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Impact Protection Tested safety, proven durability

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Safety Tiles Quality and Safety Safety surfacing is essential on every children’s playground. Planners and playground operators must decide which safety floor provides the most effective protection, whilst at the same time taking economic and design factors into account. DIN EN 1177:2008 tested and certified Regupol® impact protection surfaces and elastic floors from BSW guarantee reliable safety in this area. The price and durability of our products results in huge long term cost savings in the area of playground main-tenance. And finally, the various designs that characterise Regupol®...

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Regupol® Impact Protection - 3

Safety Tiles The Materials The materials from which we manufacture our safety surfacing and elastic products are subject to constant quality monitoring. The basic materials used in the majority of our products are rubber granules or fibres. In our factory in Bad Berleburg these rubber particles are bonded using the bonding agent polyurethane, compacted and then compressed into the familiar Regupol® tiles and tracks. The quality of the raw materials and purity of their elemental components, the special ratio of the rubber to the bonding agent, combined with the degree of compacting and...

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Regupol® Impact Protection - 4

Safety Tiles Regupol® Safety Tiles fit perfectly into the environment – w hether urban or nature-related.

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Regupol® Impact Protection - 5

Safety Tiles Tested Safety in Line with DIN EN 1177:2008 The DIN EN 1177:2008 standard defines the procedure for verifying the impact protection properties of a floor and stipulates the limit up to which no serious injuries might be expected upon impact. Regupol® fall protection surfaces are tested in accordance to these standards and meet their requirements. The value that determines the risk of injury is termed the Head Injury Criterion (HIC). It must not exceed 1,000. The impact protection values of our Regupol® Safety Tiles are certified according to TÜV (Technical Inspection...

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Regupol® Impact Protection - 6

Safety Tiles Playground safety surfaces made of rubber are a versatile – and in the long term cost-effective – alternative to loose fill surfaces of sand, mulch, or wood chips. The economic viability of Regupol® safety surfaces in long term comparison with loose fill materials can be proven if over and above the costs of the initial purchase and installation, one also considers the ongoing costs for maintenance and upkeep. Because over a period of ten years the expensive maintenance and renewal measures required for loose fill materials generate costs up to two times higher than Regupol®...

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Regupol® Impact Protection - 7

Safety Tiles The Benefits Reliable and Constant Impact Protection, Slip Resistance Independently tested and certified impact protection values guarantee the required safety of the whole play area, even in sensitive places. The rough structure of Regupol® reduces the risk of slipping, even on damp surfaces. It is generally the use of small sports pitches with hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete that time and again lead to noise disturbance. The elastic Regupol® surfaces provide effective help against this. They effectively deaden noise from balls, protect joints and bones because of...

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Regupol® Impact Protection - 8

Safety Tiles Regupol® Safety Tile FX The Regupol® Safety Tile FX, in red brown, is one of the bestselling products in BSW’s fall protection range. Regupol® Safety Tile FX is universal in use, reliable and indestructible. Regupol® FX is suitable for fall heights up to three metres. Due to its unique structure of rubber fibres and dual-layer construction, Regupol® FX guarantees the highest possible safety standard for safety tiles in combination with long lifetime. The coloured wear layer is manufactured from highly compacted rubber fibres, ensuring durability, slip-resistance and even...

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Regupol® Impact Protection - 9

Safety Tiles Regupol® Safety Tile FXG Cost advantage Regupol® Safety Tile FXG is the lower cost version of our safety tiles. With reliable fall protection properties, the material composition is simpler. As it is made from rubber granules and constructed in one layer, it does not have the same toughness or resilience as our Regupol® Safety Tile FX. However, its durability will stand up to normal stress. It has already proved itself time and again. Regupol® FXG is a successful compromise between durability and cost efficiency. The maximum fall height of Regupol® FXG is two metres. Greater...

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Regupol® Impact Protection - 10

Safety Tiles Regupol® Safety Tile EPDM Our Regupol® Safety Tile EPDM combines reliable functionality with a high-quality appearance. It possesses the same fall protection values as Regupol® Safety Tiles FX. The Regupol® Safety Tile EPDM is available in 26 intensive colours. Exposure of the material to sunlight results in minimal fading of the colours as the tiles are manufactured using a special process.* The EPDM wear layer is characterised by high wear resistance, so there is no colour deterioration when subjected to intensive use. Material PUR-bonded rubber fibres, PUR-bonded, coloured...

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Regupol® Impact Protection - 11

Safety Tiles Regupol® Safety Tile FXM New product Regupol® Safety Tiles FXM have a colourfully structured surface made from EPDM rubber material. Their appearance recalls bark mulch or low-growth vegetation. Regupol® Safety Tiles FXM are available in beige-brown and various shades of green. The vivid surface-structure of the tiles copies organic shapes and is suitable for areas that should have a natural look. Even exposure to sunlight results in minimal fading of the material’s colours.* Material PUR-bonded rubber fibres, PUR-bonded, colourful EPDM-fibres Structure Dual-layered structure...

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Regupol® Impact Protection - 13

Safety Tiles Regupol® Elastic Tile E Identical to the Regupol® Safety Tile FX as regards material composition, shape and colour, Regupol® Elastic Tile possesses the same high-quality without the tested impact protection properties. It is the perfect flooring surface for football or streetball pitches, table tennis tables and lots more. With good ball rebound characteristics Regupol® Elastic Tile E significantly reduces noise from bouncing and are robust as well as durable. Regupol® Elastic Tile is supplied in two sizes: 1,000 x 500 mm and 2,000 x 1,000 mm. The larger of our Regupol® Elastic...

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