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LUCE - 3

LUCE Light becomes a design tool in the hands of the designer and through elegant surfaces contributes to enrich special environments, making them magical. This is what makes the new Maximus Luce slabs a stunning centerpiece for your design concept and amaze when enhanced with backlighting technology. An absolute novelty that will inspire your creativity. 7 different graphics and colors in marble and onyx effect, that replicate the natural ability of the stones to filter the light. Hotels, restaurants, offices, shops and sophisticated residential environments. Light up your projects with...

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LUCE - 5

INSTALLATION SUGGESTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Create a niche in the wall in order to have an empty space to allocate the LED strip light or the light box. 2. We recommend to use a neutral LED COLOR (3600K-5500K) and to fix the LED strips vertically or horizontally, covering the full space of the niche, in order to avoid dark areas and to get a homogeneous light. 3. Deeply clean the back of the slabs before the installation in order to avoid seeing any shadow. HOW TO FIX THE SLABS: 1. DIRECTLY ON LED We recommend this option only in the case of the installation of a single slab or a cut...

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LUCE - 6

Luce, a superior product: The translucid body of Luce is made with a very high purity of raw materials containing special and high quality clays and feldspars. As the body is pure white, the ink development is more advanced than other products. Luce has a lower kiln cycle and temperature than conventional porcelain products. When illuminated, Luce’s special body gives a soft glow and really transforms the design from a plain tile to a soft natural marble.

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LUCE - 8

Luce Marble White

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LUCE - 9

Luce Onyx Green Jade

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LUCE - 10

Luce Onyx Arco Red

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LUCE - 11

Porcelain Tiles Full Lappato

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LUCE - 12

TECHNICAL MANUAL Technical specifications - Porcelain Tiles (natural) Suggested equipment TEST DESCRiPTiON STANDARD TEST STANDARD RAK CERAMiCS METHOD REQUiREMENTS SPECiFiCATiON HANDLiNG EQuipMENT CuTTiNG AND DRiLLiNG EQuipMENT Surface Quality Note: This technical specifications are applicable only to tiles in choice “A". * Test performed using 60X60 cm cut pieces from the slab. Tile Cart Trolley Compass device with suction cups for Circular Cuts Free cut guide with complete outfit Max. Cut of length - 156 cm Double Suction Cups Modular Work Bench BM180 Modular Work Bench BM180 BM180 Plus (...

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LUCE - 13

technical manual Handling Maximus RAK Ceramics recommends the use of special designed devices for handling as well as cutting and laying of big slabs. Handle slab with a proper and professional trolley of aluminum parallel profile with crossbars and vacuum suction cups along with a vacuum gauge. Please use double suction cups for slabs above 300cm. This could make sure that appropriate vacuum is created between the device and the slab. Lift the slab and keep it vertically to the trolley frame. Keep the slab on a stable, flat and intractable surface. For successful cutting and drilling, RAK...

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LUCE - 14

RAK CERAMICS P.O. Box 4714, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) Tel.: +971 7 2467000 Fax: +971 7 2445270 Email :

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