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Catalogues 2014 - 2

60 years Made in Austria. RIKA. FROM AUSTRIA. In Austria a fire is burning: the fire to create something. Something with lasting value. With our own hands. This enthusiasm is one of the main reasons why products from Austria are so highly regarded at an international level. The other reasons? Our love of design. Our commitment to quality. Our passion for new ideas. All of that is associated today with ‘Made in Austria‘, and with our products. For more than 60 years.

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Catalogues 2014 - 3

YOUR INNOVATIVE Pay attention to inner values: a RIKA stove refines your living-room with both design and style, and inspires with the highest quality and state-ofthe-art technology: OUR GUARANTEES. YOUR BENEFITS Every RIKA stove is a piece of true Austrian quality. An item of home furniture which impresses with its design and appearance and which makes the technology of the future a reality. Look forward to comfort, economy and environmental friendliness and enjoy extensive RIKA guarantees and benefits. n year warranty on the welded stove body. 5 ­ n Guaranteed manufacture in Austria. n...

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Catalogues 2014 - 4

THE NEW INDEPENDENCE. A stove consumes around 20 m3 of fresh air per hour. In the case of a well insulated house, it is therefore necessary to supply the ODOURLESS COATING. combustion air from the outside. Only high temperature-resistant, almost solvent-free special paints of tested The RIKA pellet stoves ROCO, KAPO, MIRO, top quality are used for RIKA stoves. They allow heating without the smell of COMO, REVO and TOPO II are designed for solvent from the very start. both types of operation: n oom air dependent operation R MINIMAL POWER CONSUMPTION. The exclusive use of energy-efficient...

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Catalogues 2014 - 5

the RIKA-pellet stoves USB INTERFACE. The USB interface allows for quick and easy software updating, allowing your stove to keep up to date with the latest features in the future. T he fire space in every RIKA stove is characterised by the extra thickness of the material. Leak-free and distortion-free even at extremely high temperatures – the solid cast iron door ensures optimum safety and durability. TOUCH DISPLAY. RIKA pellet stoves are designed for perfect operation and maximum convenience. The new-generation pellet stove is equipped with an integrated touch screen. RIKA WIFI CONTROL. U...

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Catalogues 2014 - 6

The large sliding glass door makes the ROCO a functional design highlight that catches the eye. The stove not only looks good, but is also extremely simple to use and can be regulated via a smartphone or tablet, thanks to the touch display and RIKA WIFI. ROCO WITH FLUE PIPE OUTLET ON TOP The ROCO RAO has a flue outlet on the top; something that is usually only seen in chimney stoves.

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Catalogues 2014 - 7

PELLET STOVES IN PEACE LIES STRENGTH. With the ROCO multiAir it is possible to transport the heated convection air to a second target area via a connecting pipe. This is done through a ventilation system that is quieter than ever before. Naturally, the convection air dividing stove, which is probably the quietest on the market, also offers all the innovative advantages of the ROCO series. THE RIKA MULTI-AIR PRINCIPLE. The heated convection air is passed to a second area via a connection pipe. This can be switched on and gradually adjusted using the touch display.

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Catalogues 2014 - 8

KAPO | white slate | BLACK Slim, changeable and uncomplicated: this is the KAPO model. Thanks to the variable side panels, both the material and the colour can be changed quickly and easily. All surfaces are also extremely easy to maintain.

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Catalogues 2014 - 9

PELLET STOVES Rust effect | BLACK Up-to-date technology and a timeless, individual design with easy-to-clean surfaces and a construction so compact that few other models can match it. The MIRO fits perfectly and according to your wishes into its natural environment: the living room.

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Catalogues 2014 - 10

KAPO & MIRO MIRO | rust effect metallic | SILVER One stove, many options: The MIRO picks up points with its many different decorative versions and extremely easy-to-maintain surfaces. MIRO | slate white | BLACK MIRO | with glass black | BLACK MIRO | rust effect | BLACK KAPO | slate black | SILVER KAPO | slate black | BLACK KAPO | with glass black | SILVER KAPO | rust effect metallic | BLACK The KAPO is always at its best – in any colour that you like. The side panels can be changed without much effort.

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Catalogues 2014 - 11

PELLET STOVES Ultra convenient AND IN TOUCH WITH THE LATEST TRENDS. Modern design meets innovative technology and contemporary convenience: touch display, product design award fully automatic ash removal and a large pellet hopper ensure maximum ease of use. It‘s no wonder that the TOPO II is one of the most Touch Display popular pellet stoves on the market today. Long burner TOPO II XL – thanks to its enormous capacity, this stove offers an exceptionally long burning time without the need for refilling. At the same time it remains compact in size, and the larger pellet hopper does not...

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Catalogues 2014 - 12

PELLET STOVES The COMO is attractive in a number of ways: on the one hand, it is one of the quietest pellet stoves on the market. On the other, its various coverings and colour shades allow for an individual, perfectly tailored look. The REVO combines slim and reduced design with plenty of natural stone and Sand stone | BLACK a large pellet hopper.

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Catalogues 2014 - 13

It‘s hard to find a more versatile stove. Thanks to its compact design, the PICO fits into any room size. What is more, thanks to its numerous individually combinable colours, it fits more perfectly into your own personal White ceramic I BLACK design concept. MEMO A solid and tried-and-tested & without frills. SIMPLE pellet stove, which meets most requirements.

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Catalogues 2014 - 14

of the RIKA combi stove ODOURLESS COATING. RIKA WIFI CONTROL. Useful app for smartphone and tablet with complete highly heat-resistant, virtually solvent-free and odour-free surface O nly menu navigation. Extremely user-friendly. coatings which have been tested to the highest quality standards are used for RIKA combi stoves. This allows heating without creating unpleasant odours. Right from the beginning. C onveniently heat via your mobile phone or via text NATURAL HEAT DISTRIBUTION. message (SMS). Anywhere, any time. Like with a fireplace, the distribution of warm air is carried out by...

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