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- 1 - MEMO Instruction Manual

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- 10 - E N G L I S H TECHNICAL DATA (Fig. 2) TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Dimensions (mm) and weights (kg) Height 978 Width 495 Depth of the corpus 544 Weight with steel casing 95 Weight with ceramic casing 110 Flue tube outlet diameter 100 Heating capacity range 2,4-9 kW Room heating capacity (m3) depended on the house insulation 50-240 Fuel consumption Up to 2,2 kg/h Pellet container capacity 17 kg Mains supply 230V/50Hz Average electric power consuption < 100 W Fuse 1,6 delay action Degree of efficiency 92,1 % CO2 content 11,1 % CO emission (at 13% O) 34 mg/Nm3 Dust emissions 22 mg/Nm3...

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- 11 - E N G L I S H 1. IMPORTANT INFORMATION GENERAL WARNING AND SAFETY INFORMATION Observance of the introductory general warning information is imperative . Read the entire manual thoroughly prior to putting the stove into operation. . Only approved transport equipment with sufficient load carrying capacity may be used with your heating appliance. . The burning of fuel releases heat energy that leads to extensive heating of the stove surfaces, doors, door and operating handles, glass, flue pipes and possibly the front wall. Refrain from touching these parts without appropriate protective...

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- 12 - E N G L I S H 2. WHAT ARE PELLETS ? Wood pellets are a standardised fuel. Every manufacturer must adhere to certain conditions in order to enable flawless, energy-efficient heating. Pellets are made from wooden waste, from sawmills and planning workshops, as well as from residue from forestry operations. These “starting products” are crushed, dried, and pressed into Pellet “Fuel” without any bonding agent. ENplus – Pellets This new pellets are a standard sets new benchmarks in the European pellet market. The traceability of pellets is ensured thanks to the use of identification...

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- 13 - E N G L I S H 3. TECHNOLOGY Your new pellet stove is technologically advanced as a result of years of tests in the laboratory and in practice. The practical advantages of your pellet stove are convincing: OPERATING COMFORT – OPERATIONAL RELIABILITY The electronic monitoring device together with a combustion temperature monitoring device controls and regulates the interplayof flue gas fan, conveyor auger and temperature. This monitoring system guarantees an optimum combustion and operating mode. Your operating outlay is reduced to the most necessary - this prevents operating faults...

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- 14 - E N G L I S H 5. INSTALLING THE STOVE GENERAL INFORMATION . The stove must be connected to a chimney that is approved for solid fuels. The chimney must have a diameter of at least 120 mm. . The flue system is based on negative pressure in the combustion chamber and a slight overpressure on the flue gas outlet. It is therefore important that the flue gas connection is fitted correctly and is airtight. Only use heat resistant sealing materials, as well as the relevant sealing bands, heat resistant silicon and mineral wool. We recommend using only an authorised specialist company for...

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- 15 - E N G L I S H COMBUSTION AIR Each combustion procedure requires oxygen or air. As a rule this combustion air is removed from the living area for individual stoves. The air taken from the living area must be reintroduced. In modern houses, very tight fitting windows and doors mean that too little air flows back. This situation becomes problematic due to additional ventilation in the house (e.g. in the kitchen or WC). If you are not able to introduce external combustion air ventilate the room several times per day to avoid a vacuum in the room or inefficient combustion. Note: Please...

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- 16 - E N G L I S H 7. OPERATION BASIC INFORMATION The stove must only be started when fully fitted. Your pellet stove is exclusively for burning pellets made from wood of a controlled quality. Non-pelletised solid fuels (straw, maize, chopped matter etc.) are not permitted. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will make all guarantee and warranty claims null and void and could have a negative effect on the safety of your stove. When operated correctly your pellet stove cannot overheat. Improper operation can however shorten the life expectancy of the electric stove components (fan,...

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- 17 - E N G L I S H SIMPLE HEATING OPERATION – EASY MODE – THE FIRST STEPS Your stove is in simple heating mode EASY OFF when delivered in order to ease your start in the world of RIKA pellet stoves. The heat output of the stove can only be increased or reduced in 5 % increments in this mode. As soon as the stove is connected to the socket, the standard display EASY OFF appears. EASY OFF – INACTIVE STATE Key Display Description EASY OFF Standard display for stove switched off in simple heating mode. The output can also be regulated between 30% and 100% with the stove switched off (EASY 30...

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- 18 - E N G L I S H EXTENDED HEATING OPERATION – HEAT MODE – COMFORT FUNCTIONS In addition to the basic functions of simple heating operation, the RIKA pellet stove provides extra comfort functions. However, before you can use the comfort functions such as frost protection, installation of an external room thermostat, regulation of the stove mobile telephone, child safety device, you have to change from simple hating to comfort mode. Comfort functions + Change heat output by pressing the + or – key (change in 5 % increments). Display panel Display of respective operating status Switch...

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- 19 - E N G L I S H MENU STRUCTURE AND MAIN MENU LEVEL Key Display Description EASY OFF Standard display for stove switched off in simple heating mode. Pressing for at least 5 seconds changes to HEAT mode. The change is also shown in the display as confirmation. HEAT OFF Standard display for stove switched off in extended heating mode. Pressing once changes to display MODE MODE You can select one of three possible stove comfort functions. (The menu item Mode is only active in connection with the GSM option, the RIKA room sensor and/or the RIKA wireless room sensor active, also see...

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