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HEAT PUMPS Product Catalogue @RhossOfficial RhossOfficialChannel RHOSS S.P.A. Via Oltre Ferrovia, 32 - 33033 Codroipo (UD) - Italy tel. +39 0432 911611 - fax +39 0432 911600 rhoss@rhoss.it - www.rhoss.it - www.rhoss.com IR GROUP S.A.S.U. 19, chemin de la Plaine - 69390 Vourles - France tél. +33 (0)4 72 31 86 31 - fax +33 (0)4 72 31 86 30 exportsales@rhoss.it RHOSS Deutschland GmbH Hölzlestraße 23, D-72336 Balingen, OT Engstlatt - Germany tel. +49 (0)7433 260270 - fax +49 (0)7433 2602720 info@rhoss.de - www.rhoss.de RHOSS GULF JLT Suite No: 3004, Platinum Tower Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai - UAE ph. +971 4 44 12 154 - fax +971 4 44 10 581 e-mail: info@rhossgulf.com Italy Sales Departments: Codroipo (UD) 33033 Via Oltre Ferrovia, 32 tel. +39 0432 911611 - fax +39 0432 911600 Nova Milanese (MB) 20834 Via Venezia, 2 - p. 2 tel. +39 039 6898394 - fax +39 039 6898395 Rhoss takes part in the Eurovent certification program. The products involved are listed in the guide to Eurovent certified products which can be viewed at www.eurovent-certification.com - www.certiflash.com Product Catalogue AIR COOLED Product Catalogue RHOSS S.P.A. disclaims any liability for any errors in this printout and shall be free to modify its products’ features without prior notice. HEAT PUMPS HEAT PUMPS TERMINAL UNITS SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Creating comfort with the technology of the future. Solutions for the residential and small tertiary sector

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Maximum absorbed power Power supply DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS Cassette - Dimensions LxHxP PLP Ceiling cover - Dimensions LxHxP Cassette - Weight PLP Ceiling cover - Weight Data at the following conditions: Air: 27°C B.S.; 19°C B.U. - Water: 7/12°C. Air: 20°C - Water: 50°C, flow rate as in cooling. For room volume equal to 100 m³ and reverberation time = 0.5 sec POMPE COOLED AIR DI CALORE CONDENSATE AD ARIA HEAT PUMPS WATER COOLED/GEOTHERMAL HEAT PUMPS ❸ Heating capacity (70°C) RE electrical heater ❶ Total cooling capacity SYSTEMS: RHOSS SOLUTIONS IRSAP, since 1963 leader in the RHOSS has been...

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IRSAP RHOSS Creating your comfort Improving the quality of life within the domestic, residential and commercial environments by offering highly specialised products, services and air-conditioning systems with utmost attention paid to customer needs aimed at sustainable development adequate for green building technologies. Know-how and experience at the service of

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EXP Systems: the intelligent, efficient and versatile solution for systems whereby the heating demand is simultaneously or independently combined with a cooling request, thereby maximising energy savings. Wide range of chillers up to 1.6 MW, fan coils/terminal units and system accessories for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The value of the global proposal Product & system solution Wide range of certified products and cutting-edge technology Added value A laboratory that can test the beyond “standard” performance Certified company, end of line testing and turnkey...

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Solutions with heat pumps to heat/cool and produce domestic hot water specifically for the residential and services markets. Comprehensive solutions for air handling in which maximum performance is expected with minimal operating and system management costs in the services, hospitality, commercial, hospital and industrial sectors. A complete offer for HVAC specialists Applied Systems Chillers, fan coil units and terminal units for public, commercial and industrial applications, for small and large plants. Heat pumps Heat pumps and heating, cooling and domestic hot water production solutions...

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Solutions with heat pumps. a. Heating with radiators. PAGE 20 b. Heating/cooling with fan coil units. PAGE 22 c. Heating with radiators and/or fan coil units and DHW production. Possibility to cool with fan coil units. d. Heating with fan coil units and/or radiant panels and DHW production. Possibility to cool with fan coil units. e. Heating/cooling with fan coil units and/or radiant panels and DHW production. PAGE 28 f. Heating with heat pump or boiler. PAGE 32 ELECTA THAIY 105^116 #n|IVERTER BP^l HE PAGE 34 Low consumption Mini-Y NF THAEY105^111 NF tf^J If |AU PAGE 36 Low consumption...

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AIR WATER HIGH MEDIUM DOMESTIC HOT COOLED COOLED TEMPERATURE TEMPERATURE WATER WATER WATER Solutions with EXPsystems polyvalent heat g. Heating/cooling with medium/low temperature terminals and DHW. PAGE 52 Compact-Y EXP SM - MD - TXAEY 117-133 i|g ) IM| PAGE 54 Comby-Flow EXP TXHEY 105-112 951 If EQj CM! PAGE 56 SYSTEM COMPONENTS PAGE 58 Solutions with heat pumps fitted with recovery. h. Heating/cooling with medium/low temperature terminals and DHW. PAGE 60 GEO-Flow DHW THHE 106-230 I PAGE 62 SYSTEM COMPONENTS PAGE 64 Fan coil and terminal units PAGE66 for solutions with heat pumps._...

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Create ideal comfort seeking excellence. Rhoss is the company specialised in the design and manufacture of products and systems for air conditioning and air handling. Founded in 1968, it immediately became the leader in the sector of steel boilers for domestic heating. It entered the world of air-conditioning in 1971 with the production of fan coils and subsequently with cooling units. For more than 40 years, Rhoss has been a guarantee for innovation, quality and top level service. This is what makes us an ideal partner for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system...

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Our mission is to achieve optimal climate comfort for every type of environment. Our objective is to respond to new market needs in a dynamic and flexible manner with advanced and competitive products and services. Our choice is to focus the range towards products with higher efficiency and low environmental impact. Our strategy is to adopt the most innovative technological solutions, increase our international presence significantly and become a reference brand. INNOVATION IS IN OUR DNA Rhoss has always proven to be an innovative spirit throughout its history. Today, it confirms its...

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