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Growth-Inhibiting Mats No herbicides, no mowing.

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Growth-Inhibiting Mats Reliable Growth-Inhibiting Mats For decades, Regupol® Growth-Inhibiting Mats have been a proven product for avoiding unwanted vegetation. Their utilization bypasses the unpopular application of herbicides, permanently prevents unwanted growth and makes frequent mowing unnecessary. The mats preclude the penetration of UV light, thus the plants underneath the mats are no longer able to grow. Regupol® Growth-Inhibiting Mats are permeable to water, thus preserving microbial soil life and avoiding erosion. The mats lie safely and firmly in position due to their weight. The...

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Regupol® Growth-Inhibiting Mats - 3

Growth-Inhibiting Mats Various applications Railway (Deutsche Bahn AG) Regupol® Growth-Inhibiting Mats are used on high-speed railway tracks, railway signalling and railway track systems. In the past, it was necessary to close down frequently used rail tracks during mowing works in view of staff safety. Regupol® Growth-Inhibiting Mats are also perfectly suited as working surfaces and for maintenance paths. As shown on the right, an area about 1,000 m2 has been installed as a maintenance path at Westerland’s car train terminal in Germany. The convincing effect of the mat consists not only in...

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Regupol® Growth-Inhibiting Mats - 4

Growth-Inhibiting Mats Fences Even where the fences are anchored to the ground for safety reasons, solutions for vegetation control are possible by sealing the mat at the wire and pillar with a special joint filter. The most economical way of installation is by sliding the material under the fences. Preventing vegetation growth is completed by perfect sealing along the seams.

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Regupol® Growth-Inhibiting Mats - 5

Growth-Inhibiting Mats Airports Navigation lights, signs and fences now remain maintenancefree with Regupol® Growth-Inhibiting Mats. Therefore it is sufficient to monitor the areas by sight from a vehicle. Important: Due to the reduced need for mowing, fewer birds are attracted.

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Regupol® Growth-Inhibiting Mats - 6

Growth-Inhibiting Mats Solar field Fences and areas beneath the collectors on solar fields are r eliably and permanently protected by Regupol® Growth- Inhibiting Mats against any growth. This means that they remain visible and plants do not cast any shadows. Thus the risk of breakdowns and any loss of performance is considerably reduced. The ground is not sealed and can be reused for agriculture at any time

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Regupol® Growth-Inhibiting Mats - 7

Growth-Inhibiting Mats More Application Areas – buildings/areas needing protection, high-security areas such as barracks, industrial premises, embassies, etc. – transmitter systems – transformer stations – areas adjacent to roads – building sites and roadworks – private gardens – plantations, garden centres – wind

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Regupol® Growth-Inhibiting Mats - 8

BSW Berleburger Schaumstoffwerk GmbH Am Hilgenacker 24 57319 Bad Berleburg Germany Made in Germany The technical information given in the documents are guideline values. They are liable to manufacturing tolerances, which may vary depending on the type of underlying properties. The currently valid versions of this information are provided on our internet pages and in the PDF versions of this catalogue. The PDF versions are available to download from our website. We do not assume liability for spelling or printing errors. BSW BHM EN 062018 Online Version June 2018

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