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Equestrian Flooring Kind to hooves, durable, economic

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Equestrian Flooring Elastic Flooring and Wall Covering for Happy Horses Using Regupol®, its well-known brand material, BSW has developed a range of elastic floor and wall covering for the equine sector. Regupol® products provide the animals with a permanently elastic base to stand on. The floor possesses both insulating and slip-resistance properties. The result is a calming effect which makes horses feel at ease. Injuries, inflammations and stress are reduced. The acoustic insulating properties of Regupol® floor covering ensures a quiet and tranquil environment. The hooves of unshoed...

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Regupol® Equestrian Flooring - 3

Equestrian Flooring P5.01 Regupol® Elastic Tiles Regupol® Elastic Tiles of size 1,000 x 500 x 43 mm are used primarily as a floor covering in open and exercising stables with an open/permeable gravel bed. The tiles are permeable to water and urine and thus reduce the amount of straw by up to 3/4. For horses with respiratory diseases it is also possible to omit straw altogether. The Regupol® Elastic Tiles are easy to clean and in normal day-to-day use they just need to be swept down. Occasionally they can be given a thorough clean with a high-pressure cleaner. Other possible areas of...

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Equestrian Flooring Regupol® Interlocking Pavers and Elastic Tiles in the paddock of the equine court Eulenmühle in Ingelheim (Germany). A final layer for the horses to walk on is not required. “Regupol® products are easily maintained with the horses feeling comfortable enough to roll and lie on the material. There are no costs for the renewal of a final layer.” Hiltrut Heine, o

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Equestrian Flooring Regupol® Interlocking Pavers Regupol® Interlocking Pavers VB 43 are designed for use as a floor covering for barn corridors, wash bays, washing areas (external), paddocks/exercises, parade yards and walkways. Regupol® Interlocking Pavers are water permeable and ex tremely resilient. Even agricultural machines can be used on this surface. Other advantages are that they ensure a quiet environment, are easy to clean and are durable. When used in paddocks, Regupol® Interlocking Pavers do not require a final walk layer and therefore are the obvious economic solution. Colours...

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Equestrian Flooring Laying of Regupol® Interlocking Pavers Starters The range also includes “starters” for creating straight edges (see on the left in the fig.). Half Pavers “Half pavers” complete our range (see on the right in the fig.). Unbound Sub-Base Regupol® Interlocking Pavers are laid like common concrete pavers onto a frost-resistant, well-compacted gravel base with a skimmed grit bed. Edge Restraints Edging is necessary for the installation of Regupol® Interlocking Pavers. Regupol® Edging Elements are made from the same rubber material and thus the ideal solution. Bound Sub-Base...

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Regupol® Equestrian Flooring - 7

Equestrian Flooring Laying of Regupol® Interlocking Pavers Laying The pavers are laid hard up against each other starting from one corner, then compacted with a vibrator plate and the joints filled with sand. Regupol® Interlocking Pavers can easily be combined with common concrete interlocking pavers. Laying in Curves Radius over Eight Metres When laying the pavers in a curve the stones are not interlinked and half pavers are used to create several narrow strips with gaps of a variable thickness. This procedure can be followed for a radius from approximately eight metres, where the...

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Regupol® Equestrian Flooring - 8

Regupol® Stable Mats Regupol® Stable Mats are designed to be used as floor covering in stables, wash bays, washing facilities, open stables or walkways with a concrete base, incline and drainage. They have underside knobs providing good drainage results. Regupol® Stable Mats are permeable to water and urine. In boxes these mats reduce the amount of straw by up to 3/4. For horses with respiratory diseases it is also possible to omit straw altogether. Regupol® Stable Mats are easy to clean. Only occasionally is it necessary to give them a good clean with a high-pressure cleaner. Colour Red...

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Regupol® Equestrian Flooring - 9

Equestrian Flooring Regupol® Flooring for Veterinary Hospitals Regupol® floorings for veterinary hospitals, operating theatres and recovery rooms have exceptional properties of elasticity and resilience to heavy use. It is made out of a 20-mm-thick Regupol® rubber base mat and a fibre mesh to which a seamless 2-mm-thick PU coating is applied on site (other thicknesses on request). The surface can either be smooth or structured, according to the requirement. For recovery boxes the flooring is available with a 40-mm-thick soft sub-base and a 10-mm-thick Regupol® sheet. The pore-free surface...

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Regupol® Equestrian Flooring - 10

Equestrian Flooring Regupol® Molded Products Other components in our Regupol® range of covering for the equine sector are molded products to create a border to all different types of surfaces. Regupol® Step Blocks, Edging Elements and Palisades are used to offer a secure border even to surfaces that are filled. We will be happy to provide you with any additional product information and details needed. Regupol® Edging Element Regupol® Block Steps (curved and rectangular) “Sometimes the horses run at a gallop from the meadow directly into the stable. There they can stop without injuring...

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Regupol® horseline in barn corridors and boxes of a stud in Bad Berleburg, Germany (above and left). Regupol® Interlocking Pavers in the paddocks of an equine court in Runkel, Germany (right). Equestrian Flooring

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Equestrian Flooring P5.07 Areas of Application and Installation

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Information Downloads All documents and information you need for making your decision, tendering procedures and also for the installation, use and care of BSW products are available at In a matter of seconds you can download technical data sheets, certificates and installation instructions, all in the required file formats. Click on SERVICE in the website navigation section and then click on Downloadcenter. Up to date information is provided on our website and in the PDF versions of this catalogue. The PDF versions are available for download on our website. More...

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