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Cult Plus - 3

- 3 - Anschlussmaße Connection dimensions Cotes du raccordement Dimensioni di allacciamento

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Cult Plus - 5

- 5 - Pos Designation Article number 35 Hinge B16037 36 FR-door bolt Z33780 FR-door handle cpl B16039 38 FR-door handle B16040 39 Side panelling soapstone Z33834 40 Side panelling mount for steel panelling L01420 41 Stone casing nut Z33835 42 Side panelling Rika thermostone reed Z33837 Side panelling Rika thermostone groove Z33836 43 Side panelling steel L01463 44 Spring clasp L01422 45 Side panelling ceramic (dependent on ceramic colour) 46 Ceramic mount upper L01462 47 Ceramic mount lower L01488 48 Storage stone mount lower Z33844 49 Storage stone mount upper Z33843 50 Sealing strip flat...

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Cult Plus - 6

- 6 - C O N T E N T S Connection dimensions Parts overview 7 Drawing explanation 6 Packaging 7 Technical Specification 7 1. Important Information General warning and safety instructions 8 Before setting up 8 2. Breaf Heating Information Suitable fuels and fuel quantities 10 Fuel quantities 10 Maximum fuel quantities 10 Clean burning 11 Burning wood 11 3. Installing the Fire Connecting the fire 12 Making an external combustion air feed 12 Voltage free contact 12 4. Operation with Rikatronic® Heating instructions 13 Correct heating Eco-operation 14 Power failure 14 5. Fitting options Changing...

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Cult Plus - 7

- 7 - E N G L I S H PACKAGING Your first impression is important to us! - The packaging for your new fire provides excellent protection from damage. However damage to the fire and accessories can occur during transport. Therefore please check your fire for damage and that all parts are there on receipt! Report any defects to your fire dealer immediately! When unpacking please ensure that the soap stone panels are intact. The material scratches easily. Soap stones are not covered by the warranty. - The packaging for your new fire in the main has no effect on the environment. The wood in the...

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Cult Plus - 8

- 8 - E N G L I S H 1 . I M P O R T N A N T I N F O R M A T I O N GENERAL WARNING AND SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS The general introductory warning information must be followed. - Read the whole of the manual thoroughly before commissioning the fire. Please observe the national provisions and legislation, as well as the locally applicable rules and regulations. - Only approved transport aids with adequate load bearing capacity must be used for transporting your fire. - Your fire is not suitable for use as a ladder or scaffold - Thermal energy is produced by burning fuel; this leads to the surface of...

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Cult Plus - 9

- 9 - E N G L I S H 1.3 You must follow the flue gas formation in the event of unfavourable weather (atmospheric inversion) and the draught conditions. If too little combustion air is added smoke can enter your house or flue gases can escape. Additionally harmful deposits can arise in the fire and in the chimney. In the event that flue gas escapes let the fire go out and check if all air inlet openings are free and the flue gas feeds and the fire pipe are clean. In cases of doubt you must inform the master chimney sweep, as a fault in the draught could be due to the chimney. 1.4 Before...

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Cult Plus - 10

- 10 - E N G L I S H 2 . B R I E F H E A T I N G I N F O R M A T I O N SUITABLE FUELS AND FUEL QUANTITIES In principle your fire is suitable for burning dry billets. You can also burn fuels such as wood brickets. Only use dry fuel (between 14% and 18% rel. wood humidity). The burning of waste of any kind, in particular plastics, damages your fire and the chimney, and is prohibited by the Emissions Protection Ruling. The stove is fitted with a construction-specific flat firebox. This means only one layer of fuel may be laid on the base embers. Please observe that adding greater quantities of...

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Cult Plus - 11

- 11 - E N G L I S H The challenges of the present day and age mean that everyone must act responsibly. One of most important matters of concern is retaining our natural world. Our products are developments that comply with the most recent state of the art technology. This is an essential prerequisite for a clean, efficient and perfect functioning of our fires. CLEAN BURNING The following is important for clean burning: 1. THE FIREWOOD MUST BE DRY AND UNTREATED. Recommended value between 14% and 18% rel. wood humidity. Dry and well ventilated stored wood that has been stored for 2-3 years....

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Cult Plus - 12

- 12 - E N G L I S H 3 . I N S T A L L I N G T H E F I R E Before first commissioning or after changing the location of the fire, cleaning and service work, ensure that the flue plate (Page 4-5, Part 25) is in the correct position. When using a flue pipe with throttle valve, the throttle valve must be open. When using this stove you must ensure that the chimney draught reaches at least the minimum recommended value of 10 Pa and does not exceed the maximum value of 30 Pa. If there are problems in this respect, contact your chimney sweep. CONNECTING THE FIRE Proceed as follows when fitting a...

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Cult Plus - 13

- 13 - E N G L I S H 4 . O P E R A T I O N W I T H R I K A T R O N I C HEATING INSTRUCTIONS Preparation Insert the mains plug and operate the main switch on the back of the stove. The main switch illuminates "green". The indicator on the front of the stove illuminates "green" for 10 seconds and then changes to "red". Caution: If the indicator illuminates "orange" or "yellow" for 10 seconds this means an old version of the software is loaded. The time and temperature details of these instructions are therefore not identical with the older version. Correct heating 1 Open the grate door and on...

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Cult Plus - 14

- 14 - E N G L I S H Eco – operation If the space to be heated, or the stove, is already at the correct temperature, then continuing operation with reduced heat output and the addition of fuel is recommended. If the "Eco – button" is pressed, the indicator illuminates "yellow" and "Eco – operation" is activated. The operation slows down the combustion of the wood considerably. On repressing the "Eco – button" or opening the grate doors the indicator changes from "yellow" to "green" and "Normal operation" is activated again. Additional information If the grate doors are opened during...

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