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2020 Product Range - 1

| Chillers | Heat pumps | Fan coils | Air handling units | | Integrated system management solutions |

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2020 Product Range - 2

A global organisation with companies and a presence worldwide NIBE Group is a global organisation that contributes to a smaller carbon footprint and better utilisation of energy. In its three business areas – Climate Solutions, Element and Stoves – we develop, manufacture and market a wide range of eco-friendly, energy-efficient solutions for indoor climate comfort in all types of property, plus components and solutions for intelligent heating and control in industry and infrastructure. From its beginning in Markaryd, in the province Småland more than 60 years ago, NIBE has grown into an...

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2020 Product Range - 3

Be the change you want to see in the world

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2020 Product Range - 4

Our focus on world-class solutions in sustainable energy contributes to the global goal to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Our entire value chain, from vision to end customers, must be based on the principles of sustainability in our business principles. We are responsible not only for the financial results of our operations but also for their social and environmental impact. NIBE’s responsibility forms the Group’s framework for sustainability efforts in four different areas: LOCAL SOCIAL RESPONSIBILIT

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2020 Product Range - 5

To our sons, for a more sustainable future

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2020 Product Range - 6

Scroll Inverter Compressors Scroll hermetic compressors Air-cooled - Axial fans Y-Pack FREECOOLING CHILLERS - HEAT PUMPS Air-cooled Centrifugal fans Oil-free centrifugal compressors Scroll Inverter Compressors Scroll hermetic compressors Water-cooled Scroll hermetic compressors Water-cooled - Condenserless units APPLIED SYSTEMS Semi-hermetic screw compressors Condenserless units Scroll hermetic compressors

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2020 Product Range - 7

Screw inverter compressors Z-Power FREECOOLING Screw inverter compressors FullFLOW VFD (1+i) FullFLOW ECO VFD (1+i) 389.5-1701.1 kW Web code: FFE03 Semi-hermetic screw compressors Condenserless units Semi-hermetic screw compressors COOLING ONLY HEAT PUMP MULTIPURPOSE SYSTEMS

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2020 Product Range - 8

Scroll hermetic compressors Air-cooled - Axial fans Semi-hermetic screw compressors Scroll hermetic compressors Condensing units WALL MOUNTING INSTALLATION Brushless Inverter motor FLOOR, CEILING, RECESSED WALL OR FALSE CEILING INSTALLATION BRIO-I SLIM APPLIED SYSTEMS Standard motor

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2020 Product Range - 9

Scroll Inverter Compressors Remote condensers Pumping and buffer tank units System accessories DUCTED INSTALLATION FALSE CEILING CASSETTE COOLING ONLY HEAT PUMP MULTIPURPOSE SYSTEMS

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2020 Product Range - 10

MANAGEMENT, CONTROL AND MONITORING SYSTEMS REMOTE MONITORING CONTROL AND MONITORING VIA ETHERNET RHOSS MONITORING: Mobile - Cloud - Real time CHILLER MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SIR - RHOSS INTEGRATED SEQUENCER RHOSS SEQUENCER INTEGRATED SYSTEM MANAGEMENT System Touch Manager & Web APP The entire system at your fingertips APP Terminal unit UTNA Platinum 6.4-70 kW Web code: UTAP1 Heat recovery unit UTNR-A Platinum Heat recovery unit UTNR-HE Platinum Back-current recovery unit 400-4,050 m³/h Web code: UTNR3 Rotary recovery unit 310-4,250 m³/h Web code: UTHE3 Heat recovery unit UTNR-HP Heat recovery...

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2020 Product Range - 11

Rhoss solutions at your fingertips • Comprehensive instruments for choosing Rhoss products suitable for your needs. • Fast search for Rhoss products. • Always updated with the latest news. • Detailed technical reports in 7 languages. Heating, cooling, DHW air-water heat pumps • Chiller selector also available on tablets and smartphones as a WEB application. Air-water heat pump Electa-ECOS-T | ALL-IN-ONE Water heater with heat pump Electa-SAN 200-300 L Web code: ESW01 System accessories Heat pumps for domestic hot water (DHW) Heat recovery units with active thermodynamic recovery Air-water...

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2020 Product Range - 12

RHOSS S.P.A. Via Oltre Ferrovia, 32 - 33033 Codroipo (UD) - Italy tel. +39 0432 911611 - rhoss@rhoss.it www.rhoss.it - www.rhoss.com Italy Sales Departments: Codroipo (UD) 33033 Via Oltre Ferrovia, 32 tel. +39 0432 911611 Nova Milanese (MB) 20834 Via Venezia, 2 - p. 2 tel. +39 039 6898394 RHOSS France Bat. Cap Ouest - 19 Chemin de la Plaine - 69390 Vourles - France tel. +33 (0)4 81 65 14 06 - exportsales@rhoss.it www.rhoss.com RHOSS Deutschland GmbH Hölzlestraße 23, D-72336 Balingen, OT Engstlatt - Germany tel. +49 (0)7433 260270 - info@rhoss.de www.rhoss.com RHOSS Ibérica Climatización,...

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