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Shooting Ranges Reliable anti-ricochet protection

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Ballistic Flooring The System that Provides Reliable Protection from Ricochets It is undeniable that top-class marksmen need top-class protection. For more than 40 years BSW´s high-quality Regupol® Safety Elements and Flooring have been providing optimal protection from ricochet, rebounds and bullet fragmentations. BSW´s universal and complete solutions are available for all danger areas in shooting ranges, such as floors, walls, ceilings or bullet traps. Together with reliable partners BSW will work out the perfect solution for your shooting range – individually tailored to the respective...

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Regupol® Shooting Ranges - 3

Ballistic Flooring Proof house tested Regupol® Safety Flooring FH Our Regupol® Safety Flooring FH possesses the best possible anti-ricochet protection from projectiles up to 7,000 joules. Three layers of polyurethane on top of the tiles provide a hard-wearing 2-mm-thick seamless surface. Regupol® Safety Flooring FH is applied in situ in liquid form by skilled BSW staff, in order to guarantee top-class quality and an even, seamless surface. The base layer consists of elastic tiles made of PUR-bonded rubber fibre material, Regupol® E43. Its resistance to all kinds of mechanical influences...

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Regupol® Shooting Ranges - 4

Wall and Ceiling Tiles Regupol® Elastic Tiles E43/E70 Regupol® Elastic Tiles can be used to protect walls, floors and ceilings. They prevent dangerous ricochet and rebounds in the inner area of galleries. Regupol® Elastic Tiles possess outstanding weather and wear resistance. Completed by their impact on sound insulation they are virtually predestined for both indoor and outdoor range applications. Proof house tested Regupol® Elastic Tiles E43 are qualitatively identical to our Regupol® Safety Flooring FH. Regupol® Elastic Tiles E43 prevent rebounds of penetrated projectiles so they are...

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Regupol® Shooting Ranges - 5

Wall and Ceiling Tiles Regupol® Elastic Tiles RG 520 Regupol® Elastic Tiles RG 520 have been especially developed to collect slow projectiles, such as in front of bullet traps. Thanks to their unique material density projectiles penetrate only with a low kinetic energy into the tiles and ricochet is reliably prevented. Standard Dimensions 1,000 x 500 mm per unit Dimensional tolerances: length/width ±1% Thickness ±2 mm Thickness 43, 60, 100 mm Weight per m2 approx. 22.5 kg/m2 (at 43 mm thickness) approx. 31.5 kg/m2 (at 60 mm thickness) approx. 52 kg/m2 (at 100 mm thickness) Colours Red...

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Regupol® Shooting Ranges - 6

Wall and Ceiling Tiles Z1.04 Regupol® Shooting Blocks Regupol® Shooting Blocks are perfectly suited for use in bullet traps. They can be applied in various layers or even staggered in any height and depth. Regupol® Shooting Blocks offer a wide range of application possibilities. Each bullet trap can be designed to suit individual requirements. Alternatively, specially designed constructions based on Regupol® Elastic Tiles can also be installed. Standard Dimensions 500 x 300 x 200 mm per unit Weight per m2 25 kg Colour Red Brown

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Regupol® Shooting Ranges - 7

Outdoor Range Applications Z1.06 Regupol® Interlocking Pavers Regupol® Interlocking Pavers are made of PUR-bonded rubber fibres and granules. They are ideal suited for outdoor applications. The compact pavers are easy to interconnect and can easily be combined with common Behaton concrete pavers due to their shape and measurements. Regupol® Interlocking Pavers are perfectly suitable for all outdoor areas, especially for access paths, shooting ranges, etc. The compact pavers are extremely resilient and durable even under tough conditions, including vehicular traffic. The Regupol®...

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Regupol® Shooting Ranges - 8

Ballistic Flooring Whether for indoor or outdoor applications Regupol® Safety Flooring and Elastic Tiles are components in numerous shooting ranges for police, military, security forces and demanding marksmen. Federal police shooting range in Berlin (centre), MSZU- Miller shooting range in Ulm (Germany).

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Regupol® Shooting Ranges - 9

Ballistic Flooring The indoor shooting range at the Police Headquarters in Frankfurt (Germany) is covered with Regupol® Elastic Tiles. The SEK/MEK indoor shooting range in Nuremberg (Germany) is also fitted with Regupol® Safety Flooring.

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Regupol® Shooting Ranges - 10

Ballistic Flooring Theory and practice: Extensive proof tests are a prerequisite for safety in shooting areas (above). Regupol® Elastic Tiles have been reliable components in shooting ranges for decades as shown in the picture below – numerous bullet holes in the wall coverings at a GSG9 indoor range – for more than 25 years.

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Regupol® Shooting Ranges - 11

Regupol® Safety Flooring at a pistol shooting range (above) and at Düsseldorfs’ police headquarters. Ballistic Flooring

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BSW Berleburger Schaumstoffwerk GmbH Am Hilgenacker 24 57319 Bad Berleburg Germany Phone +49 2751 803-0 Made in Germany The technical information given in the documents are guideline values. They are liable to manufacturing tolerances, which may vary depending on the type of underlying properties. The currently valid versions of this information are provided on our internet pages and in the PDF versions of this catalogue. The PDF versions are available to download from our website. We do not assume liability for spelling or...

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