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Impact Sound Insulation Durable, low structural height, low in emissions.

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Underfloor Impact Sound Insulation - 2

Impact Sound Insulation Versatile Resilient Underlays for Every Floor Covering Regupol® Impact Sound Insulation has been providing undisturbed living and working environments for a long time – Regupol® Impact Sound Insulation from BSW is far more effective than stated in the standard. For many years, Regupol® has been the preferred material for countless project engineers, acoustic engineers, providers and architects. The Benefits –  easy to install, easy to cut –  low structural height Whether new buildings or refurbishments, whether in commercial or privately used buildings – Regupol®...

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Underfloor Impact Sound Insulation - 3

Impact Sound Insulation 141 Technical Data Regupol® Contact: Thomas Beitzel, Phone: +49 2751 803-130 • t.beitzel@berleburger.de; Peter Breuer, Phone: +49 2751 803-131 • p.breuer@berleburger.de • Downloads at www.berleburger.com: Tender Texts, Technical Information, Certificates

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Underfloor Impact Sound Insulation - 4

Impact Sound Insulation Regupol® K225 Regupol® K225 consists of PUR-bonded rubber granules and cork elements. Regupol® K225 is castor-proof according to DIN 6813 and suitable for underfloor heating systems. While maintaining its original thickness, K 225 will remain permanently elastic and non-perishable for decades. Regupol® K225 can be 100% recycled. Regupol® K225 is suitable for all conventional subfloor and floor covering. Its special consistency allows a minimum thickness of only 2 mm. Regupol® 4515 Regupol® 4515 was mainly developed for laying under PVC. Due to its special material...

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Underfloor Impact Sound Insulation - 5

Impact Sound Insulation Regupol® 3912 Regupol® 3912 consists of PUR-bonded PUR foam. Its relative light weight and soft consistency make it suitable for installations under textile floor covering. It goes without saying that Regupol® 3912 can also be installed under all other floor covering. Regupol® 3912 is durable and age-resistant, castor-proof and suitable for underfloor heating. Regupol® 8010 Regupol® 8010 consists of PUR-bonded rubber granules only. Regupol® 8010 has proven highly effective under laminate reducing the sound indoors. Regupol® 8010 is durable and age-resistant,...

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Underfloor Impact Sound Insulation - 6

Impact Sound InsulationFloor Composition with Regupol® Impact Sound InsulationScreed/Parquet, Laminate, Real Wood Flooring Screed/Carpet 1 Finished parquet or laminate 2 Regupol® Impact Sound Insulation Mat 3 Screed or other subfloor 2 Regupol® Impact Sound Insulation Mat 3 Screed or other subfloor Wooden Floorboard/Carpet 1 Carpet 2 Regupol® Impact Sound Insulation Mat 4 (old) wooden floorboard 3 Regupol® Impact Sound Insulation 4 Screed or other subfloor Regupol® Impact Sound Insulation can be easily installed with commercially available glues....

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Underfloor Impact Sound Insulation - 7

Impact Sound Insulation Burj Khalifa, Dubai: just one example of buildings fitted with Regupol® Impact Sound Insulation. There are high demands everywhere - Regupol® Impact Sound Insulation is always a good solution.

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Underfloor Impact Sound Insulation - 8

Your contact to BSW GmbH: Thomas Beitzel Fax +49 2751 803-139 BSW GmbH Am Hilgenacker 24 57319 Bad Berleburg Germany info@berleburger.de www.berleburger.com Made in Germany BSW TS EN 022013 Online Version February 2013

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