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High-Rise Buildings - 1

VENTILATION, SUNPROTECTION, FACADE CLADDING & OUTDOOR FOR HIGH-RISE BUILDINGS We create happiness and well-being by bringing people a healthy, comfortable and magical in- & outdoor environment. Creating healthy spaces

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High-Rise Buildings - 2

COMFORTABLE LIVING & WORKING IN HIGH-RISE STARTS WITH RENSON® There’s a reason why Renson’s baseline is “Creating healthy spaces”. Because it's of major importance that people can healthily and comfortably live and work in high-rises. Although the energy efficiency and aesthetics are also very important to every project developer. Renson® combines all of this into customised solutions for every type of high-rise. Studies have shown that no less than 80% of people in high-rise office buildings or apartment buildings still want to feel like they can bring fresh air inside. But opening a...

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High-Rise Buildings - 3

Local support, worldwide coverage Design support to create the best solution for your project Total solutions to ensure compliance and technical performance Drawings and models produced to your specification Extensive investment in R&D and a tight network of experts who are continuously innovating System house partners ensure our ventilation solutions seamlessly integrate with the facade All certifications available for weatherability, acoustic performance and airflow Complete, fully tested, one unit solutions Over the years Renson® has acquired considerable expertise in facade construction...

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High-Rise Buildings - 4

"As a Aygun family we approached Renson® for their expertise to develop bespoke ventilation solutions for our challenging project of 354 meter high, which was realised by Ant Yapı, the Plot 16 (Oko Tower) in Moscow. We particularly enjoyed their creativity and responsiveness given the short execution period of the project." Mr. Mustafa Güneysel (ref. page 12 project: Plot 16) "The worldwide and local presence of Renson® allowed for smooth communication and confidence between the international stakeholders of the Black Forest project. The customised sun control solution was developped to...

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High-Rise Buildings - 5


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High-Rise Buildings - 6

WHY RENSON® VENTILATION? A high-rise lives. Residents pollute the indoor air by breathing and perspiring, but their activities (cooking, showering, heating, smoking, ...) and the house itself (volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde and terpenes) also contribute to poorer air quality. If you insulate excessively or ventilate insufficiently, you will have to deal with stale, polluted air and create a breeding ground for annoying dust mites, fungi, viruses, bacteria, moisture accumulation, CO2 and high concentrations of harmful gases (such as radon) are also among the risks....

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High-Rise Buildings - 8

PROVIDENCE TOWER LONDON, UK Renson’s Invisivent self-regulating window ventilation was integrated into the unitised curtain wall of this high-rise building. Measures were taken here to combine the selfregulation option at big heights with possible turbulent wind load. All acoustic and airflow requirements were also met. Providence Tower • Apartments London, United Kingdom Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) Facade contractor Lindner Group, Germany Window - Natural ventilation Invisivent® – Acoustic windowvent Customized solution Integrated To create an acoustic & self-regulating windowvent in...

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High-Rise Buildings - 9

FACADE CLADDING Customized solution

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High-Rise Buildings - 10

PANORAMA CITY BRASTISLAVA, SLOVAKIA A customised ventilation solution was developed for this residential high-rise tower together with the University of Bratislava. The option to be able to close the ventilation channel from the inside was based on a sliding grille that was deduplicated to ensure it closes well regardless whether there is under- or over- ressure. This adequate closure p was necessary due to the significant height at which the window ventilation is located. It is finished with facade caps so that the grilles were protected from in oming water c running along the facade....

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High-Rise Buildings - 11

FACADE CLADDING Customized solution

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High-Rise Buildings - 12

PLOT 16 MOSCOW, RUSSIA To supply the apartments in this 300 m high residential high-rise building with fresh air, a new profile with a triple liding system was extruded. Thanks to the punched-back glass, s the ventilation could be integrated here. Indeed, this is practically invisible along the outside thanks to the perforated window profile, which allows fresh air to come in. Over 2000 vents of this customised solution ensure that every resident of this residential high-rise building gets fresh air inside, while they can still close each ventilation grille individually. Moscow, Russia...

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High-Rise Buildings - 13

FACADE CLADDING Customized solution

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High-Rise Buildings - 14

HIGHLIGHTED SOLUTION WHY INVISIVENT® COMFORT? With this new range, the focus – now more than ever – is on energy, acoustic, and thermal comfort. Furthermore, these new window ventilation systems are even more attuned to the intelligent Healthbox 3.0 (Smartzone) ventilation unit, thus guaranteeing optimum indoor air quality at all times. Faster installation (monobloc principle), higher stability on the window, and a totally airtight connection to the window are also priorities in the installation process. Combined with an extraction point in the same room (Healthbox 3.0 Smartzone) as...

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High-Rise Buildings - 15

VENTILATION LOUVRES I-FLUX® TECHNOLOGY Due to the application of the i-Flux technology, Renson® can guarantee maximum comfort with minimum energy loss with the window vents. i-Flux technology is based on the following four principles: Self-regulating valve FACADE CLADDING 1. Airflow independent of the wind The use of a self-regulating valve that reacts to changes in pressure makes it possible to maintain a constant airflow even in case of wind gusts, and keeps out draughts. Non self-regulating ventilation louvre Airflow independent of the wind Self-regulating ventilation louvre PRESSURE...

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High-Rise Buildings - 16

WHY RENSON® LOUVRES? Louvres can be used in all types of buildings, from technical cabins and hospitals to high-rise residential buildings. Louvres ensure that fresh air can enter from outside and polluted or overheated indoor air can be discharged. Louvres are frequently used in the residential sector as the exterior finishing for an extraction hood, airing cupboard or a home air-extractor fan. Louvres offer great added value as ventilative cooling (night cooling) to avoid overheating in a building. This means they are essential for keeping buildings functional and liveable. INTENSIVE...

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