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Louvres - 3

INTRO OVERVIEW OF THE RANGE Renson® specialises in ventilation, sun protection, and terrace coverings. With experience dating back to 1909, and a team of around 1600 employees, we have been developing solutions aimed Paul Renson at achieving a healthy and comfortable living and work environment for the consumer. In doing this, we take into account energy-efficiency requirements and the use of renewable energy, as well as maintenance friendliness. We develop innovative products and systems, and offer total solutions that can make each house a healthy and comfortable home.” This is what...

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Louvres - 4

INTRODUCTION General 7 Online louvre selector 9 Intensive ventilation 10 Selection criteria 11 Options 16 OVERVIEW OF THE RANGE 18 PRODUCTS Built-in wall louvres aluminium 411 Wall louvre, standard series 411R Round wall louvre 412 Wall louvre with chevron section blades 412R Round wall louvre with chevron section blades 421 Wall louvre, heavy-duty series 421R Round wall louvre, heavy-duty series 422 Wall louvre with chevron section blades, heavy-duty series 427 Wall louvre, extra-heavy-duty series, with adjustable blades 451 Wall louvre, heavy-duty series 453 Wall louvre, heavy-duty...

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Louvres - 5

Floor grilles aluminium 311 Convector grille 371 Floor grille, heavy-duty series Linear bar grilles aluminium 392 Linear bar grille 394 Linear bar grille for self-assembly Fire-resistant louvres aluminium Incendo® 464  Fire-resistant louvre with angled blades 465 Fire-resistant louvre with angled blades 466 Fire-resistant louvre with horizontal blades 467 Fire-resistant louvre with horizontal blades, in solid concrete wall 120’ Controllable cavity wall louvres 442 Cavity wall ventilator 441 Register with frame 4032 Register to fix XD Design extraction louvre Extractor vent Design extraction...

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Louvres - 7

GENERAL MATERIAL All louvres in this brochure have been manufactured from aluminiumprofiles AlMgSi 0,5 (according EN 12020-2). ∫ Light, strong & durable Aluminium is a very light metal, about one third of the weight of steel. This results in a lighter product, more efficient use of transport, high loading capacity, lower material usage… ∫ 100% recyclable Aluminium is 100% recyclable without loss of quality. The energy used to fuse the product takes only about 5% of the energy used to produce the original product. Did you know that 75% of the produced aluminium is still circulating the...

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Louvres - 8

GENERAL Remark: a strengthening support will be provided for a louvre wider than 700 mm. Louvres with reinforcing profile LOUVRE WITH STRENGTHENING SUPPORT CONSTRUCTION TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS DIMENSIONS Getekend J.D Toleranties : DIN ISO 2768mk Materiaal : Metaal Datum Datum Getekend Getekend Schaal 1/3 J.D J.D 02/12/20 02/12/20 Creating healthy spaces Schaal Bestand 411 met traverse: Bestand Toleranties Formaat ∫ Surface-mounted louvres, flangeless louvres, and glazed-in louvres are characterised by their overall width and height dimensions. Ref. nr. : A4 411 met 411 met traverseRef....

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Louvres - 9

ONLINE LOUVRE SELECTOR Online louvre selector How to select the correct louvre for your application? WEBSITE WWW.RENSON.EU On the website you can find an overview of all louvres including technical drawings, leaflets and product summaries. On this website, you can quickly find the most suitable louvre for your application, thanks to the extensive possibilities of searching, filtering, and calculating. You can also download the results of your selection, contact one of our specialists for additional advice, or find a dealer in your area.

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Louvres - 10

INTENSIVE VENTILATION INTENSIVE VENTILATION – NIGHT COOLING The building will cool down by ventilating with large flows of natural air at night. The indoor climate will remain stable during the day given that the building will warm back up. This can be achieved by using specific louvres. Renson® surface-mounted louvres are recommended for supply, as these can be mounted easily on a (tilt and turn) window. These louvres are available in 3 variants: ∫ Type 431 – Excellent rain-repellant properties (class A: less than 1% water infiltration at high wind speeds) – Maximum airflow (physical free...

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Louvres - 11

SELECTION CRITERIA Intensive ventilation / selection criteria GEOMETRIC TERMS FOR LOUVRES C ∫ Visual free area = determined by the ratio of the visual distance between two blades (A) to the blade pitch (C). ∫ Physical free area = determined by the ratio of the smallest gap between two blades (B) to the blade pitch (C). Owing to peripheral effects and assembly, a maximum deviation of 5% must be considered. ∫ Remark: The top and bottom blades are not taken into account in the two free area definitions. ∫ All properties of the louvres can be consulted or calculated using the free software on...

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Louvres - 12

WATERTIGHTNESS TESTS RAIN-REPELLANT Renson® louvres are subjected to European testing (according to EN 13030: 2011) by the internationally accredited corporation BSRIA Ltd. During these tests, a louvre of 1m2, equipped with stainless steel mesh is exposed to downpours at a rate of 75 litres per hour and a wind speed of 13 m/second. The classification is based on the obtained results, i.e. the quantity of water infiltrating through the louvre. Attention: The “air speed” reference always indicates the air speed at the suction side. If a louvre is assigned to a watertightness, the class...

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Louvres - 13

With water channel Class % A 100 A 100 A 100 A 100 A 99,9 A 99,9 A 99,2 Standard equipped with water channel A 100 A 99,9 A 99,9 A 99,9 A 99,5 A 99,6 A 99,7 A 99,5 A 99,1 Standard equipped with water channel A 99,2 B 97,8 B 95,9 C 90,9 D < 80 Standard equipped with water channel A 100 A 100 A 100 A 99,7 C 80,2 D < 80 Standard equipped with water channel A 100 A 99,9 A 91,6 B 95 D < 80 A 100 A 99,7 C 91,6 D < 80 A 99,9 A 99,5 B 96,9 C 87,9 D < 80 A 99.5 A 99.0 B 96.5 D < 80 Air resistance class Ce ≥ 0,4 : 1 Ce: 0,3 – 0,399 : 2 Ce: 0,2 - 0,299 : 3 Ce < 0,2 : 4 Without water channel Class %...

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