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Our Story - 1

We create happiness and well-being by bringing people a healthy, comfortable and magical in & outdoor environment. Creating healthy spaces

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Our Story - 2

WHY WE DO, WHAT WE DO Renson® supplies countless solutions for ventilation, sun protection and outdoor use. But why does Renson® do this? And why is it important to us all that Renson® has and applies these solutions? Why is it important to architects, project developers, governments (schools) and, last but not least, those residing in and using our homes, offices and buildings? We will provide a clear answer to this on the following pages. An answer that will clarify: ‘The why behind Renson’.

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Our Story - 5

MAN WAS ONCE AN OUTDOORSMAN Once upon a time. We lived in and with nature. In the open air, enjoying the sunshine, wind and water. Being outside is in our genes. Because we still feel better when we are outside. On the beach, in the mountains, in the woods, on a patio, at a campsite. Being outside gives us a sense of freedom and well-being. Being outside activates our senses.

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Our Story - 6

WE NOW SPEND 90% OF OUR TIME INDOORS Today we spend our time mostly inside, whether in our homes, places of work/education or when travelling. We have evolved into spending the majority of our time indoors, despite still needing the benefits that outdoor living brings; such as fresh air and the ideal atmosphere for relaxing. With the right temperature and more daylight, comfort is guaranteed.

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Our Story - 9

ANTICIPATE A CHANGING CLIMATE Temperatures have risen due to climate change. We feel the effects of the sun more often. We have high concentrations of CO2 in our buildings. We have to make do with less oxygen and the level of harmful substances in houses is increasing. Meanwhile, we have also continued to improve our insulation, of our walls, roofs and floors; good for energy saving, but less beneficial for our health inside our homes. And what about our gardens and patios? Our connection between the inside and the outside, which we wish to enjoy to the fullest. A natural environment that...

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Our Story - 10

WE MUST FIND A NEW BALANCE To us the situation is clear. We must look for a new balance between fresh air, daylight and the right temperature. Creating an indoor experience that makes us feel good, that fits seamlessly with the outside, that almost feels like outside. That keeps us healthy, fit and active. That’s the challenge that we, and the designers of our homes and buildings of tomorrow, are facing. AVOID OVERHEATING INDOOR MEETS OUTDOOR

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Our Story - 13

CHALLENGES FACING DESIGNERS This concerns Architects, Project Developers and Governments; who are increasingly involved. New challenges that set high and new standards. For the design and construction of our houses and buildings. The layout of our gardens and patios. It’s not only about the facade! It’s not only about energy! It’s about PEOPLE who want to experience comfort in and around their home and workplace. A place where indoor meets outdo

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Our Story - 14

CHALLENGES IN DESIGNING NEW SCHOOLS IMPROVING PERFORMANCE AND FOCUS How does the architect ensure that children remain focused in class at school? If you know that school performance drops drastically at high temperatures and when dirty air is not ventilated in time?

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Our Story - 15

Windesheim Academie - Zwolle, NL Linius L.050.07

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Our Story - 16

CHALLENGES IN DESIGNING NEW HOSPITALS & CARE HOMES IMPROVING OUR HEALTH What about people in hospitals and care homes? If we know that air and the right light can significantly improve the recovery process; and prevent deterioration and aging?

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Our Story - 17

AZ Jan Palfijn, Hospital - Gent, BE Icarus®, Linius®, Fixscreen®,

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Our Story - 18

CHALLENGES IN DESIGNING NEW RESIDENCES The right balance between light, air and temperature is essential for us to function, inside our homes. The connection between the inside of the house and the outside provides a comfortable way of living and brings us happiness.

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Our Story - 20

CHALLENGES IN DESIGNING NEW WORKSPACES IMPROVING PRODUCTIVITY Research shows that productivity is greater in offices when there is a balance of fresh air, maximum daylight and the right temperature. Employees stay focused for longer in buildings with optimal ventilation And where light and warmth are perfectly matched to their activities.

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Our Story - 22

CHALLENGES IN DESIGNING WITH OUR SUPPORT DESIGNING FOR BETTER HEALTH With our support, the designer can create spaces that incorporate the benefits of the outside world; promoting a healthy and happy indoor environment.

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Our Story - 24

FACILITATED ® BY RENSON As humans, we need to connect with nature. But, as we’ve seen, we spend 90% of our time inside. How do we bring nature into our homes? By designing larger windows for maximum daylight. By choosing natural techniques to bring fresh air into our buildings. By making sure that people can spend more time on their patio.

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Our Story - 26

SMART VENTILATION We are unable to see air, so sensors help us to analyse our air quality. A ventilation system must, at minimum, monitor and automatically adjust the humidity, VOC, and CO2 levels in a house without you having to do this manually. Not only should ventilation be smart and zoned, it must Every room is used differently. For example: in the bath- also take into account the resident’s lifestyle and occu- room, the biggest problem is the humidity from the pancy rate of the property. By adjusting the ventilation shower, while the biggest problem in a toilet is the smell, level...

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Our Story - 27

INVISIVENT® RANGE With the Invisivent, Renson® has developed the most discrete self-regulating window ventilator in the world. Thanks to its self-regulating flap, the Invisivent ensures the supply of fresh and healthy air without draughts. Moreover, the interior profile deflects incoming air upwards, causing an optimal spread of fresh air in the room. Acoustical comfort is assured. HEALTHBOX® 3.0 DEMAND-CONTROLLED VENTILATION flow is reduced. Smart ventilation is only activated when The Healthbox 3.0 measures air quality in the form of and where it’s needed in the house. Sleeping accom-...

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Our Story - 28

FIXVENT® MONO AKEVO Discrete ventilation, sun control, acoustic comfort and insect screen all in one. In addition to providing sun control, the Fixvent Mono AKEVO also ensures ventilation and draught protection, thanks to the self-regulating flap, which regulates the supply of fresh air. Wind resistance of up to 130 km/h in a closed position is guaranteed thanks to the Fixscreen technology. Moreover, the screen can be used as an insect screen when closed. Integrated ventilation & sun control Draught-free, thanks to self-regulating flap High level of acoustic and thermal comfort Darken at...

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