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Sunprotection (B2C) - 3

SUN PROTECTION SCREENS 25 Inspiration 25 Vertical sun protection screens 67 Fixscreen® Minimal 71 Fixscreen® 73 Fixscreen® 100 Solar 75 EVO EVO & Fixvent® Mono AK 77 Fixscreen® Mono AK Panovista® & Panovista® MAX 79 Slidefix® 81 Overview of the range of vertical sun protection screens 83 Horizontal sun protection screens 85 Topfix® & Topfix® VMS 87 Topfix® Max 89 Overview of horizontal sun protection screens 91 STRUCTURAL SUN PROTECTION 93 Inspiration 93 Products Sunclips® 111 Loggia® 113 GENERAL 115 Operation 117 Sun protection screens 121 Choice of colours for fabric boxes and guiding...

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Everyone likes a vast amount of daylight in their home during the day. It, of course, improves your well-being and mood but also reduces your home’s energy consumption. You not only save on lighting, but in the winter months the low sun continues to provide you with pleasant heating – free of cost, which means you have a lower energy bill. Efficient and dynamic external sun protection in the form of windproof sun protection screens (screens) can allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Pleasant and fresh in the summer and then comfortably warm in the winter; all without ever losing the...

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Sunprotection (B2C) - 7

MINIMALIST DESIGN The look and product design of our products are highly innovative. Seamless integration, concealed mounting parts, durable materials and smart solutions ensure a perfectly finished product that can merge into any type of home. ENDLESS CUSTOMISATION POSSIBILITIES Thanks to our product design and numerous options, we can offer you tailor-made solutions: for renovations as well as new buildings: from sun protection screens – invisibly integrated into your home – to structural sun protection with stunningly beautiful accents. ULTIMATE EASE OF USE AND MAINTENANCE Our products...

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Sunprotection (B2C) - 9

EXTERNAL SUN PROTECTION This is the most efficient way of preventing the rays of the sun from penetrating the glass. The amount of incoming natural light and heat can be controlled according to the situation. Dynamic sun protection also provides you with the benefit of killing two birds with one stone. In winter, you can enjoy the full benefit of the solar gain, while in the summer, overheating inside is prevented. INDOOR SUN PROTECTION Curtains, sun screens, or fabric screens are an excellent and relatively inexpensive way of blocking sunlight. However, they cannot offer an ultimate...

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> 30% of Europeans suffer overhea ting in home

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Sunprotection (B2C) - 11

Fixscreen® Minimal Did you know that a combination of external sun protection and night cooling can keep the indoor temperature under control throughout the year? This can be achieved without having to install an energy- guzzling air conditioner.

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Sunprotection (B2C) - 12

ADVANTAGES OF EXTERNAL SUN PROTECTION COMFORT We spend as much as of our time indoors, on average. So, it’s logical that we want a lot of daylight and pleasant temperatures in order to be able to feel good. Dynamic sun protection offers a lot more than With a view of the outside and optimal daylight, you will experience better mental performance. Adequate natural daylight increases 18% your productivity and improves your mood and biorhythms, and prevents stress.

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Sunprotection (B2C) - 14

Regulate solar heat and avoid overheating Did you know that external sun protection in Western European homes can achieve a temperature difference of up to -10 ° C?

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Fixscreen® Minimal

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Sunprotection (B2C) - 16

DESIGN Supreme versatility Choose the right solution, depending on your taste and architecture. Look and feel that harmonises fully with your home Stylish finish All parts are made of extruded aluminium with clean, minimal lines. Renson ® sun protection screens can perfectly match the architecture of your home. A solution for everything Thanks to the many possible installation situations, every building can be fitted with sun protection.

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Sunprotection (B2C) - 19

DURABILITY Our products are extensively tested for durability and functionality. Although our products are CE certified, Renson® goes one step further and tests its products in real-life situations and specialised wind tunnels. These extensive testing procedures, conducted under the most extreme weather conditions, enable Renson® to offer the best guarantees.

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Sunprotection (B2C) - 21

OUTDOOR SUN PROTECTION ‘ A room is not a room without natural light’ Natural daylight is essential for human beings and their wellbeing. Enjoy natural daylight thanks to outdoor sun protection. architect Louis Kahn once said

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Sunprotection (B2C) - 22

WHICH EXTERNAL SUN PROTECTION TO CHOOSE? SUN PROTECTION SCREENS (PAGE 25) Do you want invisible external sun protection? Then sun protection screens are highly recommended. These days the head boxes and the side guiding channels can be aesthetically integrated into the façade so they are hardly visible. STRUCTURAL SUN PROTECTION (PAGE 93) Aluminium canopies above the windows – just like blades and sliding panels in front of the windows – add an extra admirability to a building. They can also specifically emphasise certain lines, shapes and eye-catching elements. DISCOVER THIS RENSON CONCEPT...

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Sunprotection (B2C) - 23

Sun protection screens Fixscreen® Structural sun protection Sunclips® Sun protection screens Slidefix®

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Sunprotection (B2C) - 25

SUN PROTECTION SCREENS The sun is a natural source of heat and sufficient sunlight which provides us with a general feeling of well-being. Unfortunately, however excessive bright sunlight can cause discomfort; this is when a change needs to happen. A transparent sun protection screen on the outside of the windows of your home will mean you can enjoy the advantages of the sun all year round without compromising your view of the outside.

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Sunprotection (B2C) - 27

ENJOY NATURAL, CLEAR DAYLIGHT We all require natural daylight. The combination of dynamic external sun protection and clear glass e nables you to enjoy the maximum amount of natural daylight through the windows, from the inside.

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