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Dehumidifier 2010-11 - 1

DEHUMIDIFIER Dehumidifier with an absorption-rotor Mobile Dehumidifier Edition 2010/2011 Quality with system

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Dehumidifier 2010-11 - 2

2 The new environment-friendly dehumidifier with an absorption-rotor DEHUMIDIFIER REMKO ASF 100 Dries quickly and economically Effective up from 5°C room temperature REMKO ASF 100 The compact and powerful dehumidifier can be used immediately and everywhere Thanks to an up to date technology it is possible to develop a powerful appliance without a compressor and refrigerant. Especially in a temperature range below 20°C the REMKO ASF 100 is very effective – see performance diagram. Based on its compact design and very low weight the dehumidifier is easy to carry and ready for an immediate...

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Dehumidifier 2010-11 - 4

REMKO ETF 320 Max. daily dehumidification output, 30 litres 4 Fan Condensate tank Condensator Condenser Condensate case Compressor Humid room air Dehumidified room air REMKO ETF The high-performance compact dehumidifier can be used immediately and everywhere. To a high percentage, moisture consists of condensation water that precipitates on cool wall surfaces. Water in the bathroom, washroom, and other areas of the building make the problem worse. Windows and doors can also only be insulated to a certain degree; moisture and wetness penetrate through thick cement walls. ¡ Very low operating...

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Dehumidifier 2010-11 - 5

5 Series ETF 320 ETF 400 ETF 550 Max. daily dehumidification output Liter/Tag 30 43 55 at 30°C and 80% relative humidity Liter/Tag 28,4 40,2 50,8 Air capacity m³/h 190 390 600 Condensate tank capacity Liter 5,5 6,5 6,5 Application temperature range °C 6 - 32 3 - 32 3 - 32 Application humidity range % relative humidity 40 - 100 40 - 100 40 - 100 Operating hour counter – Series Series Voltage supply V/Hz 230/1~/50 Max. power consumption kW/A 0,62/3,4 0,77/3,5 0,82/3,8 Depth mm 314 590 590 Width mm 390 555 555 Height mm 612 890 890 Weight kg 21,0 40,0 41,0 EDP no. 1610320 1610410 1610550 Other...

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Dehumidifier 2010-11 - 6

6 POOL DEHUMIDIFIER The exclusive dehumidifier for the private Whirlpool and bathroom area REMKO SLE/SLN In addition to warmth, the humidity in the air is an important factor for your well-being. If the air is too damp, then it is perceived as muggy and unpleasant. Excessive humidity can also damage the building structure and provides the ideal growing medium for spores and mold. The REMKO SLE/SLN removes excessive moisture from the air and therefore provides a balanced and healthy ambience. Our modern dehumidifier systems are up to 60% more economical than traditional ventilation and...

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Dehumidifier 2010-11 - 7

7 Pool dehumidifiers Competence for the well-being in pool and spa areas Edition 2009/2010 Quality with system ¡ Simple installation ¡ Easy to service design ¡ Up to 60% more economical than the traditional ventilation and heating ¡ Modern design ¡ Very quiet ¡ Eliminates formation of spores and mold ¡ Prevent condensation on windows, walls and bath fixtures Applications ¡ Exclusive bathrooms ¡ Whirlpool spas ¡ Sports studios ¡ Basements ¡ Private bathrooms ¡ Museums REMKO SLE 60 Max. daily dehumidification output 70,8 Litre For more information about our pool dehumidifiers see our current...

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Dehumidifier 2010-11 - 8

GS/BOES/2/2.10 Subject to technical changes! REMKO INTERNATIONAL … and somewhere near you! Take advantage of our experience and consulting services. Consulting Through intensive training, we make sure the expert knowledge of our consultants is always up-to-date. This has given us the reputation of being more than just a good, reliable supplier: REMKO, a partner that helps solve problems. Sales REMKO not only provides an extensive sales network in Germany and abroad, but also unusually highly qualified sales experts. REMKO sales representatives are more than just salespeople: they must also...

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