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THE ANSWER TO HIGH-DENSITY LIVING IN MIXED-USE BUILDINGS Quality of life thanks to REGUPOL impact sound insulation and vibration isolation

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URBAN DEVELOPMENTS? TOGETHER. Urbanization is increasing. According to United Nations forecasts, seven out of ten people will live in cities by 2050. Since there is a huge shortage of space, intelligent building design is needed. The quality of populous environments can be significantly improved with the right acoustics. Ask the experts. Mixed-use concepts bring high-density tower blocks and space-saving neighbourhood developments to life. Close proximity of living, working, leisure activities, and utilities enable today’s urban lifestyles. The creation of buildings that meet these needs is...

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The REGUPOL product range Your key to effective noise control Applications Our products are suitable for a wide range of applications Quality, Service, Sustainability Our quality, services and efforts to achieve sustainability REGUPOL Group Get a better insight into our company and international sales team

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RESIDENTIAL REGUPOL comfort and REGUPOL sonus for impact sound insulation REGUPOL sonusclips and REGUFOAM hangers for false walls and suspended ceilings The REGUPOL product range EFFECTIVE SOUND INSULATION? TOGETHER. REGUPOL comfort: Elastomer-based impact sound insulation for various types of floor design and screeds REGUPOL sonus: Cork/PU or rubber-based impact sound insulation for screeds and floor coverings REGUPOL sonusclips: Resilient sound isolation clips for mounting drywall REGUFOAM hangers: Highly efficient mountings for suspended ceilings REGUPOL sound and drain: Elastomer-based...

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HOME IN THE MIDDLE OF A CITY? TOGETHER. Increasingly, people are living in cities permanently. Growing urbanization inevitably leads to new challenges for noise mitigation that require intelligent solutions. Quality of life in residential and mixed-use buildings can be improved through good acoustics. Depending on your specific situation, construction methods, and project stage, we can help recommend the right concept and REGUPOL products for your needs. The more flexible and versatile these solutions are, the more sustainable the result. With our experts at your side, designing a wide...

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When it comes to effectively reducing airborne noise between rooms, decoupled elastic false walls provide an excellent globally proven solution. With REGUPOL legal and contractual acoustic requirements can be met relatively easily. REGUPOL sonusclips stop structure-borne noise bridging the dry wall and the false wall. With these easy-to-install rubber and metal fasteners can be achieved excellent acoustic building values even where little wall mass is available – something that offers acoustic technicians and architects alike a clear advantage when it comes to structural flexibility. REGUPOL...

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CITY OF SHORT DISTANCES? TOGETHER. In highly populated neighborhoods and multi-use buildings, convenient access to goods and services is a major issue. This comes as the result of demographic change and the reduced mobility it entails. Easy access to stores improves the quality of residents’ lives considerably. However, it also requires improving the acoustic performance of buildings so that residential and commercial buildings can coexist peacefully. Especially where the delivery and loading of goods outside opening hours is concerned. To effectively reduce low-frequency structure-borne...

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RELAXED URBAN LIFESTYLES? TOGETHER. For city hotels, the key driver is a central location and close proximity to transportation. Simultaneously, hotels need to guarantee their guests peace and quiet, especially in an attractive mixed-use environment, where the hotel itself is a source of noise. Strictly speaking, every hotel is a mixed-use concept in its own right. In addition to the rooms, which need to offer guests maximum peace and quiet, hotels combine elevators, stairwells and technical infrastructure, receptions, bars, meeting rooms and canteen kitchens in a very small space. When...

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TURN A ROOF INTO SOMETHING SPECIAL? TOGETHER. Roof terraces are becoming increasingly popular places to meet. Cleverly used and soundproofed, they make attractive destinations for tenants or locations for restaurants as well as other modern concepts. A star-lit sky lounge or an extra-large barbeque in a fashionable restaurant – hotel roof gardens and terraces are in vogue all over the world. REGUPOL sound and drain impact sound insulation provides peace and quiet in the living spaces and bedrooms below. Thanks to European CE label certification, it is if fully compliant across the EU. In...

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MUFFLE THE CLANG OF BARBELLS? TOGETHER. Fitness studios are more popular than ever. Gyms located in residential and commercial buildings translate into short distances and easy access, but they present complex acoustic challenges. More equipment and courses means more noise sources. We tailor sound insulation designs to each fitness studio, based off of their type, scope, intensity, and building structure. Each design is implemented without impairing the functional properties of the sports surfaces. As an expert in acoustic protection and a leading supplier of sports and fitness surfaces,...

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THE RIGHT POOL DESIGN? TOGETHER. Pools make a great addition to various types of mixed-use buildings, but they need to be properly insulated. Pool noise is generated by swimmers pushing off from the edge of the pool or jumping into the water. Busy pools can be very noisy. But even a few leisurely laps can compromise sophisticated mixed-use concepts. Retrospectively, it is difficult to supplement or improve existing soundproofing solutions. Part of our comprehensive range, which also includes approved and externally monitored specialist solutions, REGUPOL and REGUFOAM vibration products meet...

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HOW DO YOU ENSURE SOLUTIONS ARE SIMPLE AND SAFE? REGUPOL has been in business for some 65 years and enjoys a worldwide reputation. As a customer, you want your supplier to provide you with the right solution backed by professional expertise. Creative, committed and highly motivated, our staff are here to do just that. As a result, our customers trust us – something that is attested to by our long-standing customer relationships. Independent studies show that our staff – their expertise, professionalism and commitment – are one of the key reasons why our customers choose REGUPOL products. We...

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