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WPX Series - 1

Tech Spec Ra/N^B/RDWPX SeriesBattery-Operated Controllers The WPX line of battery-operated controllers allows the use of reliable automatic irrigation in the absence of AC power. Easier to Program Common programming features are easily accessed on one screen, making programming quick and easy. Installs Anywhere The WPX can be installed virtually anywhere. The waterproof case ensures long life even when installed in a valve box. Longer Lasting Operates for approximately one full year using one 9-volt alkaline battery, or two years with two 9-volt alkaline batteries. Controller Features • Run-time, start-times and watering days for each zone, are all shown on a single screen. • Large LCD display with easy to navigate user interface. • Weather sensor input with bypass override. • Master valve/pump-start circuit. (Multizone units only). • Non-volatile (100-year) program memory. • IP68 certified for protection against dust and water intrusion. • The plastic controller case has outstanding resistance to weather, yellowing and aging. Scheduling Features • Dedicated manual watering button for easy operation. • Automatic zone-stacking ensures that only one valve irrigates at a time. If zones are scheduled to water at the same time and date, the WPX will automatically irrigate the lower number zone first. • Contractor Rapid Programming™ automatically copies the start times and watering days from zone 1 to all remaining zones at initial setup. • Run times, start times and watering days are customizable by zone. • 6 independent start times per zone. • 4 watering day options per zone: Custom days of week, Cyclic (every 1 to 30 days), oDd calendar days, and EVEN calendar days. • Delay Watering (1 to 9 days). Advanced Features • Contractor Default™ save/restore. • Rain sensor bypass for all zones or bypass by individual zone. • Manually water ALL zones or SINGLE zone on demand. • One-touch manual start. Certifications • cULus, FCC, 1C, CE, RCM (AMCA), IP68, RoHS Controller Dimensions Width: 13,59 cm Height: 10,26 cm Depth: 6,15 cm Weight: 907 g LCD Screen Size Width: 5,72 cm Height: 3,18 cm Optional Wall Mount Dimensions Width: 10,76 cm Height: 17,60 cm Depth: 4,99 cm Weight: 107 g How to specify your model: WPX1 9V Battery-Operated Controller WPX1 1-Zone WPX Controller

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WPX Series - 2

Specifications The controller shall be the type which may be installed in a valve box underground. The controller shall function normally if submerged in water. The irrigation controller shall be housed in an ASA plastic enclosure. The battery compartment shall be dual-sealed to prevent water from entering the compartment. The controller shall have two mounting slots for screws allowing the controller to be securely mounted inside a valve box. The controller shall be designed to operate for one full year in normal conditions using one 9-volt alkaline battery or two years with two 9-volt...

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