to-end solutions for the full gamut of security installations; from wired, wireless and hybrid intrusion systems for residential and commercial establishments,...

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Security Management Solutions Organizations today face complex security management challenges, and a broad range of security processes and technologies are necessary to address potential security threats. Organizations must mitigate the risks and maximize their security in such a way that ensures business continuity and achieves operational efficiency across the board with acceptable costs. RISCO Group offers comprehensive security management solutions designed for enterprises and clients with multi-site infrastructures. The total solution is made up of axesplus®, a centrally managed,...

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RISCO Catalogue 2014-2015 - 5

Security Management Solutions/Vertical Markets Education Banking Banks typify a multi-site architecture composed of headquarters, multiple branches, safes/ vaults, outlying ATMs and data centers requiring 24/7 security. The banking sector demands the tightest security measures to safeguard its buildings, assets, and employees against all potential threats and risks. Retail Retail companies characterize a multi-site architecture composed of headquarters, stores in different locations and on-site as well as offsite storage rooms. Retailers face the challenges of protecting staff, customers...

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RISCO Catalogue 2014-2015 - 6

Integrated Security & Building Management™ illance, Intrusion, Othe Surve r Sy eo ste Vid ms ol, an tr dD on iple Remote Sites ev Mult sC i es L A N / WA N l Control Cen ona gi SynopSYS ters Re Integrated Security & Building Management™ / WAN LAN Command & Control Center The SynopSYS Integrated Security & Building Management™ platform is designed to address the specific needs of Command and Control security centers. Integrated Security & Building Management™ Using intuitive synoptic maps to display and monitor all secured areas and combining them into one single interface, SynopSYS...

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RISCO Catalogue 2014-2015 - 7

Customizable and Scalable axesplus® is an ideal solution for an extensive range of organizations and companies, including universities, government agencies, banks and factories which can be controlled using a single user interface. The centrally managed smart and intuitive system controls access rights for card holders who can use the same card for entrance to both single and multiple sites regardless of number of doors or site location. Access rights can be easily administered by a localized security officer. Whatever your specific requirements, axesplus® offers totally customizable...

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RISCO Catalogue 2014-2015 - 8

axesplus® Dedicated Applications per User Global Security Manager • Implements access management policy • Defines Branch Security Officer authorities • Sets visitor rights • Supervises alarm handling • Generates event reports Distributed Architecture The axesplus® robust and flexible distributed architecture greatly reduces the amount of internet bandwidth usage. The system’s resilience allows it to handle any internet connectivity failure. As data is stored locally as well as on the server, axesplus® keeps functioning even if communication with the server is lost, thus eliminating any...

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RISCO Catalogue 2014-2015 - 9

Axesplus hardware AxesMain AxesMain is the main CPU board /gateway controller designed to manage the access control system. Access authorizations and rules are uploaded to the AxesMain resulting in autonomous functionality even when there is no connectivity to the axesplus® servers. To address different site architectures and ensure a flexible deployment, AxesMain can support Doors I/O boards (up to 4 AxesIO2 and 10 AxesI01) and Lifts I/O boards (up to 32 floors). In addition, the AxesMain can be used as a gateway bridging between the axesplus® servers and the AxesMain controllers. AxesMain...

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RISCO Catalogue 2014-2015 - 10

Security Systems RISCO Group designs, develops and markets a comprehensive range of high performance security solutions including wired, wireless and hybrid systems that are suited for every type of installation from commercial to residential. RISCO Group is a technological innovator; utilizing unique, patented intrusion protection technologies to ensure the highest levels of security with minimal false alarms. RISCO Group is dedicated to providing its customers with state of the art security solutions that are innovative, cost-effective and popular among installers and end-users for their...

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RISCO Catalogue 2014-2015 - 11

Intrusion Technologies Visual Verification RISCO Group’s visual verification capability employs fully wireless PIR camera detectors which are activated in the event of an alarm to capture a sequence of realtime photographic images allowing immediate visual verification of the event. RISCO Group’s smartphone app, iRISCO, gives end-users and monitoring stations an added value and convenience that is unrivaled by competitors’ systems. Images from the PIR Cam are transmitted to the RISCO Cloud server via the system’s panel communication channels, saving the images as well as the history of...

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RISCO Catalogue 2014-2015 - 12

ProSYS™ Plus RISCO Bus The RISCO Bus is a simplified Bus wiring architecture that uses a single 4-core alarm cable to wire an entire alarm system. The Bus solution which wires the detectors in a line rather than in a star pattern, is well suited to long corridors, and is therefore compatible with the commercial sector. RISCO Bus installations dramatically reduce total cable lengths, labor costs, physical zone expanders and on-site maintenance. ProSYS™ Plus ProSYS™ Plus, is a Grade 3 integrated security system that supports a large number of zones and partitions and is designed for use by...

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