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BSW tatami / MMA Martial Arts Mats - 1

Martial Arts Mats Reliable, versatile, durable

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BSW tatami / MMA Martial Arts Mats - 2

Martial Arts Mats Mats for All Kinds of Martial Arts Most martial arts athletes have known about the high BSW tatami quality for decades. BSW tatami belong just as much to international championships as to regular training in judo clubs. Already back in 1972, during the Olympic Games in Munich, BSW had developed the pioneering properties of its judo mats. They have been setting international standards since then and have been continuously improved up to today. Together with our partners, we have turned BSW tatami into the most sold judo mats worldwide. Based on renowned quality, our...

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BSW tatami / MMA Martial Arts Mats - 3

Martial Arts Mats Secure and Firm Footing Attractive Design BSW tatami and BSW MMA mats are laminated with a waffle rubber material. Small gaps in the material create suction between the material and the underlying surface and result in the mats hardly moving, even when exposed to strong vertical impacts. When laid in a tatami arrangement, they remain in place so well that they are even used by martial arts professionals in world championship bouts. BSW tatami and BSW MMA mats are available with three fabric cover qualities in numerous colours. The range includes traditional colours for...

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BSW tatami / MMA Martial Arts Mats - 4

Martial Arts Mats BSW tatami tae kwon do In tae kwon do and other striking and kicking martial arts, most movements are performed standing. Accordingly, the floor has to offer a secure stance, without hindering stepping and jumping movements through too soft a base. And yet the mat must have sufficient elasticity in the event of a fall. With a thickness of 25 or 30 mm, the mats are rated for falls from a relatively low height. BSW tatami tae kwon do provide the correct balance between firmness and elasticity. The fabric cover is very robust and the anti-slip properties of the surface...

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BSW tatami / MMA Martial Arts Mats - 5

Martial Arts Mats BSW tatami professional is the world's best-selling martial arts mat from BSW. For decades these mats have been used for international judo championships and Olympic Games. They have set standards worldwide with incomparable quality. BSW tatami professional combines the highest reliability with the best sporting properties and a long service life. On the basis of years of experience, it offers a finely adjusted balance between a firm surface, so that the athletes do not sink into it during combat, and impact protection, because, after all, impact heights in judo are...

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BSW tatami / MMA Martial Arts Mats - 6

Martial Arts Mats Ex-judo world champion Florian Wanner during his training on BSW tatami professional (above). BSW tatami professional mats were also used at IJF Grand Slam 2007 in Düsseldorf (below).

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BSW tatami / MMA Martial Arts Mats - 7

Martial Arts Mats BSW tatami training BSW tatami training stands out with increased force reduction, making it ideal for less experienced athletes. The softer mat helps to prevent injuries, makes it easier to learn how to fall and also cushions uncontrolled falls. Children in particular benefit from the mat which reacts appropriately to impact from athletes with low body weight, while also offering lighter-weight persons adequately secure footing. The fabric cover of BSW tatami training is identical with the professional mat and offers the same advantages. The base is laminated with...

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BSW tatami / MMA Martial Arts Mats - 8

Martial Arts Mats BSW tatami special BSW tatami special is the opposite of the soft training mat. Its two far higher foam densities form a firm, secure basis. The force reduction values of approx. 69% lie between those of the BSW tatami professional mat and a soft, point elastic sports floor where force reduction has to exceed 50% according to the standard. The relatively hard mat provides a firm surface for kicking and striking techniques and for fast footwork, as in kung fu or kendo. BSW tatami special is a mat for advanced athletes seeking to expand their skills under realistic...

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BSW tatami / MMA Martial Arts Mats - 9

Martial Arts Mats BSW tatami grab and kick BSW tatami grab and kick is the versatile mat for martial arts that combine grabbing, throwing, kicking and striking such as jiu jitsu and hapkido. It offers secure, anti-slip standing and stepping, cushions falls from a medium height and supports the body during manoeuvres on the floor. This versatility is achieved by the low thickness of 25 mm, combined with the foam density of BSW tatami professional, which is 240 kg/m³, providing reliable cushioning for jumps and falls with low to medium impact energy. Force reduction in the mat is somewhat...

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BSW tatami / MMA Martial Arts Mats - 10

Martial Arts Mats BSW tatami impact Intensive training is needed to learn how to throw and fall properly. BSW tatami impact has been developed especially for training sessions that practice throwing and falling. Accordingly, BSW tatami impact caters to cushioning the impact on falling to reduce the burden on athletes. The mat is 80 mm thick and made up of two foam layers. The upper layer consists of foam with a density of 240 kg/m³. This corresponds to the normal hardness of most BSW tatami martial arts mats and ensures secure footing. By contrast, the second, lower layer is a soft foam...

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BSW tatami / MMA Martial Arts Mats - 11

Martial Arts Mats BSW MMA professional Mixed martial arts make particular demands of the artists, and they in turn of their equipment. The BSW MMA professional martial arts mat creates ideal flooring for top level competition. The elasticity of BSW MMA professional is rated to the versatility of all associated combat techniques. It ensures firm footing for sprawl-and-brawl with sufficient cushioning for falls. It protects the body during floor combat, but is firm enough not to hinder movements. BSW MMA professional is covered with a non-slip textured vinyl surface to avoid mat burns for...

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BSW tatami / MMA Martial Arts Mats - 12

BSW MMA training BSW MMA training is basically identical to the professional mat, but has a softer foam core. It cushions falls better and offers the body more support during clinch fighting and submission grappling. BSW MMA training is also available in two thicknesses for additionally graduated levels of softness. The fabric cover and base are the same as for the BSW MMA professional mat. BSW MMA training mats are used on all surfaces for learning and training, while also being highly appreciated by advanced athletes. Recommended Use Mixed martial arts, practice and advanced training...

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