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DESIGN STYLES 12 Crystal Lounge 14 Pure Essence 16 Idyllic Garden 18 Earth Oasis 20 Spiritual Harmony 22 Tech Cocoon 24 PATIO COVERS 29 Camargue® 30 Camargue® Skye 30 Algarve® 76 Algarve® Canvas 76 Aero® 94 Aero® Skye 94 Lapure® 108 Applications for apartments 114 Applications for city gardens 124 Applications with storage 131 Customisation 135 CARPORTS 161 Algarve® Canvas 162 GARDEN ELEMENTS 171 Lighting – Linarte outdoor light 174 Seating & planter unit – Linarte modulo 176 Freestanding wall – Linarte icon 178 Esafe – package drop mailbox 181 COMPLETE CONCEPTS Complete concepts for homes...

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Outdoor - 3

A Renson outdoor room allows you to make the most of your patio and garden – all year round. Naturally, once you have one, you will want to spend as much time in it as possible. Whether it’s barbecuing with friends, enjoying the sun, or spending some quality me-time or time with your family in the peace and quiet, spending more time outside, experiencing those great moments is a real pickme-up. In the past, a home extension simply meant a well-insulated add-on to the living room. However, those days are over… These days a whole new experience awaits, as a Renson garden room creates a...

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TOP QUALITY AND DURABILITY Renson® is the European trendsetter in the field of natural ventilation, outdoor sun protection, and outdoor products. Our high-quality products are manufactured in-house at our ultramodern production facilities. We put our products through their paces under the most extreme conditions to ensure that the end result is flawless. This testing process means our customers can rest assured they’re investing in the highest quality. With our network of well-trained Ambassadors, we can guarantee a flawless service, installation and aftercare experience. Our professional...

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Outdoor - 7

CREATE YOUR OWN AMBIENCE WITH OUR 6 DESIGN STYLES At Renson, we love the outdoor lifestyle. Barbecuing with friends, relaxing in the sun, or taking some time out for yourself with an aperitif – it’s about choosing quality of life. To elevate your outdoor living experience to a whole new level, Renson creates outdoor architecture that is both functional and beautiful. Our outdoor concepts are a perfect match for your home and blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors. As a result, nature and architecture blend seamlessly. Naturally, we guarantee the highest quality standards. We do this...

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Outdoor - 8

CRYSTAL LOUNGE Crystal Lounge is sleek and minimalist. The fresh green tones create an airy feeling, which is further enhanced by the light material palette. The result is a modern, light architecture that blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Camargue® Frame RAL 7035 Blades RAL 9010 Fixscreens N-0207 Loggialu Plano RAL 7035 Curtains, Fine woven Jadeite Glass sliding panels Matt glass A garden room is like an ongoing feature film starring nature. Enjoy the sight of the sun through branches, or how your plants gently move in the wind. Fresh, poetic colours underpin Crystal...

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Outdoor - 9

PURE ESSENCE Pure Essence: an oasis of light and space. The pale colours and soft finishing give this style a feather-light feel. They create a place perfect to make the world go away, a space where you can completely unwind. Pure Essence focuses on the essentials: sharing beautiful moments with friends and family, surrounded by nature. With Pure Essence, you can leave your daily troubles behind and savour pure indulgence. Chalk, sand and natural shades of white set the tone in Pure Essence. Think of the soft white of cotton, the delicate beige of a shell, or the mild ivory blush of soap....

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Outdoor - 10

Camargue® Frame & blades RAL 7032 Fixscreens SC 2050 Loggiawood Privacy Thermo-es Curtains, Refined woven Planton Idyllic Garden takes you on a stroll through the garden. Sober greys and subtle greens inspired by plants give this style a contemporary look and ensure you can relax surrounded by nature. IDYLLIC GARDEN PATIO COVERS | CUSTOMISATION | CARPORTS | GARDEN ELEMENTS | COMPLETE CONCEPTS | FAQ | TECHNICAL INFORMATION The human eye can recognise more shades of green than of any other colour. Green also has a relaxing effect. This is why we selected a varied palette of harmonious green...

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PATIO COVERS | CUSTOMISATION | CARPORTS | GARDEN ELEMENTS | COMPLETE CONCEPTS | FAQ | TECHNICAL INFORMATION Camargue® Frame & blades RAL 8024 Fixscreens SC 1006 Loggiawood Thermo-es Curtains, Thick woven Savannah Yellow The warm colours and materials associated with the south were our inspiration for Earth Oasis. The subtle soft orange-pink terracotta, and the powdery brown of spices were just a few of our references when compiling this palette. These rich hues will transport you to faraway sun-drenched regions. 20 Earth Oasis makes you feel as if you’re always on holiday. The warm earth...

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Outdoor - 12

SPIRITUAL HARMONY Spiritual Harmony – a minimalist style in a dark colour palette. For the colours and materials, we drew inspiration from traditional Japanese architecture. The result is an intimate contemporary architecture that balances body and soul. A garden pavilion allows you to savour each season to the full. You will experience the energy of spring and the richness of autumn as never before. Spiritual Harmony’s colour palette is inspired by the colours and materials found in ancient Japanese temples. We combine blackened wood and walnut with visible grain, canvas beige and olive...

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Outdoor - 13

Tech Cocoon is radically contemporary and young, but with a warm side. Contemporary design converses with dynamic, playful colours such as soft coral. A feeling of pure transparency predominates, with an emphasis on technical materials such as glass and steel. Tech Cocoon calls for young design with a certain flair. The gradations of shades ranging from soft coral to terracotta pink give this space a wonderfully relaxed, southern feel. Allow yourself to be inspired! TECH COCOON Camargue® Frame & blades RAL 9010 Fixscreens N-0202 Loggialu Plano RAL 9010 Curtains, Fine woven Ecru Glass wall...

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